How to Root Samsung Galaxy M10s and Unlock Bootloader (Guide)

Samsung has released many phones in the Galaxy M series and Galaxy M10s is one of the phones. It is a budget phone which is available under Rs.10,000 in India. The device released in September 2019 with Android 9 running by default. Galaxy M10s is a good smartphone when it comes to performance but by default, the device has limited features. And so to expand the list of features you can root your phone. Here you will get to know How to Root Samsung M10s and how to unlock bootloader on Galaxy M10s.

Samsung Galaxy M10s is a successor of Galaxy M10 and released along with other devices like Galaxy M30s and other phones. It runs on OneUI and it can be customizable by using the Samsung themes but it will only apply limited overlays. So here comes the role of rooting which will enable advanced features. Rooting Galaxy M10s will let you apply custom fonts, change boot animation, and applying third party themes on your phone.

Now coming to challenges that are going to be an obstacle while rooting Samsung M10s. Since the release of OneUI, rooting Samsung phones have been gotten tougher. It is because of the A/B partition, and dual layer security which prevents from permanently rooting the phone. But as we all know nothing is impossible, Topjohnwu and a few more developers have found the way to root Samsung phones and it works perfectly. Let’s get into the rooting guide.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy M10s

We have shared root guide for other Samsung phones and Galaxy M10s share the same guide. But you need to be careful while rooting the device otherwise you may end up bricking your device. There is more than one way to root Samsung M10s like installing from TWRP recovery or flashing patched boot image. But as of now, the TWRP Recovery is not available so I am going to share a guide to root Galaxy M10s with Patched file. And there is one obstacle which is the bootloader. So first you need to Unlock Bootloader of Galaxy M10s and only then you can root your phone. So follow the below guide.

Samsung Galaxy M10s Unlock Bootloader

By default, all the phones come with locked bootloader and it restricts users from modifying their phones at the system level. It means you can not root your phone or even you can not install a custom recovery. And it is important to unlock the bootloader if you want to root or install custom ROMs. Unlocking bootloader is also a bit different on Samsung phones. Follow the below guide to unlock bootloader on Galaxy M10s.

  1. Take a full backup of your phone as unlocking bootloader is going to erase all data.
  2. Open Settings on your phone and go to About Phone and tap about 7 times on Build Number and it will display ‘You are now a developer’.
  3. Go back to Main Settings > Addition Options and open Developer Options.
  4. In Developer Options, enable OEM Unlocking as well as USB Debugging. How to Root Samsung M10s
  5. Power off your phone, then press & hold Volume Up + Power buttons and release the Power button when the boot logo appears. Keep holding the Volume Up button till the Galaxy M10s boot into Recovery.
  6. Use the Volume Down button to go to Reboot to Bootloader and press the Power button.
  7. The device will boot into Download Mode and then press & hold the Power button.
  8. It will ask for confirmation so press Volume Up button if you want to unlock bootloader on Galaxy M10s.
  9. It will unlock the bootloader and erase all the data. Reboot your device and go to Developer Options. Make sure the OEM Unlocking is enabled and greyed out.

That’s all now the bootloader is unlocked on your Galaxy M10s and you can root your Samsung M10s. But first, make sure to follow the requirements.


Root Samsung M10s with Magisk Patched File

  1. Copy the downloaded Magisk Manager APK on your phone and install the app.
  2. Extract the Firmware on your PC and from the extracted folder copy the AP.tar (AP_A707XXXU1ASIX_EXAMPLE_0000000_user_low_ship_MU LTI_CERT_meta_OS9.tar) to phone storage.
  3. Now open the Magisk Manager app and click on first Install > Install. How to Root Samsung M10s
  4. In the next screen choose ‘Select and Patch a File.’ How to Root Samsung M10s
  5. Now locate the AP.tar file from the folder where you copied it. And wait for the patching process.
  6. After patching the patched file magisk_patched.tar will be saved in the Download folder of your phone.
  7. Then copy the magisk_patched.tar file to your computer and make sure to remember the location.
  8. Power off your device and boot into Download Mode with the same steps given in the unlock bootloader guide.
  9. And when the Galaxy M10s boots into Download Mode connect it to your computer with a USB cable.
  10. After connecting the phone, open the Odin tool (Odin.exe) that you downloaded in the beginning.
  11. In the Odin tool, switch to the Options tab and untick Auto-Reboot. How to Root Samsung M10s
  12. Then click on the AP button and select the magisk_patched.tar file. Then click on the BL button and select the BL file (it will be in the extracted firmware folder). Then same ways select the CP and CSC files in Odin.
  13. After adding all the files in the particular sections, click on the Start button. Then wait for the success message, you can also track the progress on the top left.
  14. After flashing the files, you need to carefully boot into the rooted system using the below button combination.
    • Press & hold the Volume Up + Power button and release all the buttons when you see the warning screen.
  15. That’s all, now you have successfully booted Samsung M10s into the rooted system.

You should be very careful while booting your device into different modes. You can use the below mentioned button combos to boot your device.

  • System without Root: Normal power-up
  • Recovery Mode: Press & hold Volume Up + Power button together and when you see Warning screen release the only Power button and keep pressing Volume Up button until you see Recovery.

So there you have it the complete guide on how to root Samsung M10s and how to unlock bootloader on Samsung Galaxy M10s. Now you can use all the root features like removing bloatware, installing Xposed modules, Adblocker and more. If you get any error when rooting the device then let us know in the comment section.

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