How to Install Android Pie on OnePlus 6 Phone

OnePlus well known for their flagship smartphones at cheaper prices. And OnePlus 6 is their latest flagship smartphone which is really a great device. If you have owned a OnePlus 6 and looking to use Android P on the device. Then here we have How to install Android Pie on OnePlus 6.

Android Pie is the latest Android version which is now official after five successful previews. The first preview was released on March 7, 2018, and the latest preview just released on July 25. The official release date of Android P was 6 August and Google Pixel smartphones have already got the update. We can expect the official Android P on OnePlus 6 about after a month.How to Install Android Pie on OnePlus 6

But if you want to use Android Pie or Android 9 right now on your OnePlus 6 then you can install the fifth preview. All the instructions and details to install the preview is given below. Before moving to the installation steps I just want you to know that the process is a bit tough so you need to follow instructions very carefully. There is a risk of bricking the phone.

How to Install Android Pie on OnePlus 6

Steps to Install Android Pie on OnePlus 6

As this is a preview there might be some issues. But they are very less as compared to the Android P features. To Install the Android P Beta developer Preview 3 you need to wipe the phone. So I will suggest transferring all the important files to the other device.

Note: There is a risk of “bricking” your phone. So you should follow the instructions carefully. I am repeating this because it is where many of the users get stuck who are new on flashing.

You should know that if you install the Developer preview and again want to install stable version, then, in that case, you might have to reset your phone again.


  • Make a backup of all the contents from your Phone (You have to wipe all the contents).
  • The phone should be charged at least 30%.
  • OTA File of the Android P Developer preview (Link given below).

OTA Download Link (make sure to check out the latest if available)

Instruction to Install Android Pie on OnePlus 6

  • First Download the OTA from the given link.
  • Now Copy the OTA to your Phone storage (Put in main storage, not under any folder).
  • Open Settings and then go to system updates. 
  • Under system, updates tap on the settings icon and then open Local Upgrade.
  • Now it will show the zip file that you have downloaded or copied. Select the Zip file and then click on Upgrade Now.
  • It will now take time to upgrade and after that, it will ask to Reboot.
  • In this case, you have to Shut Down your phone. If you reboot the device it will go to boot loop so don’t reboot.
  • Now enter into recovery mode (hold power button + vol down).
  • Now select Wipe data/reset data. And then press the power button and confirm if it asks.
  • It will take time to wipe all the data.
  • After completion select reboot system now.
  • Now you have successfully installed Android Pie on OnePlus 6.

Don’t forget to read how to get back to the official Android version below in this post.

As this is a beta version there can be some bugs. Below we have listed some bugs or issues that you may encounter during the use of Android Pie developer preview.


  • On selecting hide the notch area, notch doesn’t go. You need to reboot as a solution.
  • Some apps are not supported.
  • Camera app crashes during Slow motion recording.
  • Not enough details in battery UI.
  • Auto brightness issue.
  • Phone heats up and also hangs and then Qualcomm recovery image shows up.

If you are facing other issues let us know through the comment section.

How to Roll Back to Official Android Version on OnePlus 6:

Before attempting to roll back make sure to take backup of your phone.

Download the rollback OTA (make sure to check out the latest if available)

  • Copy the OTA file to the Root directory of Phone Storage.
  • Go to settings and Enable Developer option (Settings > System > About phone > Advanced > Tap on build number 7 times).
  • Now open OEM unlocking under Developer option. You can access developer option from Settings > System > Developer option.
  • Follow the location Settings > System updates. Now tap on the settings icon on the top right corner. There tap on Local upgrade and select the file and click on upgrade now.
  • After Installation click on Reboot.
  • Now you have successfully installed the Official Android version.

Android Pie Features:

Android P comes with many changes compared to Android Oreo. You can get some Android P features without Developer preview.

Toggle Notch settings:

As we know that this year we have seen that most of the smartphone with Notch. And to keeping it in mind Android developers has included the settings where users can change the notch settings. Settings contain two options i.e. Show the notch are and Hide the Notch area. This comes in handy when you are watching movies, videos or playing games. Or if you hate the notch feature you can just hide it.

New App Drawer Action:

Stock Android is my favorite UI because of its simplicity. And to add more simplicity the Android P comes with new features in App drawer. When you swipe up to open the list of Apps, now it will open the predicted Apps that you are more likely to open. Or just swipe up again to see all the Apps.

Adaptive battery:

Android P will disable the all the Apps that are not required or you are not using. It knows that which time you use which App with the help of machine learning. So in this way, it will save more battery.

Bluetooth Connectivity limitation increased:

Android O is capable of connecting up to two devices only. But in Android P you can connect up to 5 Bluetooth devices. And if you have paired a speaker or device that supports receiving calls, then you can switch calls to any of the paired devices.

Lockdown Mode:

When you press and hold the power button you will see a new option Lockdown. When you turn on the LockDown mode, it will temporarily disable the Fingerprint and face unlock feature.

Change the volume of Bluetooth Device from the volume button:

Now in Android 9, we can change the volume of Bluetooth devices separately through the volume button. Press any volume button then click the icon which will show the list of connected devices. Select the device on which you want to change the volume and change accordingly.

Google Lens integrated with Stock Camera:

Now when you focus on an object to capture google lens will appear and it will tell about the object. You can also turn off this feature if you don’t need.

So these are some Android Pie features that you may like. This is not the complete list of features there are still many more features that are great and makes Android P more useful. And if you still don’t really get how to install Android Pie on OnePlus 6, then you can ask us through facebook or comment.

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