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23 Best Substratum Themes of All Time for Android (Free & Paid) [2020]

If you want to customize an Android phone then the Substratum theme is the best option that works on all the phones. It provides theming options which generally available on rooted phones. So if you want to customize your non-rooted phone then this guide is going to be helpful for you. In this tutorial, I will share 23 Best Substratum Themes to try on Android Phones.

Substratum is a pretty handy third-party tool for those who don’t own a customizable phone such as Xiaomi, and Samsung. In custom skins like the famous One UI, MIUI, or ColorOS, we can easily pick a theme from the built-in theme store, but this is not a case if your phone is running on stock Android. Then, Substratum could provide all those options to your phone. It works on both rooted and non-rooted phones. So are you ready to check out cool substratum themes for Android? check out the list to find your favorite substratum theme.

What is Substratum?

Substratum is a theme Engine, which are used to customize Android phones including System UI. It will change the look of the whole device which you can control while compiling overlays. Substratum themes require a platform to work on Android Phones. It creates an environment on Android phones to support substratum themes. With Substratum themes, you can change System UI, Boot Animation and wallpapers.

Numerous Substratum themes are available on the Play Store and many more to come. If you want to personalize the UI of your Android phone then continue to check out Best Substratum Themes for Android.

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Note: Before downloading any theme first checkout the device supports and known issues on their Play Store page. One more thing listing doesn’t depicts ranking.

Best Substratum Themes

1. PitchBlack – Substratum Theme

PitchBlack is among the top Substratum Themes ever made. If you are a fan of dark mode then no other theme can beat this one. The theme is heavy but highly customizable. But this theme is not for Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei, and other OEM based stock ROMs. As its the dark mode theme, it also increases the battery performance.

Best Substratum Themes

2. Liv Dark – Substratum Theme

Liv Dark is the best theme if you are looking for a gradient dark theme for the Substratum engine. It gives a modern look to the device with improved material UI and pixel perfect UI elements. And one more advantage of the Liv Dark Substratum theme is that it is compatible with Stock ROMs, Custom ROMs running on Android 10, Android 9 ow lower. With this theme, you can customize Settings UI, Notification UI, Home screen, status bar and more.

best substratum themes

3. Valerie Substratum Theme

If you like material themes with transparent UI then Valerie is the best Substratum them to try on the phone with Substratum engine. The theme itself is a collection of multiple overlays, accents, fonts, and more. It offers full control to choose each and every overlay, icons as user need. If you are using Android Oreo OS and want to experience Android 9 then Valerie is the Substratum theme that you should choose.

best substratum themes

4. Death Red Substratum Theme

Death Red is the theme for Custom ROMs running on Android 7 & Android 8. The only negative point of the theme is limited compatibility. The theme doesn’t work on Stock ROMs so make sure you are using a custom ROM. Death Red is a combination of Black & Red color which gives an immersive look. It contains many overlays for wide customization for the entire UI. You can check out the screenshot below.

best substratum themes

5. Pi Dark Substratum Theme

Pi Dark is a beautiful theme specially for substratum theme users. It is for those who want to experience Dark Android Pie theme on their Oreo-based Android phone. Rounded corners look great on Main Screen, Notification Bars, QS Panel, Recent Apps. A light version of this theme is also available which I will describe below in the list. The developer of this theme is Harsh V23. It is a dark theme so you can expect a bit higher battery life.

Best Substratum Themes

6. BluEmerald CM/Substratum Theme

BluEmerald theme is a personalization App for Substratum theme lovers. In this theme, you can change the look of Settings, Stock File Manager, WhatsApp, System UI, Settings, Dialer, Inbox, Instagram. The blue accent in the settings looks great with dark mode setting options. It is a light theme. The theme is created by xdevs23 and published by Simao Gomes Viana. The only problem with the theme is text is the notification panel looks too small so avoid compiling SystemUI.

Best Substratum Themes

7. Alined Substratum Theme

Alined is one of the best paid substratum themes. It let users pick Light theme or Dark theme before compiling it. The main attraction of the theme is line art iconography and vector-based construction. The theme is mainly for Oreo-based phones but you can also use it on Android Pie phones. If the battery icon is not showing then make sure to disable status bar icons overlay. The theme is published by Rahul K Dinesh.

Best Substratum Themes

8. Swift Black Substratum Theme

Swift Black is a paid substratum theme with more than 200 overlays. If you have a Samsung device running on Oreo then Swift Black is the theme for you. Mainly it works on Android phones running on Android 8.0 and Android 8.1. The theme supports overlays of many third-party apps such as WhatsApp, XDA Labs, Twitter, SoundCloud, Quora and many more. Along with overlays the theme also comes with four beautiful nature wallpapers. The theme is created by Swift Team.

Best Substratum Themes

9. Linear Substratum Theme

Linear is a powerpack substratum theme for Android Oreo and Pie devices. The theme looks attractive with multi-color system UI accent. Along with Overlays, the theme offers a boot animation and ten beautiful wallpapers. Just like Pie Dark and Pie Light it has rounded corners in full screen, recent apps, notification panels. You can change the color of Android UI anytime as you want. It is created and published by DeadmanxXD.

Best Substratum Themes

10. AOSP UI Black Substratum Theme

AOSP UI is a black substratum theme for Nougat, Oreo and Pie based Android phones. The theme is the reboot of BlackStockTheme so if you have bought it then you can contact the developer to get it for free. The notification bars, Status Bar panel, and settings look awesome with a pure black accent. Wallpapers and Boot animation is also available with this theme. Users also have options to switch between various notification themes. It is created and published by Piereligio Di Sante.

