Download SuperSU Zip and APK and Root any Android Phone

Are you going to root your Android Phone? If yes then use SuperSU Zip file for easy and full root. This is the best and recommended method to Root any Android Phone. Here you can Download SuperSU Zip file and know how to root using SuperSU Zip & TWRP recovery.

Download Supersu zip

If you are here looking for SuperSU zip file then you probably know the use of SuperSu and you can directly head to the download section. But if you want to know everything about SuperSu then give some time and read it out from below.

Rooting can be achieved using many methods like installing magisk zip, using third-party Apps, installing SuperSU zip etc. Earlier when we were using Android KitKat or lower, at that time using APK was enough to root, but now in Android Lollipop or above APK doesn’t work anymore for rooting. So we need to use Zip file installation to root Android phone.

What is SuperSU

SuperSu is a superuser access management tool or we can say the tool used to grant and allow root services to the Apps. In SuperSU SU stands for ‘Substitute User‘. The APK of the SuperSU is also available and can be used on the rooted devices. Using SuperSu app we can authorize any App for root access and also deny the root access to any particular App. The App can also be used for full unroot. Using SuperSU we can also check the root status of the device.

What is SuperSU Zip

It is a zip file which contains tools for rooting any Android device. The root status can be achieved by flashing the SuperSU zip file using any recovery like TWRP. It is just used for rooting android devices and it will automatically install the SuperSu app on the device.

Download SuperSu Zip File

Downloading SuperSU zip is easy, but the installation process is a bit complex. Check out SuperSU download Links for different versions. Sometimes the latest version doesn’t work, so in that case, we can try using an older version. For this, we have also given download links to many different SuperSU zip versions.

Download Links

SuperSu zip 2.76

SuperSU zip 2.78

SuperSU zip 2.79

SuperSU zip 2.82 – Latest

Remember the storage location of SuperSU zip file. To flash SuperSU file you need to use any recovery like TWRP. So check out how to install TWRP recovery on any Android Phone.

Download TWRP Recovery

TWRP 3.2.0

TWRP 3.2.1

TWRP 3.2.2

TWRP 3.2.3

RecommendedDownload TWRP recovery according to devices.

Install TWRP on Android

To install TWRP on Android Phone, make sure that the adb and bootloader drivers are installed on your PC. It will help to detect your phone on PC. Also, the bootloader should be unlocked to flash any files on the Android phone. Download the TWRP recovery on your PC from the link. And then follow the instructions given below.

Note: Take a full backup of your phone before installing TWRP recovery.

  • Enable USB debugging on your phone.
  • Turn off your phone and boot into fastboot mode (use shortcut keys, varies according to vendor). Eg. for Xiaomi press & hold Volume up + Power key.
  • Connect the phone with PC using the USB cable.
  • Now open the folder where you have downloaded TWRP recovery and rename the recovery file to twrp.
  • Inside the folder, press shift+Right click and select open PowerShell window here or open command window here.
  • A PowerShell or command window will open. Now type the following commands:
    • fastboot devices and press enter (to check phone connected or not)
    • fastboot flash recovery twrp.img and press enter
    • fastboot boot twrp.img and press enter
  • Now the phone will automatically boot into TWRP recovery.

Now that you have installed the custom recovery on your phone. You can flash SuperSU zip file on your Android phone.

Root Android Phone using SuperSU Zip File

After completing all the above steps, now you are all set to root your android phone. You have to just flash the SuperSU zip file. Let’s see how to flash SuperSU using TWRP recovery.

  1. Boot into TWRP recovery if you haven’t (use shortcut keys).
  2. Then in TWRP recovery select supersu zip
  3. Then locate to the SuperSU zip file and click on it.install supersu zip
  4. Now swipe the slider to flash SuperSU zip.root using supersu zip
  5. This will take a few seconds so just wait.
  6. Then it will show a successful message. It means SuperSu zip is now flashed on your phone.
  7. Now reboot the device into the system by clicking on reboot system.
  8. It will take time some time to boot into the system.
  9. Now you will see the SuperSu app will automatically be added on your device.
  10. You can open the SuperSu app to provide root access to different Apps.

This is how to root an Android Phone using SuperSu. But what if you changed your mind and now you want to unroot your device. Then check out the guide to unroot any android device.

Unroot Android Phone using SuperSU App

  • Open the SuperSu App.
  • Now go to settings in the SuperSU app.SuperSU Zip and App
  • Scroll down to the last and you will see Full unroot option.SuperSU Zip and App
  • Click on it and then a warning will pop up just click on continue.SuperSU Zip and App
  • Then reboot your phone and now you have now successfully unrooted your phone.

These were the guide to Root and unroot Android Phones using SuperSu. But what if you already have a rooted phone and want to manage the root access on your phone. Well then, in that case, you can download SuperSu app on your phone from PlayStore or any APK site. Below you will find download links to some SuperSU apps.

Download SuperSU App

SuperSU APK – (Latest version)

SuperSU APK 2.81

SuperSU APK 2.79

SuperSU APK 2.78

Download SuperSU pro from Play Store

It is obvious that SuperSU pro provides more features. So if you want to use these pro features you need to purchase it from the Play Store.

Additional SuperSU Pro Features

  • OTA survival mode (no guarantees)
  • Full color-coded command content logging (input/output/error)
  • Per-app logging configuration
  • Per-app user override
  • PIN protection

So this was the quick guide on SuperSU, How to install SuperSU and How to Download SuperSU Zip on any Android Phone. Share this post with your friends who are looking forward to root their Android phones.

Magisk or SuperSU

Well, in this case, I will say Magisk is a better option. Because Magisk has inbuilt SuperSU feature and in addition it also provides some additional features like Modules, SafetyNet check, flashing zip files etc.

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