How to Root Samsung Galaxy M30s & Boot into Download Mode

The battery beast, Samsung Galaxy M30s is among the best budget phones. The performance of the phone is really great, and it can easily outperform its competitors. If you own the Galaxy M30s and want to root your phone, then this guide is for you. Here you will know How to Root Samsung Galaxy M30s. how to root samsung galaxy m30s

You must be thinking, what is the need to root your phone? Well at first I was curious too when i didn’t know anything about root. Rooting is the change in the system, which allows users to access and modify system settings. Well, at last, it will be your choice to root or not. Along with the positive side of rooting, there is also its negative side. Like you may lose the warranty, and you will not get OTA updates.

There are many ways to root an Android phone, like root with Magisk and TWRP. As there is no TWRP Recovery for Galaxy M30s, so one option is not valid right now until the availability of TWRP Recovery. But we have Magisk, which is the best tool to root any Android phone.

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Root Samsung Galaxy M30s

The procedure for rooting Galaxy M30s is long, and so i am going to split it into different small sections for better understanding. First, we are going to create Magisk patched boot file and then installing it on Galaxy M30s with Odin tool. All the required tools and drivers are mentioned in the prerequisite section.


Samsung Galaxy M30s Download Mode

During the root process, you have to boot your phone into download mode. If you know how to boot Galaxy M30s into download mode, then skip this section and move to the next section. But if you don’t know, then follow the below steps.

  1. Completely power off your device.
  2. Connect your USB cable to your PC (not phone).
  3. Now press Volume Up + Down buttons together and connect the phone with another end of the cable.
  4. Release the buttons when you see a Warning screen.
  5. While in the Warning screen press the Volume Up button.
  6. Now your Galaxy M30s will boot into Download Mode.

Now you know the procedure to boot Galaxy M30s into download mode. Let’s move to the next section for the further rooting process.

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Steps to Create Patched Boot Image

Step 1) Download the Firmware for your phone.

Step 2) Extract the Firmware, and you will see four files AP, BL, CP, CSC.

Step 3) Copy the AP file to your phone storage.

Step 4) Install Magisk Manager APK on your Galaxy M30s.

Step 5) Open Magisk Manager on your phone.

Step 6) In Magisk Manager, click Install (first one) and again click Install. how to root samsung galaxy m30s

Step 7) Now choose ‘Select and Patch a File’ in the option. how to root samsung galaxy m30s

Step 8) Browse and select the AP file and wait for patching.

Step 9) The patched file will be saved into Download folder.

Now you have successfully patched the file which you can use to root your phone. Let’s see how to flash the patched file.

Steps to Root Galaxy M30s with Magisk

Step 1) Copy the recently created magisk patched file to your computer.

Step 2) Open the Odin tool. In the AP section, upload the Magisk patched file. Also load the BL, CP, CSC. flash magisk from odin

Step 3) In the options tab, uncheck the Auto Reboot option.

Step 4) Power off your phone and boot your phone into Download Mode (follow the above guide).

Step 5) While in Download Mode connect your phone to PC.

Step 6) Now click on the Start button to flash your phone.

Step 7) After flashing, you need to reboot your phone into the Recovery for a full wipe. Long press Volume Down + Power button together and as soon as the screen goes off, long press Volume Up + Power button together. Release the power button when you see the Samsung logo.

Step 8) Release the Volume Up button after the stock recovery screen appears. In Stock Recovery, use the volume buttons to navigate and Power button to select. Navigate to ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset‘ and press the Power button to wipe all data.

Step 9) After the complete wipe, select the Reboot Now option and immediately press the Volume Up + Power button. Release both buttons when bootloader screen appears.

Step 10) The phone will now boot into the system. Set up your phone and install Magisk Manager APK (if not installed).

Step 11) Open Magisk Manager app and follow the on-screen instructions. The device will then automatically reboot.

Step 12) After reboot, you are all set. Now you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy M30s.

So there you have it the complete guide on how to root Samsung Galaxy M30s with Magisk. Now you can use all the root features on your phone like uninstalling pre-installed apps, take a full system backup, change system fonts and more. Enjoy the root features on your phone.

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