Best Substratum Themes

11. Aura Substratum Theme

Aura is an amazing theme for Custom ROMs. But it also works with official firmware too. You can use the theme on Android Nougat, Oreo, and Pie. But some of the features will not work with all the Android OS. The theme lets users change the Android system look using various color options. It is created and published by Big Pixel.

Best Substratum Themes

12. Blue Dragon Substratum Theme

Blue Dragon is a color-packed theme for Dark and Light mode lovers. It is a complete pack of Overlays, Wallpapers, and Boot Animation. It works with Android Nougat, Android Oreo, Android Pie based Stock and Custom ROMs. But it doesn’t work on Vivo, OnePlus, Samsung, Oppo stock ROMs. It is created and published by Ananda Basak.

Best Substratum Themes

13. Ethereal Substratum Theme

Ethereal is a dark theme for substratum theme engine. It is a theme with various color option to change the look of the Android System. It works on Android Nougat and Oreo phone. And it also works on Android Pie phone but requires root access. It offers 5 beautiful pastel colors and 5 dark background color. It is created and published by Niklas Schnettler.

Best Substratum Themes

14. Domination Substratum Theme

Domination is a remarkable dark substratum theme for Android. You can set the dark mode on the status bar, action bar, notification panel, settings, and few apps. It has a large collection of overlays along with boot animation. This theme is not for Samsung phone running on stock ROM. It is created by daveyannihilation.

Best Substratum Themes

15. Flux Substratum Theme

Flux is a Brilliant Dark Theme with vibrant color accent. It is designed with pixel perfect graphics and material UI. Flux White theme is also available by the same creator. The theme is very satisfying with its numerous overlays for system apps and third-party apps. It works on Android Nougat, Android Oreo, and Android Pie phones. But in Samsung phones, it works on only Android Oreo version. It is created and published by giannisgx89.

Best Substratum Themes

16. Ice Substratum Theme

Ice theme is a light theme for users who like to use a white color theme. For accent, it has various color options. It works on Android 7, Android 8, and Android 9 phones. More than 28 apps can be personalized with this theme. Rounded corners look great on notification panels, QS panel and on the main screen. It is created by Chetan Lodha and published by Substratum Themers Collective.

Best Substratum Themes

17. Outline Substratum Theme

Outline is a line based theme with innovative line icons. It’s a Light theme and a mixture of white & beautiful pastel colors. It works well on Android 7 and Android 8 phones. But the root is required to use it on Android Pie. You can theme about 29 third-party apps, 27 Google Apps, 10 System Apps. It is created and published by Niklas Schnettler.

Best Substratum Themes

18. Victory Substratum Theme

Victory is a beautifully crafted Substratum Theme. The default accent color which is red looks astonishing with black color. So I will suggest picking default colors while compiling. It supports more than 85 apps and 20 accent colors. It is created and published by Giorgio Cantoni.

Best Substratum Themes

19. Default Dark Substratum Theme

Default Dark is a dark color theme that you can simply guess from its name. You can switch between dark, black, dark transparent, black transparent, and light as notification theme. It is a small and simple substratum theme. It is created and published by SpiritCroc.

Best Substratum Themes

20. Belo Substratum Theme

Belo is one of my favorite substratum theme collections. The lite theme offers a wide range of Overlays to various apps. It is available for Android Oreo and Android Pie devices. But it doesn’t work on Oxygen OS and Samsung phones running on Stock ROMs. If you love neat and clean theme then this can be the best option. It is created by De Jan and published by llevo3 Design.

Best Substratum Themes

21. Greyscale Substratum Theme

Greyscale is an attractive dark theme which allows users to set Gradient background and Gradient Accent colors. The theme works on Android Nougat Custom ROMs, Android 8.1 Stock and Custom ROMs, Android Pie stock and Custom ROMs. More than 60 apps can be customized using this theme. The theme doesn’t support OOS and Samsung devices. It is created by Sreerag and published by 3volve.

Best Substratum Themes

22. Pi Light Substratum Theme

Pi Light is a white theme based on Pie experience. If you don’t like dark themes then this is a good choice. It is a lite theme and offers Android Pie experience on Android Nougat and Android Oreo phones. Users can choose status bar as Normal Status Bar or Large Status bar as Essential PH1. This is the best theme for phones with rounded corners. It is created by Harsh V23 and published by Christopher Kardas.

Best Substratum Themes

23. Risalto Substratum Theme

Risalto is a substratum theme that is available for a wide range of devices. The main color of the theme is light. This theme is also available with dark mode named Risalto Dark. It works on almost all the devices using Custom ROM and Stock ROM. Wallpapers collection with the theme is great and simple. It is created and published by LeoFracca.

Best Substratum Themes

How to Install Substratum Themes

If you want to apply substratum themes on your phone then first you have to learn how to install Substratum Themes. I am sharing this guide because it’s a complicated process and it is difficult to build overlays.

  1. First, install the Substratum Theme Engine from Play Store.
  2. Open Substratum Theme Engine and grant permissions.
  3. Select one Substratum theme and install it from Play Store.
  4. Again open Theme Engine and now select the theme you have installed.
  5. Select apps that you want to change their Overlays.How to Install Substratum Themes
  6. Tap on Overlay icon (bottom-right) and select Build and Enable.How to Install Substratum Themes
  7. After compiling selected overlays restart your device.
  8. Now go to Substratum Theme Engine > Manager. And select the overlays to apply.
  9. Then Click on the overlay icon and tap Enable Selected.How to Install Substratum Themes

So these are the best Substratum Themes that you can try on your Android Phone. The taste can differ according to users so you may not like some themes, this is why we decided to list 23 themes. I hope you have found this tutorial useful and informative.

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If you’ve any query then you can leave it in the comment box. Also, share this article with your friends.

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