How to Enter Fastboot Mode & Unlock Bootloader on Mi A3

Are you looking forward to root your Mi A3? If yes then you need to first follow this basic guide. Here you will know how to enter fastboot mode on Mi A3 and how to unlock bootloader on Mi A3. Both the guides are part of methods to root any Android phone.

unlock bootloader on mi a3

The Mi A series is very popular because of the combination of great hardware with stock software. Recently Xiaomi has launched Mi A3 which is another Android One phone from Xiaomi. The 3rd generation phone of A series comes with triple rear camera setup for ultimate photos and videos. And with apps like Google Camera and further modifications you can also boost the performance of the phone. But for that, you need to know how to unlock bootloader on Mi A3.

The Fastboot Mode is a mode like a Recovery mode which is present by default in all the phones, maybe with different names like Download Mode. This mode helps to unlock bootloader of any Android phone. So if you want to unlock bootloader you have to first know how to boot Mi A3 into Fastboot mode. It’s a very easy process and once you know this process you don’t need any guide from next time. Let’s first start with entering fastboot mode.

How to Enter Fastboot Mode on Mi A3

The process for entering fastboot mode depends on the company whose phone you are using. And in case of Xiaomi phones, it is very easy to boot into fastboot mode. Just like other Xiaomi phones Mi A3 also follows the same process to boot into fastboot mode. There are more than one ways to enter fastboot mode on Mi A3. Two of the most common method are mentioned below.

Method 1: Using Button Combination

  • First turn off your phone completely using Power button.unlock bootloader on mi a3
  • Now press & hold Volume Down + Power button together.unlock bootloader on mi a3
  • Release the buttons when fastboot mode screen appears.
  • Now your phone is in Fastboot Mode.

Method 2: Using Stock Recovery

  • Power off your phone using Power button.
  • Press & hold Volume Up + Power button together.unlock bootloader on mi a3
  • Release both the button when you see Recovery Mode.
  • In Recovery Mode, press Volume Down button once to select the option ‘Reboot to Bootloader’.
  • Then press the Power button to enter Fastboot Mode.
  • Now your phone is in Fastboot Mode.

How to Unlock Bootloader on Mi A3

To unlock bootloader you should know the method to enter into fastboot mode so first follow the above guide and then follow this guide. By default, all the phones come with locked bootloader. It means you can not modify the system like rooting, flashing custom recovery and more. So if you want to root your phone then you must first unlock the bootloader.


Steps to Unlock Bootloader

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. Go to System > About Phone.unlock bootloader on mi a3
  3. Tap 7 times on Build Number and it will show ‘You are now a developer’.
  4. Go back to System and now expand Additional Settings.
  5. Open Developer Options, and enable OEM Unlocking.unlock bootloader on mi a3
  6. Also, Enable USB Debugging in developer options.unlock bootloader on mi a3
  7. Now boot your Mi A3 into Fastboot Mode using the guide given above.
  8. While in Fastoot Mode connect the phone to PC using a USB cable.
  9. Open Command window or CMD on your PC.
  10. Now enter the below commands to unlock bootloader
    • fastboot flashing unlock
    • fastboot flashing unlock_critical
  11. It will prompt an option on your phone. Navigate to Unlock Bootloader using Volume buttons and select it using the Power button.
  12. It will now erase all the data of your phone and reboot into system.
  13. Set up your phone and Enjoy.

After unlocking bootloader you can flash any file on your phone including TWRP imageMagisk, Fastboot ROM and more. Unlocking bootloader voids the warranty for many phones but it’s not the case with Xiaomi phones. You will not lose the warranty, and you will also receive OTA updates until you root your phone.

So there you have it the complete guide to enter fastboot mode and then unlock bootloader on Mi A3. This is a basic guide that you should know if you want to modify your phone like rooting.

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