How to Install TWRP Recovery on Android Smartphone

If you want to root Android phones or flash custom ROMs then you need TWRP recovery. So here you will know how to install TWRP recovery on Android phones. There are many custom recovery available but TWRP is the recommended one.

No wonder that you can use flash tools to flash any zip file, but they require a laptop or PC and cable. And we cannot carry our computer everywhere, so in this case, TWRP recovery is useful. Using TWRP recovery we can install any zip files on our phones within a few minutes. Only installing TWRP recovery requires PC and after that, you can do everything using TWRP or any other recovery. So this is clearly an advantage of custom recoveries.

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As we know all the phones come with inbuilt recovery, but they only support basic operations like format phone, delete data, etc. We cannot use default recovery to flash or install any zip files. So the best possible way is overwriting the default recovery with a custom recovery.

Use of TWRP Recovery

Download TWRP Recovery

We can install TWRP Recovery by using a computer but without any flash tool. You need some commands that you can find below in the installation section. You can use the latest recovery but if it does not work then you can try using an older version. Below you will find TWRP recovery download link.

We can also download TWRP recovery according to the devices. I will recommend downloading TWRP recovery according to devices. This way there will be no problem in installing TWRP recovery on any Android phone.

By devices:

Download TWRP Recovery according to devices

Now that you have the TWRP recovery file. Let’s now learn how to Install TWRP recovery. It is an easy method but there is a risk of losing data if you do a mistake. The Phone can go to boot loop or other problems.

How to Install TWRP Recovery

There are a few things to keep in mind before installing TWRP. So first complete the required task and then install the TWRP recovery.


Install ADB & Fastboot Driver on computer

This is an important driver that should be installed on your computer so that it can detect your phone as ADB and also in fastboot mode.

  • Download ADB & Fastboot driver on your computer.
  • Then run it as administrator.
  • Now a command window will appear. There you need to enter Y/N.
    •  Do you want to install ADB & Fastboot?  – Y and press enter.
    • Install ADB system-wide? – Y and press enter.
    • Do you want to install device drivers? – Y and press enter.
  • This will install the ADB & Fastboot driver on your PC. Now you can close the command window.

Install TWRP Recovery

If you think that to install twrp root is required then you are wrong, you don’t need root access to install TWRP recovery. I assume that you have already downloaded the required TWRP file from the download section. Then follow the following steps.

Note: Take a full backup before proceeding to the installation methods.

  • Power Off the device and boot the device into fastboot mode (press & hold vol down + power or vol up + power).
  • Now connect the phone with PC using a USB cable.
  • Rename the downloaded TWRP file as twrp and copy it into adb folder (C:\adb).
  • Now press Shift + Right-click in the blank area inside adb folder and select open PowerShell window here.
  • Then PowerShell window or command window will open.
  • In command window write fastboot devices. If it shows some id and fastboot it means your device is successfully connected with PC. Otherwise you have not installed the driver properly or the phone is not in bootloader mode.
  • After connecting device with phone write the following commands:
    • fastboot flash recovery twrp.img and press enter.
    • fastboot boot twrp.img and press enter.
  • The last command will automatically boot the device into TWRP recovery. And there you will see a totally new and custom TWRP recovery.

How to boot into TWRP recovery

To open TWRP recovery first power off the device. And then press & hold volume up + power button or volume down + power button. The combination of vol down & vol up with power button varies according to the company. For example, Xiaomi can have the different shortcut and Asus can have the different shortcut button to boot into TWRP recovery. Just check on the internet how to boot device name into recovery mode.

How to get the latest TWRP recovery image

If you want to download the latest TWRP recovery image for a particular device. Then first install the TWRP android app. Then in TWRP flash select device and then download latest TWRP for that device.

So this was the quick guide on how to install  TWRP recovery on any android phone. This post is helpful for everyone including noobs. If you face any problem while installing twrp recovery then you can contact us through facebook.

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