OEM Unlock | How to Enable it on Android Phone [Full Guide]

If you are going to Unlock bootloader on any Android Phone, then first you have to enable OEM unlock on Android Phone.

The OEM unlock option started with Android 5 or lollipop in 2014. This is because of security reasons which were brought by Google. As we now in the age of Android Oreo and Android Pie we definitely need to know how to enable OEM unlock. So here you will learn everything about OEM like what it is and how to use it and of course how to enable OEM unlocking on your phone.enable oem unlock

OEM unlock is now the permanent part of Android security which comes hidden in the phone. But there is no restriction on unlocking OEM. It means you can unlock it very easily in settings. But before that, you should know how it works and why do we need to unlock OEM on Android phones. OEM is one of the features that you know if you are looking forward to installing ROMs, rooting phone and unlocking bootloader.

How to Enable OEM Unlock on Android

As you know it is a hidden option, it also plays a major role in the security. We cannot hard reset the device without unlocking OEM. However they can wipe all the data, but wiping data and hard reset are very different tasks. There are two ways to enable OEM unlocking on various android devices. One is a very simple way which is enough to enable OEM unlock on most of the devices, but the devices which do not have direct option to enable it, you need to go for the second method which is a bit complicated. Let’s first understand what really is an OEM unlocking.

What is OEM Unlockenable oem unlocking

OEM unlock is the hidden security feature that comes with Android devices. This is mainly used to enable the Bootloader on any Android Devices. So the first step you need to do is OEM unlocking before even thinking of Unlocking Bootloader. OEM provides a security feature so that the person who is the not the owner of the phone can wipe the phone, but they can not wipe the information and further can be locatable. In short, it means OEM prevents from overwriting the present recovery image in the phone. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

What is the use of OEM Unlock

OEM unlock is used for development purpose and security reasons. Such as

  • It is used to unlock Bootloader on any Android phone.
  • It provides security from unknown users.
  • OEM contains additional features which meant for identification.
  • OEM is the first key if you want to Root or Install custom ROM.
  • It will help to get out of bootloop on any phone.

The main reason to unlock is to unlock bootloader. And bootloader is used to give access to the device to Root your phone or Install recoveries and flash ROMs.

Simple Way to Enable OEM Unlock

This is the Simple method for OEM unlocking on any Android Phone. If you have some idea about hidden settings in android phones then you probably know, how actually this process works. Let’s dive into steps to Enable OEM unlock.

Step 1: Unlock Developer Option

First, step you have to follow is to enable developer option to unlock OEM. Developer option is a hidden feature which consists of many additional settings that can be used to change system settings. There you can find options like USB debugging, OEM Unlock, Bug reports, GPU rendering, various certificates, hardware performance and many more. I think this will give you an idea about developer options. Enabling developer option is a very simple process.enable oem nlock

  • Open settings on your phone.
  • Then go to System option in settings.
  • Then go to About Phone.
  • Under, About phone, you will see Build Number information.
  • Tap on Build Number information continuously until it says ‘you are now a developer‘.
  • That’s it, you have now unlocked Developer option on your phone.

The interface of settings may be different on various custom Android phones. So maybe the About Phone option can be directly available on settings.

Step 2: Enable OEM unlock

After unlocking the developer option follow the instruction mentioned below.enable oem unlock

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Then go to System settings and then tap on advanced.
  • There you will find Developer option open it.
  • Now scroll down until you find OEM unlocking or OEM unlock option.
  • Now tap on OEM unlock to enable it.
  • That’s all you have enabled OEM unlock successfully on your phone.

As I already mentioned earlier the custom Android phone other than stock can have the different places for options. Like in MIUI there is no System option in settings, there you will find the direct option for About Phone. And also in MIUI, you will find Developer option under Additional settings.

If your phone does not have the OEM unlock option after flashing Firmware or ROM. Then find the solution below to fix “OEM unlock not showing up”.

Fix OEM unlock not present in Developer option

If you have just flashed a ROM or Official Firmware then there are some possibilities that OEM unlock option might not be present in the Developer option. This mostly happens in Exynos chipset phones or we can say some of the Samsung devices. So here you will get to know the guide to fix this problem.

Note: You must be in official stock Firmware of your device.


  • If you have not unlocked the developer option then first enable the developer option(follow instructions mentioned above to unlock developer option).
  • Now In date & time section turn off the automatic update and set the date to 8 days ago. For eg today the date is 10 Jan 18 and set it to 2 Jan 2018.
  • In settings check the System Update. It will show the date that you have recently changed as last checked.
  • After checking update reboot your device.
  • Again change the date to the actual date.
  • And then do another system update check. Now this time it will show the actual date as last checked.
  • Now go to the About phone and tap on Build number 7 times to enable developer option.
  • And this time you will see the OEM unlock option in Developer options.

So this is how to enable OEM Unlock on any Android phone. I will suggest to enable it because if ever your phone stuck into bootloop this will save your phone. Otherwise, you won’t be able to flash stock firmware or any custom ROM. Follow the Instructions very carefully and you will get what you were looking for.

I hope this post has cleared all doubts regarding OEM unlock and now you know how to unlock it. If you face any issues while enabling the OEM unlock then you can ask for solution through our facebook page. We will try to help you out.

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