How to Root OnePlus 8 and Unlock Bootloader (Guide)

OnePlus the brand known as Flagship killer has recently announced there flagship devices of the year 2020. Both base and pro variants are named OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro respectively. OnePlus decided to take the flagship Phones that are in the big game, especially the Galaxy S20 Ultra. This time OnePlus has also increased the price of both devices than the regular hike we see between new gen and old gen phones. Both phones come with Oxygen OS, which is one of the best custom OS. But by rooting, you can even get more features. Here you will know How to Root OnePlus 8 along with guide to unlock bootloader on OnePlus 8.

The base variant is not so impressive, but the Pro variant worth the price. As compared to last year’s OnePlus 7T, the OnePlus 8 is a let down in Camera. But the phone comes with a powerful Snapdragon 865 processor, which means better speed, RAM management, and more. The device features a big 6.55-inch FHD+ fluid AMOLED display. The display comes with a 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz response rate. The battery has also been improved to 4300mAh on OnePlus 8. OnePlus has lower down the camera specs, and it has a 48MP primary sensor, 16MP ultrawide sensor, and a 2MP macro sensor. At the front, it has a 16MP selfie shooter same as the OnePlus 8 Pro. Lets now get into the guide.

How to Root OnePlus 8

OnePlus phones are very active in custom development, and the old OnePlus phones are still getting custom recoveries, custom ROMs. Not just ROMs but also many Apps and customizing tools. We can also root our device for additional advanced features. Rooting will bring features like custom fonts, custom boot animation, third party themes, and a lot more. It also lets us install Xposed Modules to customize your phone as you want. With root, we can also boost the Camera performance on OnePlus 8.

Earlier, most of the Android phones were easier to root, but with increased security measures in Android, it is a little bit tough. But we can still root our phones. All thanks to John Wu, the developer of Magisk. Magisk is the tool/app that we can use to root any Android phone. But rooting is only possible if the bootloader is unlocked of OnePlus 8. So first, we will start with the guide to unlock bootloader on OnePlus 8, follow the below method for it.

OnePlus 8 Unlock Bootloader

OnePlus is now a popular brand that started with taking on flagship devices at much affordable prices. Till now, the company has released many popular phones and recently released OnePlus 8. And if you own this device, then you can easily unlock the bootloader of your phone. Yes, the OnePlus allows us to unlock bootloader without any waiting time. There are some points you need to remember before unlocking bootloader.


Steps to Unlock Bootloader on OnePlus 8

  1. Open Settings on your phone and go to About Phone.
  2. Look for Build Number and tap 7-8 times on it. It will display ‘You are now a developer’.
  3. Go back to main Settings then go to System > Developer Options. OnePlus 8 Unlock Bootloader
  4. In developer option, enable OEM Unlocking & USB Debugging. Also, enable the Advance reboot option from developer options. OnePlus 8 Unlock Bootloader
  5. Now long press power button, and it will give a few extra options, select the Bootloader option. OnePlus 8 Unlock Bootloader
  6. The OnePlus 8 will now boot into Fastboot Mode/Bootloader mode.
  7. Connect your phone to the computer when it is in Fastboot mode.
  8. Now open command/CMD window on your PC. To check if the device is connected, enter the below command. It will give some device id.
    • fastboot devices
  9. Once it is connected, enter the below command.
    • fastboot oem unlock
  10. The above command will prompt options on your phone. Now use the Volume buttons to toggle options. Select ‘Unlock the Bootloader’ and press the Power button.
  11. The unlock process will remove all data and USB Debugging. The device will now auto-reboot into the system after finishing the unlocking.
  12. Set up your device and enjoy OnePlus 8 with unlocked bootloader.

After unlocking the bootloader, you can easily root your phone following the below guide. It will let you enjoy all the advanced features that are not available on the device by default.

Guide to Root OnePlus 8

OnePlus phones also share the same rooting method as other Android phones. There are few methods to root OnePlus 8 like using a custom Recovery or using a patched boot image. As the device is recently released and no custom recovery is available so we will be using the patched boot image. But first, go through the requirements given below.


Steps to Root OnePlus 8

  1. Extract the boot.img from the downloaded firmware and copy the boot image to your OnePlus 8.
  2. Install the Magisk Manager app on your phone.
  3. Open the Magisk Manager on your phone and click in Install > Install. How to Root OnePlus 8
  4. Now choose the option ‘Select and Patch a File’ and locate the boot.img file that you copied earlier. How to Root OnePlus 8
  5. When you select the boot.img file, it will start patching the file. After patching the output file will be saved in the Download folder with name magisk_patched.img or patched_boot.img.
  6. Copy the patched file to your computer C:\adb location. Rename the file from magisk_patched.img to boot.img.
  7. Boot your OnePlus 8 to Fastboot Mode using steps given in unlock bootloader.
  8. When the device is in Fastboot Mode connect your phone to the compute using a USB cable.
  9. Go to C:\adb location and replace the location tab with CMD and press enter. It will open the command window on your computer. How to Root OnePlus 8How to Root OnePlus 8
  10. In the command window, enter the below command, and it should return some ID, which means the device is connected.
    • fastboot devices
  11. Now enter the below command to flash patched boot image and root OnePlus 8.
    • fastboot flash boot boot.img
  12. After flashing is done, reboot your phone into the system and enjoy the root privilege on your phone.

That’s it, you can now enjoy all the modules & customizations by using Apps that work on rooted phones. You can change boot animation, apply custom fonts, and even you can uninstall System apps easily.

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So there you have it the complete guide on how to root OnePlus 8 along with OnePlus 8 unlocking bootloader guide. If you have any queries, then let us know in the comment section below. Enjoy rooting.

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