Download Magisk v20.4 and Magisk Manager v7.5.1 APK (by topjohnwu)

Magisk is the only reliable tool available right now for rooting Android phones. It makes the rooting method so much easier and it works on all the phones that allow unlocking bootloader. Most of the users think that Magisk is only for rooting Android phones, but it’s not there are many other advantages of the Magisk. John Wu the developer of Magisk has recently revealed the latest Magisk v20.4. Here you get to Download Magisk v20.4 and Magisk Manager v7.5.1 APK.

The last update v20.3 was released in January, and today the next version of the tool is available with new features and bug fixes. As we know the latest update always comes with support for new phones. The Magisk Manager v7.5.1 was also released in January along with Magisk v20.3. Mostly the developer Topjohnwu (John Wu) releases Magisk Manager along with Magisk Manager. But the Magisk 20.4 comes alone and so we will also add the latest available Magisk Manager for the device.

In the previous Magisk update, there were some bugs that are fixed in this latest update. The Magisk 20.4 also comes with script consistency changes as its new feature. Thanks to John Wu for his work and effort in providing Magisk updates regularly. If you want to find out any upcoming updates, logs, then make sure to follow topjohnwu on Twitter. The update comes with a list of long changelog that we have included below. So check out the changelog below and then head to the download and install guide.

Magisk v20.4 Changelog

  • [MagiskInit] Fix potential bootloop in A-only 2SI devices
  • [MagiskInit] Properly support Tegra partition naming
  • [General] Load dynamically, which removes the need to use wrapper scripts on Android 10+
  • [General] Detect API level with a fallback method on some devices
  • [General] Workaround possible bug in x86 kernel readlinkat system call
  • [BusyBox] Enable SELinux features. Add chcon/runcon etc., and ‘-Z’ option to many applets
  • [BusyBox] Introduce standalone mode. More details in release notes
  • [MagiskHide] Disable MagiskHide by default
  • [MagiskHide] Add more potential detectable system properties
  • [MagiskHide] Add workaround for Xiaomi devices bootloop when MagiskHide is enabled on cross-region ROMs
  • [MagiskBoot] Support patching special Motorolla DTB format
  • [MagiskPolicy] Support ‘genfscon’ sepolicy rules
  • [Scripts] Support NAND based boot images (character nodes in /dev/block)
  • [Scripts] Better addon.d (both v1 and v2) support
  • [Scripts] Support Lineage Recovery for Android 10+

Magisk Manager v7.5.1 – Changelog

  • Fix toggling app components in MagiskHide screen
  • Update translations

Download Magisk v20.4 (Zip File)

Magisk is the required tool if you want to root your phone. And if you have already rooted then the latest update will fix the known issues and brings more features. The Magisk 20.4 update is focused on stability and bug fixes for better user experience. Recently the Magisk repository by John Wu on Github hits 10k like which is a big achievement for any developer. And it shows how good is Magisk. There are many interesting and useful features that come with Magisk like MagiskHide, NetSaftey check, Magisk Modules and more. Below you will find the latest Magisk download link.

Magisk v20.4

Magisk v20.3 (Older version)

All VersionsHere

Download Magisk Manager v7.5.1 APK

If you are not using Magisk Manager then you are missing amazing Magisk features. So if the Magisk is installed on your phone you have to use Magisk Manager to manage its features. Using Magisk Manager we can download tons of Magisk Modules for customization and advanced features. Magisk Manager provides us the option to hide root for any application especially banking apps, this feature is called Magisk Hide. And if you have Magisk Manager on your phone then you can directly install the latest updates from the app. We have added the link below so go ahead and download the app to manage Magisk.

Magisk Manager v7.5.1

Magisk Manager v7.5.0 (Previous version)

Important: If Magisk and Magisk Manager are already installed on your phone, then you don’t need to download the latest version from here. You can directly use the Magisk Manager App to directly install both Magisk & Magisk Manager.

How to Install Magisk v20.4 on Android Phones

Once you have the Magisk zip file on your phone, you are all set to install it on your phone to root your device. We can install the Magisk in different methods like flashing a patched file or directly flashing the Magisk zip file through a custom recovery. Installing through a patched file is different for phones from different brands. So we will share the custom recovery method to flash Magisk. If you don’t want to install custom recovery then you can follow this method to get Magisk.


  • Take a full backup of your phone (to restore if anything goes wrong)
  • The bootloader must be unlocked on your phone (search for your device name in YTECHB and you will get the guide)
  • Charge your phone to at least 50%
  • TWRP or any custom recovery should be installed on your phone

Steps to Flash Magisk

  1. First, download and then copy the Magisk v20.4 zip file to phone storage.
  2. Turn off your phone and boot your phone into TWRP or another Custom Recovery (you can use shortcut buttons).
  3. In TWRP Recovery, click on Install. download magisk 20.4
  4. Browse and locate the Magisk v20.4 zip file, then swipe the slider to flash Magisk. download magisk 20.4
  5. After installing, go back to TWRP home, and now go to Reboot > System.
  6. The phone will now boot into the system with Magisk 20.4 installed in it.

After installing the Magisk, open Magisk Manager and there you will see the green tick which means your phone has root access. You can efficiently use all the Apps that require root access. Also, you can create full system backups, uninstall system apps, and more. Now let’s see the way to install the Magisk Manager app.

How to Install Magisk Manager v7.5.1 App

In most cases, the Magisk Manager gets installed when we install the Magisk. But if not, then follow the below process. It is compulsory to install Magisk Manager to manage and access root features.

  1. Copy the Magisk Manager v7.5.1 APK on your phone storage.
  2. Click on the APK, it will ask for permission, so grant it.
  3. Then wait for the installation process.
  4. After installation, open the Magisk Manager App and use it.

So this is the procedure for installing Magisk on any phone and root the phone. Rooting is the process which provides advanced features like access to system file along with its modification authority.

So there you have it the complete guide on download Magisk v20.4 and Magisk Manager v7.5.1 APK. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section.

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