Download Magisk 20.0 Zip & Magisk Manager 7.3.5 APK by topjohnwu

The latest version of Magisk and Magisk Manager is now available. All thanks to the Magisk developer topjohnwu (John Wu) for the major upgrade. Most recent versions are Magisk 20.0 zip and Magisk Manager 7.3.5. With the release of Android 10, it was obvious that Topjohnwu will release the new version to support Android 10. And that’s what happened; now you can easily root any phone with Magisk 20. Here you get to Download Magisk 20.0 & Magisk Manager 7.3.5 APK. download magisk 20.0

John Wu keeps updating on his ongoing work on Twitter, so if you want to get notified for the next update, then you can follow him on Twitter. Most of the Android phones are now receiving Android 10 updates like Nokia 8.1, Samsung Galaxy S10, and more. And the older Magisk does not support Android 10, so you have to download Magisk 20.0 & Magisk Manager 7.3.5. Also, upcoming phones can be rooted with the latest Magisk 20.0.

The latest Magisk comes with significant changes which you can read in the changelog section. But the most critical feature is Android 10 support. Many minor bugs are also fixed for better user experience. Magisk is the simplest way to root Android phones, and so we are grateful to John Wu for his contribution. Android 10 is a very secure OS, and its not easy to create a tool like Magisk to modify Android 10 systems. Check out the changelog of the latest Magisk & Magisk Manager.

Magisk v20.0 – Changelog

  • [MagiskBoot] Support inject/modify mnt_point value in DTB fstab
  • [MagiskBoot] Support patching QCDT
  • [MagiskBoot] Support patching DTBH
  • [MagiskBoot] Support patching PXA-DT
  • [MagiskInit] [2SI] Support non A/B setup (Android 10)
  • [MagiskHide] Fix bug that reject process names with “:”
  • [MagicMount] Fix a bug that cause /product mirror not created

Magisk Manager v7.3.5 – Changelog

  • Sort installed modules by name
  • Better pre-5.0 support
  • Fix potential issues when patching tar files

Check Older Version of Magisk: Download Magisk 19.3 & Magisk Manager 7.3.0 APK

Download Magisk v20.0 Zip

Magisk is used to root any Android phone systemless without affecting the security of the phone. However, you need to unlock the bootloader to be able to modify or write in the system. Two things are why everyone prefers Magisk are SafetyNet Check, and you can hide root for Apps that you choose.

Magisk v20.0

Magisk v19.4 (Previous version)

Download Magisk Manager v7.3.5 APK

After rooting your device, you need an App to manage the root access. And Magisk Manager is that App which lets you manage everything related to Root. Magisk supports lots of Magisk Modules to add additional functionality to our Android phones. And you can install/uninstall with Magisk Manager.

Magisk Manager v7.3.5

Magisk Manager v7.3.4 (Previous version)

Important: If Magisk and Magisk Manager are already installed on your phone, then you don’t need to download the latest version from here. You can directly use the Magisk Manager App to directly install both Magisk & Magisk Manager.

How to Install Magisk v20.0 on Android Phone

You can install Magisk on Android phones with two different methods. First using the Magisk Patched boot image and second with a custom recovery. However, i will prefer using a custom recovery for flashing Magisk. Check this guide if you want to know how to install Magisk with the patched boot image.


  • Take a full backup of your phone (to restore if anything goes wrong)
  • Make sure bootloader is unlocked on your phone
  • Charge your phone to at least 50%
  • TWRP or any custom recovery should be installed on your phone
  • Download Magisk & Magisk Manager from the above links

Steps to Install Magisk

  • Copy the Magisk v20.0 zip file to phone storage.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Now boot your phone into TWRP or another Custom Recovery. For this, you need to press shortcut buttons. The button combo varies with smartphone brands.
  • In TWRP Recovery, click on Install. download magisk 20.0
  • Browse and locate the Magisk v20.0 zip file, then swipe the slider to flash Magisk. download magisk manager 7.3.5
  • After installing, go back to TWRP home, and now go to Reboot > System.
  • The phone will boot into the system with Magisk installed in it.

Now you have the phone with root access. Magisk now lets you efficiently use all the Apps that require root access. You can take a full system backup, uninstall system apps, and more. Now let’s see the way to install the Manager app.

How to Install Magisk Manager v7.3.5

In most cases, the Magisk Manager gets install when we install the Magisk. But if not, then follow this guide. It is compulsory to install Magisk Manager to manage and access root features.

  • Copy the Magisk Manager v7.3.5 APK on your phone storage.
  • Click on the APK, it will ask for permission, so grant it.
  • Then wait for the installation process.
  • After installation, open the Magisk Manager App and use it.

So this way, you can install both Magisk and Magisk Manager on your Android phone. Installing Magisk means rooting your phone.

So there you have it the complete guide on download Magisk 20.0 and Magisk Manager 7.3.5 APK. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comment section. We will reply with the solution.

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