How to Root Xiaomi Mi A2/A2 Lite Using Magisk [Guide]

In August 2018, Xiaomi has launched the last year’s successor Mi A1 in two different models named Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite. These are the Xiaomi’s another Android One based smartphones, which has recently got the Pie update. If you want to root these devices then check out How to Root Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite using Magisk Zip and TWRP Recovery.

root mi a2

We know rooting allows us to access almost everything and tweaks into some useful features. And you can also do some customizations like substratum themes, debug, and test custom ROMs. For accessing these, you need to root your Mi A2/A2 Lite. Both phones have got the Android Pie update, which was running earlier on Android Oreo. This rooting method works on both Android versions of Mi A2 (Lite). Official TWRP Recovery is already available for Mi A2/A2 Lite, Download from here. It’s easy for you if you know how to install TWRP Recovery. Don’t worry I will also provide a guide to Install TWRP recovery.

Note: The method will work with Mi A2/A2 Lite running on Android Oreo and Android Pie

How to Install TWRP Recovery and Root Mi A2 & A2 Lite

As you know that rooting is not easy since the Google released security patches in early 2017. And the seamless rooting method is used after that, which is flashing SuperSU Zip or Magisk Zip. But Magisk is one of the easiest and modern way to root new Android smartphones. And to flash Magisk, first, you need to install TWRP recovery on Mi A2 or Mi A2 Lite. You can also use any other recovery, if available, as the official TWRP for Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite is available so, I prefer TWRP recovery. Before we head to root Mi A2 & A2 Lite you have to first look at its requirements.



To Install TWRP Recovery and Root Mi A2/A2 Lite you need to first download some files. The links are given below of files used in this tutorial.

So Now that you have downloaded the files you are now ready to root Mi A2 (Lite).

Install TWRP Recovery on Mi A2 and A2 Lite

For this section, you need all the TWRP related files from the download section. Put the TWRP image files on your pc. Let’s begin with installing TWRP recovery. Installing method is same for both the device Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite. Both devices come with A/B partition so first, we need to boot into TWRP using image file and then we have to flash Zip file.

  1. After downloading put TWRP image and TWRP installer zip on PC. Also, rename the downloaded TWRP image file as twrp.
  2. Now copy the TWRP image file and paste here (C:\adb).root mi a2 lite
  3. Power off your Xiaomi Mi A2 or Mi A2 Lite.
  4. Then boot the device into Fastboot mode (Press and Hold Volume Down + Power Button).
  5. Connect your phone to the PC via USB.
  6. Then in C:\adb folder press shift and right click on an empty area.
  7. Click on “Open PowerShell window here” or “Open CMD window here”.root mi a2 lite
  8. Now type the following command to check if the device is connected or Not.
    • fastboot devices
  9. It will return a device ID if your Mi A2/A2 Lite is connected properly.
  10. Enter the following commands to boot into TWRP recovery.
    • fastboot boot twrp.img
  11. The command will boot into a temporary TWRP recovery.
  12. In TWRP recovery go to Advanced > ADB Sideload. Swipe to Start Sideload.root mi a2 lite
  13. In PowerShell enter the following command to Install TWRP recovery on Mi A2/A2 Lite. (Remember nameofinstallerfile is the name of the installer file you have downloaded earlier. So enter that name in place of nameofinstallerfile)
    • adb sideload
  14. TWRP recovery is now installed successfully on Mi A2/A2 Lite.

If you have updated your device to Android Pie then you have to also flash encryption disabler file from TWRP recovery. But if your phone is running on Android Oreo then you don’t need to flash Encryption disabler.

How to Disable Encryption (Android Pie)

If you have to transfer files or access file in recovery mode, then you won’t be able to do it. So first you have to enable MTP option to get access. This is a one time process and you can access the storage after this.

  1. In TWRP recovery go to Wipe and then go to Format Data.root mi a2 lite
  2. A window will appear asking for consent so enter “Yes”.
  3. After formatting data go to Mount and Enable MTP option.root mi a2 lite
  4. Now download Disable-Force-Encryption-Treble on PC.
  5. Connect your phone to the PC if not connected.
  6. Then transfer the Encryption disabler to the phone.
  7. Now go to Install and select Encryption disabler file.
  8. Swipe to flash the file and Encryption Disabler will be installed on Mi A2/A2 Lite.

Once this process is completed now you can move to the next process.

Root Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite

After installing TWRP on Mi A2/A2 Lite you can easily root your phone. Just go on with few steps to flash Magisk Zip and then your device will be rooted. Follow the step by step guide below.

  1. Download Magisk Zip file from the download section.
  2. Make sure that the Zip file is in Phone.
  3. Power off Mi A2/A2 Lite.
  4. Press and Hold Volume Up + Power button until to boot into TWRP recovery.
  5. Now in TWRP recovery go to Install.root mi a2
  6. Locate and select Magisk Zip.root mi a2
  7. Swipe the slider to root Mi A2/A2 Lite.root mi a2
  8. The process will take a few seconds and boom your phone is rooted.
  9. Reboot to the system and enjoy your rooted phone.

So this was a quick guide on how to root Mi A2/A2 Lite. I hope you have successfully rooted your device. So that you can enjoy features like installing Mods, Modules, Custom ROMs etc.

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