10 Best Xposed Modules of All Time for Android Smartphones

If you are looking for best Xposed modules then you probably know what is Xposed. If not it is a framework that let Android users install numbers of modules which helps in customization. So if you want to make your Android phone interesting by changing Animations and UI. I highly recommend to Android users to try Xposed at least once.

You need a phone with full root permission to install and use Xposed. And also the installation of Xposed is different and a bit tough. If you know how to use Xposed very well then it is safe and useful, but if you don’t have any idea how to use it then it’s not safe. Sometimes installing Xposed from the image may lead to the Boot Loop. So if you haven’t installed it, please watch tutorials on youtube before installing.

Advantages of Xposed Modules

  • Increases Performance
  • Fluid UI
  • Enables more features
  • User Customizable

It is not the whole list of Advantages of Xposed Modules. There are many more advantages that you will find out when you use.

Best Xposed Modules

1. Gravity Box

This one is my personal favorite Xposed Module because it has a lot of features compared to other Modules. If you have Gravity Box module then you don’t need too many modules because it is capable of doing the same work as more than one modules do as combined. It provides all the experience of AOSP Rom to users by doing some tweaks. It offers almost all type of tweaks like Lockscreen tweaks, pie control, power tweaks etc. There is no second thought that it is one of the best Xposed modules.


  • Pie Controls
  • Lockscreen Tweaks
  • Navigation Bar Tweaks
  • Status Bar Tweaks
  • Screen Recording
  • Launcher Tweaks
  • Power Tweaks
  • LED Tweaks
  • Media Tweaks
  • and many more..

Download Gravity Box (Oreo)

Note: Download Gravity Box according to the Android Version. 

2. Greenify

Greenify is an App to solve issues like battery drainage, RAM management, storage management etc. So if you think that your phone is getting slow you can use Greenify Xposed Module to make it faster. It helps to put rarely used Apps in hibernation so that other Apps can use more resource and work properly. Also, it helps to stop all the non required start-up and background Apps.

Greenify works on both Rooted and Non Rooted devices. If your device is rooted than Greenify will work better than the Greenify on a Non-Rooted device. Also, you can use it without Xposed Framework. Greenify is one of the best Xposed modules.

Greenify Features:

  • Stop Background Apps
  • Put Apps in Hibernation
  • Limited Data accessibility
  • Increases Battery performance
  • Improves RAM management

Download Greenify

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3. Amplify – Battery Extender

Amplify is a module which only focuses on enhancing and maximizing the battery performance and battery life. It provides controls to users like how the battery should be used by the device and its Apps. It let the user set time for any activity like wake up time, sleep time. You can analyze which app is draining battery life more and then make changes according to the need of that App.

A battery is the most important part of any device and so the battery life. So if you want to maximize the performance of Battery you should definitely try Amplify. It is only available for devices with Root privilege. Amplify is one of the best Xposed modules for battery enhancement.

Amplify features:

  • Stable blocking engine
  • Battery usage summary
  • Simple UI
  • Control alarm or wakeclock
  • Increases Battery Performance

Download Amplify

Play Store Link

4. Flat Style Colored Bars and Indicators

This module is related to Status Bar and Navigation keys. Normally the status bar is black in color which does not look good while switching between Apps. So, in this case, Flat Style Colored Bars is very useful. It makes the status bar transparent which adapt the colors of various Apps. Like WhatsApp color is green and so that status bar also adapt to green. Also with the help of Flat style colored Indicators you can change the icons and colors of icons like WiFi, network, battery, carrier name etc.

In Android phones with In-screen navigation keys also adapts the color of Apps with the help of Flat Style Colored Bars. It makes the UI of any Android phone interesting. So this is one of the best Xposed Modules for UI tweaking.

Flat Style Colored Bars Features:

  • Changes the shade of Status Bar
  • Changes the color of Nav Keys
  • Makes UI attractive and colorful
  • Changes the Status Bar Icons and colors.

Download Flat Style Colored Bars

Download Flat Style Colored Indicators

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5. XPrivacy

If you have some apps on your phone which you think can leak your personal data and you also need those Apps. Then here XPrivacy will do a great job. It prevents Apps to access users personal information and their leaks. XPrivacy generally provides fake data or No data to Apps that ask for access information.

XPrivacy is very easy to use, just open any information category and tick all the Apps that you don’t want to provide access to that category. For example, click on Contact category and then select Apps from the list to which you restrict contact information. XPrivacy is one of the best Xposed modules to restrict Users Information to Apps. It is now succeeded by XPrivacyLua.

XPrivacy Features:

  • Restrict Apps from accessing Information
  • Easy to use
  • Divided into categories

Download XPrivacy 

Download XPrivacyLua

6. BootManager

This is annoying when we restart our device and many Apps start running when we don’t need to use those Apps. So, in this case, BootManager comes in use. It stops the Apps from running at Startup. This helps to fix Battery issues and also increases the RAM Management of a Phone.

BootManager Features:

  • Kill Background Apps
  • Prevent from Launching Apps at Startup
  • Maintains good battery life
  • Increases RAM management

Download BootManager

7. PinNotif

Notifications usually help us in many ways like we set up any remainder, note, activity etc. But sometimes by mistake we clear all notification and the Important notification also goes away. So to prevent this we can use PinNotif which pins all the selected notifications.

When an important notification comes long press on it and click on “Pin”. In a similar way, we can Unpin any pinned notification.

PinNotif Features:

  • Pin Important Notification
  • Unpin Notification after completion
  • Manual selection of notification

Download PinNotif

8. XuiMod

It controls all the setting which make our phone look better in a graphical way. We can modify the look of our device with the help of XuiMod. Like we can change the format of the clock in the Status bar, We can change the icon and color of battery bar in the status bar. We can also change transition Animation and speed which looks great on switching between Apps and scrolling a list.

XuiMod Features:

  • Customize the look of Indicators in the status bar
  • Change Transition Animation
  • Change Transition speed
  • Volume Disable in Lockscreen

Download XuiMod

9. Xblast Tools

Xblast is similar to Gravity Box which is a collection of many tweak option. However, it comes with some different tools than Gravity Box. It contains a combination of features of Flat Style colored bars, flat style colored indicators, and many more.

XBlast Features:

  • Status bar tweaks
  • Nav Key tweaks
  • Indicators tweaks
  • Lock screen tweaks
  • Multitasking tweaks
  • and many more

Download XBlast tools

10. SwipeBack

As the name suggests, it’s function is we can swipe from “left to right” to go back. We don’t need Back navigation key to go back. It is very easy to use and it is really handy on devices having a long screen. So it will also ease your fingers. We can manually customize the gesture to SwipeBack. SwipeBack also supports different gesture in different App to perform back operation.

SwipeBack Features:

  • Custom gesture direction
  • Per-app settings
  • Global swipe back gesture

Download SwipeBack

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This post is all about which module is best for Xposed users. These are the best Xposed Modules in my opinion. There are many more good Xposed Modules are available which you can try. Visit Repo site (Repo is the founder of Xposed) to find all the modules. I hope you find the modules on the list useful. If you have other best Xposed modules in mind let us know in the comment section.

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