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How to Root Redmi 8 and Unlock Bootloader (Official Guide)

Redmi 8 is one of the best low budget Android smartphones. The device is so popular because of its great features under the low price segment.  It is a phone with a big battery and beautiful Aura Mirror design at back. Many users have been asking for the root guide and here we decided to share the root guide with you all. Here you will get to know How to Root Redmi 8 and how to unlock bootloader on Redmi 8.

There is no doubt that the performance of Redmi 8 is in the top bar when compared to other phones of the same price segment. And if you want to get additional features and increase performance then you can do it by rooting your phone. The device comes with the Snapdragon processor and so it also follows the same process for rooting. But to root the Redmi 8 first you need to unlock the bootloader.

Rooting Redmi 8 will let you access the system settings and files like host files and more. Also, it lets us use apps that need root access such as custom font, titanium backups, SuperSU, and more. Other than that you can also install custom boot animation, third party themes, Xposed modules and much more. Below you will get the guide to root Redmi 8 and Unlock Bootloader.

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How to Root Redmi 8

Xiaomi phones are always popular among developers and get custom Recoveries and custom ROMs in just a month of its launch. And Redmi 8 is no exception because the custom development of the phone already started. And generally, there are two common methods to root an Android phone. Here I will explain both methods to root Redmi 8. But first, we will share the guide to unlock bootloader on Redmi 8.

Redmi 8 Unlock Bootloader

Xiaomi allows unlocking bootloader but the method for unlocking is a bit different than other brand phones. By default, all the Xiaomi phones come with a locked bootloader which prevents users from rooting. But luckily Xiaomi lets users unlock bootloader but users need to wait for few days if it is a new phone. In case if users need to customize their phones like rooting then first unlock the bootloader.

  1. First, take a full backup of your phone as unlocking bootloader will delete all data from your phone.
  2. Download Mi Unlock Tool on your PC. And install the ADB & Fastboot Drivers on PC.
  3. On your phone go to Settings and log in with Mi Account. Now wait for at least 7 days and if already logged in for more then 7 days, then skip this step.
  4. Then Go to Settings > Mi Account > Mi Cloud and enable ‘Sync’ & ‘Find Device’. Also, Sync all App data at least once.
  5. Go back to the main Settings and then go to About Phone. In About Phone look for MIUI version and tap on it continuously until it displays ‘You are now a developer.’
  6. In Settings go to Additional Settings > Developer Options. Redmi 8 Unlock bootloader
  7. Now in developer options, enable OEM unlocking and USB Debugging. Redmi 8 Unlock bootloader
  8. Make sure that the phone has an active internet connection with the same number that is registered with the Mi account. And then go to Mi Unlock Status (in developer options) and link your Mi Account.
  9. Turn off your phone normally. And then press & hold Volume Down + Power button together and release buttons when the Mi Bunny image. It will boot Redmi 8 into Fastboot Mode. Connect your PC to an active Internet network connection.
  10. Now open the Mi Unlock Tool and sign in with the same Mi account that you are using on your Redmi 8. Redmi 8 Unlock bootloader
  11. Then the Mi Unlock tool will detect your device. After that click on the ‘Unlock Now’ button in the tool.
  12. It will now unlock the bootloader of Redmi 8 and erase all the data.
  13. If the tool stop before 100%, then wait for a few days and try again with the same method.

Now the bootloader is unlocked on your Redmi 8 and you can proceed to root your device. At first, I will write the guide to root Redmi 8 using TWRP and then the other method. So if you do not want to install TWRP then follow the last method.


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Root Redmi 8 with TWRP Recovery

  1. Copy the downloaded Magisk and Magisk Manager to your phone.
  2. Now turn off your phone. Then press the Volume Up + Power button together and release both buttons when the TWRP icon appears on the screen.
  3. In TWRP Recovery click on the Install button. How to Root Redmi 8
  4. Locate and select the Magisk Zip file and swipe the slider to flash it. Once you flash it the Redmi 8 will be rooted. But still, you need to follow a few more steps. How to Root Redmi 8
  5. Go back to TWRP home, and then click on Reboot > System. How to Root Redmi 8
  6. After rebooting to the system, install the Magisk Manager app on your phone.
  7. Open the Magisk Manager and complete the app instructions.
  8. That’s all now you are good to go.

This was the guide to root Redmi 8 using TWRP Recovery and if you don’t have TWRP installed on your phone then follow the below guide.

Root Redmi 8 with Magisk Patched Boot Image

  1. Copy the downloaded Magisk Manager on your phone.
  2. Extract the Firmware on your PC and copy boot.img file to your phone.
  3. Now patch the boot.img file by using this guide.
  4. Then copy the patched_boot.img to C:\adb on your computer. And rename it to boot.img.
  5. Turn off your phone and boot into Fastboot Mode with the same steps given in the Redmi 8 unlock bootloader guide. And then connect your phone to PC.
  6. Go to C:\adb location on your computer and press Shift + Right click together on an empty area and select ‘Open Command window here’ or ‘Open PowerShell window here’. How to Root Redmi 8
  7. Enter the below command to check if the device is connected or not. It should show some id on entering the command
    • fastboot devices
  8. Once the device is successfully connected, enter the below command to flash patched boot image and root Redmi 8
    • fastboot flash boot boot.img
  9. Now reboot your device to the system by entering the below command
    • fastboot reboot
  10. When the device boots into system open Magisk Manager and follow the in-app instructions.
  11. That’s all you have to do and now you have root access on your phone.

Now that you have successfully rooted your Redmi 8, you can use all the root features. You can try various Xposed modules for more features.

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So there you have it the complete guide on how to root Redmi 8 and unlock the bootloader. In case if you come across any error then let us know in the comment section.

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