Download & Install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy A70

Samsung is dominating both the flagship range and Mid-range smartphone market. In the Mid-range Samsung have launched two A series phones Galaxy A70 & Galaxy A80. As of now, the Galaxy A80 & Galaxy A70 are the top phones in the A-series. But this guide is all about the Galaxy A70. Here we are going to tell how you can download & install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy A70. Twrp Recovery for Galaxy A70

TWRP Recovery is one of the most used custom recoveries because of its features, and it stands out on top compared to other custom recoveries. Samsung Galaxy A70 is now one of the phones to get the TWRP Recovery. Right now the unofficial version of TWRP Recovery is available for Galaxy A70. If you are one of the users who like to try new custom ROMs then first you need to install TWRP Recovery. There are many advantages of TWRP Recovery, which you will know further in this post.

Why Do You Need TWRP Recovery

TWRP is used for many purposes like installing zip files such as custom ROMsMagisk, and other flashable zips. Other than flashing TWRP also has Backup, ADB sideload, partitioning, wipe and more. So if you are planning to try a custom ROM, then you should first install the TWRP recovery. I hope this gives you the answer that you had in your mind. Now let’s move to the TWRP download section.

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Download TWRP Recovery for Samsung Galaxy A70 (TWRP 3.3.1)

The TWRP 3.3.x is the latest TWRP which is now available for Galaxy A70. All the credit goes to the Grarak (XDA Recognized Developer) for sharing the unofficial TWRP recovery. It can take time for developers to release official TWRP recovery because the testing phase could take a long time. But till then you can use the unofficial TWRP for Galaxy A70. Make sure to download the latest version available in the link.

Download TWRP 3.3.1 for Samsung Galaxy A70

After downloading the TWRP Recovery zip file, you can proceed to the installation instructions. But if you already know the process, then you can skip the guide. Although I will recommend everyone to go through with installing procedure.

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy A70

For Samsung phone, there is a tool called Odin Flash tool which is used to flash tar files on Samsung phones. Also, in the case of Galaxy A70, we will be using the same Odin Tool. If you have no idea about flashing through Odin, then you must read the guide very carefully. We have divided the steps into three steps so that you can understand it easily.

Step 1: Prerequisites

  • Make sure Galaxy A70 bootloader is unlocked (Here’s the guide)
  • Take a full backup of your Galaxy A70
  • Download Odin Tool on your Computer
  • Download vbmeta.tar
  • You may not receive OTA updates after rooting or any system changes

Step 2: Install TWRP using Odin

  1. If your phone is rooted, then you don’t need to flash vbmeta.tar, so skip step 4,5,6,7.
  2. Open Developer options and check the OEM unlocking option. It should be greyed out.
  3. Extract the downloaded Odin zip file on your computer. Also, extract the TWRP Zip file and check its name, which should be recovery.img. Now compress the recovery.img to recovery.tar (you can use 7zip > Add to archive option > tar as Archive format).
  4. Copy the vbmeta.tar to the same location where you have put the recovery.tar.
  5. Power off your device completely. The press & hold Volume Up + Down + Power button together and while pressing connect your Galaxy A70 to the computer using a USB cable.
  6. Now your phone will boot into Download Mode. Once your phone is in download mode, you can flash TWRP Recovery (recovery.img).
  7. Open Odin.exe on your computer. Click on AP and locate the vbmeta.tar. In Odin click on the Start button and when your phone reboots, press & hold Volume Up + Power button together to boot into Recovery Mode. Twrp Recovery for Galaxy A70
  8. In Stock Recovery perform a full wipe and reboot your phone into system. Now again check the OEM unlocking status (it should be greyed out and enabled).
  9. Again Reboot your Galaxy A70 into Download Mode. The device should be connected to the computer.
  10. In Odin Tool, click on AP and locate recovery.tar. Then click on the Start button to flash TWRP Recovery on Galaxy A70. Twrp Recovery for Galaxy A70
  11. That’s all you have successfully installed TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy A70.

Step 3: Root Galaxy A70 (Optional)

If your phone was rooted, then it can be possible that you lost the root access after installing the TWRP Recovery. Check the root status using any legit App.

If you want to root your phone, then create a Magisk Patched image (You can find step here). Twrp Recovery for Galaxy A70

Reboot your phone to TWRP Recovery and backup your Boot Partition. Then go to Install > Install image > browse and select the Magisk_patched.img and flash it. Twrp Recovery for Galaxy A70

After flashing, you can reboot into the rooted system. If you caught up into some error, then Flash the recently backed up Boot Partition, and you will be good to go.

Step 4: Disable Strong Protection for Encryption/Decryption

If Decryption on TWRP recovery is working partially, then you can tweak the given setting to make it fully working.

You need to disable Strong Protection on your phone. For this go to Settings > Biometric & Security > Other security settings. Find Strong Protection and disable it.

Now you are all set to use the TWRP Recovery on your Samsung Galaxy A70. It can be used to flash Custom ROMs, Custom Kernels, Updates, Images, Boot Animation, Themes and much more. Other than Flashing you can also take full backup or even sideload any OTA files. So the TWRP is a package full of advantages.

This is it on TWRP Recovery for Samsung Galaxy A70. Enjoy and play with Custom ROMs.

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