How to Transfer Files between Computers Using LAN Cable

These days transfer of data is one of the important things between Computers. Generally, we use Pendrive, External Hard Disk or USB cable for the transfer of files. But if you have a Pendrive that provide very less transfer rate. And Maybe the Pendrive is Smaller in size than the File size. Then we can use External HardDisk, But what if we don’t have External Drive. Then You can use LAN cable to transfer files which save our time. It is a one-way process we don’t have to transfer to any medium, we can directly send the file to the destination. So in this post, you will know How to Transfer Files between Computers Using LAN Cable. You need LAN cable, two PC. Follow the Images to understand easily.

Steps to Connect Computers:

1) At first, connect both PC with LAN Cable.

2) Go to Open Network and Sharing Center from Control Panel or just Right click on wifi icon and open it.

3) Then Go to Change advanced sharing settings.

4) Now Turn on Network Discovery, File Sharing and Turn off password protected sharing.


5) Open the ethernet connection property and select IPv4 and set the proxy.

IP Address:

Subnet mask:

Default Gateway:

6) Now go to System Properties. And make sure that both PC has the same Workgroup.


7) Now apply all the above process to another PC also. But alter the IP Address and Default Gateway.

IP Address:

Subnet mask:

Default Gateway:

 Steps to Transfer Files:

1) Open My Computer and go to Network. In here both the PC will appear.

2) Now go to PC from where you want to transfer file and select the file you want to share. Right-click on File or folder and select share with and then specific people.

3) Select Everyone from the list. And give it Read and Write Permission and click on share.


4) Now your file or folder has been shared so click on Done.

5) Now go to other PC where you want these file. And select Network and open the folder of PC who shared the file.

6) Open the shared folder and copy its content or just Copy the folder. And paste in any of your drives.


7) Now it will start copying on your drive with more than 10MB/s speed.

That’s all in How to Transfer Files between Computers Using LAN Cable. For more Tips and Tricks check out other posts.

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