How to Change Boot Animation on Redmi Note 7 (Pro)

Redmi Note 7 series is one of the attractive phones in the budget segment. It looks cool with the glass back and elegant finish. Redmi Note 7 has the new stock boot animation which also looks cool. But if you are bored of using the same stock boot animation then you can also change the boot animation. Here you will know how to change boot animation on Redmi Note 7 / Note 7 Pro.

how to change boot animation

Since the arrival of MIUI 10, the boot animation is now official. It means you can easily change the boot animation without root. So now you don’t need to stuck with one Boot Animation that you don’t like. Follow this simple guide and change the boot animation including the boot sound.

MIUI is one of the most customized custom OS which has all the features that any user wants. It includes themes and theme customization on top of it. In Theme customization user has the option to apply themes according to various sections such as status bar, messaging, boot animation, caller and more. The method we used here will work with phones running on MIUI 10. So let’s start our guide to change Boot Animation on Redmi Note 7 Pro. Make sure to follow the exact given steps in this guide.

How to Change Boot Animation on Redmi Note 7 (Pro)

You must be thinking that how we can change the boot animation without Root. The answer is simple, using the MIUI themes. Yes, there are a lot of MIUI themes available which contains boot animation. I have found some MIUI themes with cool boot animations that you can try on your Redmi Note 7 Pro. I will list the themes later but first let’s see the method to change the boot animation on Note 7 Pro.

Steps to Change Boot Animation

  1. Open Themes app on your Redmi Note 7 Pro.
  2. Search for an MIUI theme containing Boot Animation. But if you have downloaded the theme in mtz format then Import it (My Account > Themes > Import). how to change boot animation
  3. Now go to My Account > Customize theme. how to change boot animation
  4. Then open the Boot Animation option and select the theme and Apply it. how to change boot animation
  5. Now Reboot and you will see new boot animation.

Now you know the process of changing the boot animation on your phone. But finding MIUI themes with boot animation is difficult. Although this is not the only process, you can also flash boot animation zip file with a custom recovery. Below you will find the collection MIUI themes with Boot Animation.

Download MIUI Themes with Boot Animation

1) MIUI 9 Boot Animation

If you like an old MIUI 9 boot animation then here’s the collection of MIUI 9 light & dark theme. The boot contains the simple number 9 but looks cool in dark mode. Use the below link to download the theme.



2) Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a very popular mobile game with millions of players. And if you are a big fan of the game, then check out this boot animation. The boot animation contains the Mobile Legends logo and the moonton icon. Use the below links to download the boot animation.

3) Apple Glitch

It’s not a theme, it’s just a boot animation in the mtz format but the process to apply this boot animation is same. The boot animation contains the apple logo with a glitch effect in color and looks cool. Try it this boot animation, just download and apply.

4) Young Forever

It’s an amazing MIUI theme with charging animation, boot animation, attractive lockscreen, beautiful dialer and more. But the theme is not available on Themes app and so it may not work perfectly on Stock MIUI. But if you are using or any other custom ROM based on MIUI then it will work perfectly.

5) Razor Phone Theme

You must be aware of the Razor phone which is popular for a gaming phone. It is a green color theme with amazing animations in lockscreen, charging, booting and more. Check out this amazing theme.

More Themes with Boot Animation:

  • Pixica (Available on Themes)
  • Blackberry (Available on Themes)
  • Pure iOS 11 (Download)

So these are the few MIUI themes that have boot animation. If you are using rooted phone or a phone with custom ROM based on MIUI then almost all the themes will work. But in Stock ROM some themes may not work. So try all the themes and use the best one that you like.

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