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How to Install Magisk on Any Android Device (Root & No-Root)

Want to know everything about Magisk like What is Magisk? How to Install Magisk Manager? and Why to use Magisk. If you have this type of question, here you will get the answers.

If you know something about Root, then probably you know What is SuperSU. Magisk is also related to it or we can say it is the best alternative to SuperSU. Without any doubt, Magisk Manager is better than SuperSu. In this post, we are going to cover everything that is related to Magisk Manager.

What is Magisk?

Magisk is a tool which is used to get Root access in an Android Phone, also used to change system interface. This is not it, there are much more that Magisk can do such as Module support, keep users hidden from integrity tests etc. This is just to give a heads up what it is, you are going to read Magisk features later in this post. Magisk Manager helps us to use and manage magisk systemless interface, including modules and much more.

So if you want to root an Android phone then Magisk is the best option that you can use. It provides unbreakable Root access to the Android Phone. Here unbreakable means that if you can swap between as many as custom ROMs but the Root privilege will remain in the device. Don’t worry if you want to unroot your device you can do it easily through the Magisk Manager itself. Magisk is an open source tool so it’s free and you can also get its code.

How to Install Magisk on Android Phone (Non-Rooted device)

You should know that Magisk Manager is used to Root an Android phone so it does not Require Root Access itself to install. Once you have installed it successfully it means your device is successfully Rooted. There is nothing extra to do for Rooting an Android Phone except Installing Magisk Manager. Just follow the following steps:


Install TWRP Recovery

To install the TWRP Recovery or any other recovery, you need to unlock the bootloader first. You can follow any YouTube video to unlock Bootloader.

  1. First Install the adb and fastboot driver on your PC. Skip if you already have installed it. Download Driver from the Link. Then Install it as shown in the Link.
  2. Then Download ADB Folder and TWRP image on your PC.
  3. Extract the ADB Folder and copy the recovery image into it. For easy process rename the image file into some easy word.
  4. Copy Magisk Zip file and Lazyflash file in a MicroSD card.
  5. Now boot your Android phone in bootloader mode, Press and hold Volume Down + Power button. Then connect the phone with PC using the USB cable.
  6. From the ADB folder open cmd command and enter
    • fastboot devices
    • If it shows an ID, then you are connected. But if not, then the bootloader driver is not installed properly. The fix is mentioned after the 8th step.
  7. Now enter the second command:
    • fastboot flash recovery imagename.img
    • imagename is the filename of the image.
  8. Done. You can press and hold Volume Up + Power button to boot into TWRP recovery.

Fix for 6th step: To fix it open Device Manager and then it will show the yellow i icon on the connected device. Right click on it and then click update driver. Then click on Browse from the desktop then click on Let me pick. Then select Android option and then select bootloader and then Install.

Read how to install TWRP recovery in brief.

Install Magisk Using TWRP

  1. In TWRP recovery go to the Install and locate Magisk Zip file. Install Magisk on Android Phone
  2. Now install the Magisk zip with swipe and this will root your phone. Install Magisk on Android Phone
  3. After installing it now go to Install again and select Lazyflash zip file and swipe to install.
  4. You need to install Lazy flash because sometimes after flashing Magisk the device goes to boot loop. So to avoid that you need to install Lazyflash file.
  5. Now reboot the system. Install Magisk Manager App and there will see Magisk installed on your phone.

In Magisk Manager you can check your Root status and it will show the positive result. Now you can enjoy extra features on your rooted device.

How to Install Magisk (Rooted Device)

The above method is for the user who is installing the magisk on a non-rooted phone. Also if you have already followed the upper method once but you have installed another ROM on your device and want to use Magisk Manager. Then follow this method.


Download the APK and Install it directly on your phone. And when you open the Magisk manager App you will see a red cross sign. It means that you need to Install Magisk Zip file. Click on Install and then select Patch Boot Image File if you have Magisk Zip file. Now after installation Reboot the system and then open Magisk Manager.

And you will see two green tick, which means Magisk and magisk manager are installed. Now you will be able to use Magisk Manager Normally.

Magisk Manager Features

Here are some features of Magisk Manager that can be useful for you.


Like Xposed Magisk also support Modules. Modules can be used to tweak system settings and UI of the Phone. There are also some modules which will help to solve bugs and issues that you may face on the Android device.

Magisk Hide

This is my favorite feature of Magisk Manager. Magisk Hide is the feature where we can hide the Root from selected apps.

Yes if you want to show some Apps that your phone is not Rooted. Then you can use Magisk Hide. What do you think of this feature? It’s cool right. This can be helpful if an App does not run on a rooted device then you can select that App on Magisk Hide, and you will be able to use that App.

You can turn on Magisk Hide from settings.

Magisk Manager

Click on three parallel bars on the top left corner, then go to settings. Now turn on the Magisk Hide feature. Now again click on three bars and select Magisk Hide then select the App on which you want to hide Root access.

Magisk Manager

Thats all you have to do to Hide Root privilege from any APP.

Easy Install/Uninstall

You can easily Install Magisk Manager on Android Phone in Rooted phones. In Magisk Manager you can update it with just one click. Click on install and download the zip file and then flash it on Magisk Manager.

Magisk Manager

To Uninstall click on Uninstall and done. Nothing can be easier than this.

Magisk Manager

Integrated SuperSU

Magisk Manager comes with superSU integrated with it. It means you have every feature of SuperSU on the Magisk. You can grant or Deny the Root permission on any App.

Custom Flash

You can flash any module from downloading somewhere else. Just download a zip file and go to Modules and click on the “Plus” icon and select the zip file. After flashing reboot the system and done.

Magisk Manager

These are the main features of Magisk Manager but there are many others too. Try it out and you will find it much more interesting than you think.

This is a quick guide on how to install Magisk on Android device and I hope this is helpful for you. If anything that you want to ask related to it you can ask on facebook or comment section.

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