How to Apply or Change Custom Fonts on Vivo Phones

Are you looking for a guide to change fonts on your Vivo Phones? If yes, then in this guide you will know how to apply/change fonts on Vivo Phones including Vivo V15 Pro and other latest Vivo phones.

change fonts on vivo phones

In all the Smartphones a simple font is applied by default, and most of the users like to modify their phones by applying themes, fonts, wallpapers and much more. And luckily for Vivo users, iTheme comes with the phone where we can change themes, fonts, ringtones, & wallpapers. In iTheme there are many themes and fonts available which you can directly download and apply directly from iThemes.

If you are using Vivo iTheme then you probably know how to download and apply fonts. But what if you want to apply a theme that is not available in the Vivo iTheme, well this guide is about the same. Here you will know how to install custom fonts on Vivo Phones. This guide will also help those users who like to create theirs on fonts. So let see what are the required steps to accomplish this task.

How to Apply Custom Fonts on Vivo Phones

Applying any custom theme on any Vivo Phone is very easy if you have itf file of the font that you want to apply. But if you don’t have the file then its a long process, but don’t worry we will also describe how you can convert ttf to itz & also how to create itz font file. The steps are not as tough as the word seems so don’t confuse with itz & ttf words.


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How to Download ttf Font File

If you already have a ttf font file then you can skip this method and jump to next method. But if you want to download a ttf file from App or Website then follow given steps.

  1. Visit 1001freefonts or fontsquirrel website.
  2. Select any font and download.
  3. If you want to download ttf file from App then keep reading but if not then go to the next method.
  4. Download & Install HiFont App on your Vivo phone.
  5. Open Hi Font App and look for your favorite Font style. change fonts on vivo phones
  6. Download that font on your phone.
  7. Open File Explorer and go to Storage > Fonts. In Fonts folder you will find the ttf font file. change fonts on vivo phones

How to Convert ttf to itz

Once you have the font file in ttf format, you can now convert the ttf file to itz file. It is a compulsory method to change fonts in Vivo Phone. Follow the steps to convert ttf to itz.

  1. Download any itz font file (Here is one).
  2. Open ES File Explorer and locate the downloaded itz file.
  3. Rename the file and make it a zip file (eg something.itz to change fonts on vivo phones
  4. Extract the zip file.
  5. Open extracted folder and then open font folder.
  6. Inside font folder, you will see a ttf file copy its name. change fonts on vivo phones
  7. Now go back to the ttf file which you already have from the beginning (the ttf font that you want to apply) or you have downloaded in the last method.
  8. Rename the ttf file to the same name that you copied from another ttf file present in the fonts folder. change fonts on vivo phones
  9. Now copy the ttf font file (that you just rename) and open extracted folder > fonts and replace with the copied ttf file. change fonts on vivo phones
  10. Go back to the extracted folder and select all the four file (fonts, preview, description, key). change fonts on vivo phones
  11. Compress all four selected files in a zip format. change fonts on vivo phones
  12. Now change the extension of newly created zip file from .zip to .itz (eg to something.itz). change fonts on vivo phones

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How to Apply/Change Fonts on Vivo Phones

Now you have the itz font file and finally, you can apply custom font on your Vivo Phone. Just follow few simple steps and you will have the font of your choice on your phone.

  1. Open ES File Explorer.
  2. Tap on three bars on top left and enable “show hidden files”. change fonts on vivo phones
  3. Copy the newly created itz font file. change fonts on vivo phones
  4. Now go to the folder as mentioned, .dwd/c/o/m/b/b/k/t/h/e/m/e/f.
  5. Paste the itz file in that location.
  6. Open iTheme on your Phone (it comes pre-installed on Vivo Phones).
  7. In iThemes, go to Local > Local Fonts.
  8. There you will see the newly added font with the same name as the itf file that you copied to f folder.
  9. Open the font and apply the font.
  10. That’s all now you have successfully changed the font on your Vivo Phone.

This is how you can create your own font or download from an external source and apply on your Vivo Phone. Now you can customize fonts easily on Vivo Phones.

If you like to customize homescreen as well then check out our Nova Launcher Themes and Setup guide and give an amazing appearance to the homescreen. If you are unable to apply fonts on your Vivo Phone then make sure to write a comment down below. We will reply with the solution.

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