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10 Best MIUI Themes That Look Amazing [2019]

If you’re a Xiaomi user then you are lucky, because you can experience new and the Best MIUI Themes on your Xiaomi Phones. MIUI comes with some great customization capabilities, So if you are bored of using the same MIUI stock theme and want to try something new then here is the collection of the best themes for Xiaomi phones that looks amazing. And, if you love the stock Android look, then you can get it too on your Xiaomi smartphone

You can even use the Xiaomi native theme app to customize your own theme with different Icon packs, wallpapers, dialler, status bar, navigation bar, and more. All the themes are working on all the MIUI versions whether it’s MIUI 8, 9 or 10. There is no need to root your smartphone, and you can experience all the 10 Best MIUI Themes without root. There are a lot of themes available on the MIUI theme store to download. So, picking the best one is not so easy. But I am sure that you may feel lucky after seeing these themes.

Note: These themes are not preloaded, but you can get it from the MIUI Theme Store. You can also make your own and publish in the store if want. You can even use these themes on Poco F1. So, Here are the 10 Best themes for Xiaomi Phones (MIUI OS).

Best MIUI Themes

1. reMIx

It is one of the best free MIUI themes, especially for the smartphones which come with Notch, like Mi 8, and the upcoming Xiaomi phones. As the MIUI 10 focused on the 18:9 aspect display & also the Notch. So, the themes are also very useful for the users. The reMIx theme will make your phone completely dark animations with black notification panel icons. This theme is recommended for the users, who likes the clean & simplistic dark skin.

Best MIUI Themes

2. Sendiri Lagi

One of the awaited theme for the users who loves the iOS User Interface. It completely changed the UI to the iOS 9. The lock screen spreads the first impression, and the best part about this theme is it has the same lock screen as the iPhone. Well, the icons look a little bit weird because of the white color, but I think it is excellent because of the completely packed iOS UI. The dialer looks same as of the Apple. So, It is the Best free MIUI 10 themes for all Xiaomi smartphones, if you love the iPhone.

Best MIUI Themes

3. Neon 999 MIUI Theme

Neon 999 is the superbly designed elegant theme for both the regular & notch having smartphones. It has an incredible looking Lockscreen which makes your smartphone attractive. The Neon 999 theme also comes with the lightning icons with colors, which looks fantastic with the background wallpaper. Status bar looks like Android P, but it has a purple colored icon. So, make sure to try this theme on your Xiaomi phone.

4. Epic Default

The theme for the users who are a big fan of Google Pixel phones & their UI. Starting from the lock screen, Epic Default comes with the stock Android lock screen which comes in Android Marshmallow & Nougat. Also, the icons look very similar to the Google Pixel. The Notification Panel also looks identical to the android, but this one has black colored icons. Dialer & Settings Panel also have the same UI as of Android P. So, this one is the perfect way to experience the Pixel UI or Stock Android UI on your Xiaomi phone.

Best MIUI Themes

5. TRANCE Theme for MIUI

Trance is the best theme regarding colors, unlike Dark themes. As we can guess all the themes comes with the limited colors, this one has a blue color. In this theme, I like the icons (which looks realistic). Also, the Dialer seems very impressive because it has a minimal transparent dial pad. So if you love the blue color, then you need to try this out from the list of 10 Best MIUI Themes.

6. G-B.L.A.C.K

As the name suggests, this theme also has dark black animated User Interface which looks very impressive. Thanks to the animated lock screen, G-B.L.A.C.K has beautifully designed lock screen with the animated clock. The status bar is well customized, and the recent app looks great with the combination of black & white colors. But, the settings panel comes with colored icons with a black background and white text. If you’d like the theme make sure to try it on your phone. It is one of the best looking themes in the theme store.

7. Bluedot NY MIUI Theme

Another theme which has a lightning blue colored interface, but this one also has a black background. Bluedot NY looks superior lock screen with simple looking Digital Clock. Also, the icons are in Blue color which seems great with the background wallpaper that comes with the Theme. This one is impressive for the highlighted color lovers, so try this best free MIUI theme.

Best MIUI Themes


The theme I loved most because of its simplicity. Start from the lock screen it has the most loved with only one widget. SAMPEU theme has stock Android icons UI, which makes it simple & different from the other 10 Best MIUI themes. Also, The Background color of the third-party applications has the same color as of the WhatsApp, which is very majestic.

Best MIUI Themes

9. IUI Dark TT

The other alternative if you love black colored theme. The background texture of the lock screen is superficial with the mixture of dark blue & red color. Notification Panel & Dialer Pad is well customized with the same black background. You will also love the icons UI, IUI Dark TT has a colored icon with rounded black texture. If you’re fan of gradient colors, then this is the best theme for you.

Best MIUI Themes

10. Bright

If you like the Animated bright icons you will install this theme immediately on your phone. But this one has a stylish Notification panel with curved side & bright orange icons. It has a unique and flashy icon setup. The dialer is same as of most themes have. I have always been a fan of the flashy icons, so I would recommend you if you love the icons style.

Best MIUI Themes

The new MIUI 10 comes with some upgraded things like updated notification panel, which looks cool after changing the themes. You can also edit these themes as well by your own choice and also publish it in the store. So, take a look at the Best MIUI themes.

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The list is not as much significance as the collection of the best MIUI themes are available on the Theme Store. But, I am sure you’d love the list of 10 Best themes for Xiaomi smartphones of 2019. For downloading the themes, you need to search the theme name on the Theme store, that’s it.

Still any questions in mind? Let’s take a dig at the FAQ!

Which are the Best MIUI Themes of all time?

These are the Best MIUI Themes of all time: reMIx, Sendiri Lagi, Neon 999 MIUI Theme, Epic Default, Trance theme for MIUI, G-B.L.A.C.K, Bluedot NY, SAMPEU, IUI Dark TT, and Bright.

Can I install themes on MIUI 10 without Root?

Yes, you can access any theme you want to use on your Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone without root.

Where can I get the MIUI Themes?

These themes are not preloaded, but you can get it from the MIUI Theme Store. You can also make your own and publish in the store if want.

How to Install MIUI themes on Xiaomi Phones?

Open the MIUI Theme Store. Search the Theme Name, which you want to download. Download the Theme. Once downloaded, Click on the Apply Button. That’s it.

Can I use Third-Party Themes on my Xiaomi smartphone?

Yes, You can apply third-party themes on MIUI 9 & MIUI 10. Download any third-party theme app. Transfer the downloaded theme to the app. Open MIUI Theme store, then Go to My Account > Themes. Click on the Import button, then locate and install the theme on your smartphone. Click on the apply button, That’s it.

Can I access MIUI themes on Mi A1, Mi A2, and Mi A3?

No, The MIUI themes are only compatible with the MIUI based smartphones. There’s no way to get this feature on the stock Android-based smartphones like Mi A1, Mi A2, and Mi A3.

I love reMIx UI & Neon 999 theme, it looks fabulous on the phone which has a notch on the top. Which one is your favorite theme? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, share it with your friends who are Xiaomi users.

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