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10 Best Ad Blocker for Android – Block Ads Without Root

If you want to block ads from your Android phone then check out 10 best Ad Blocker for Android. For using these Ad Blockers you don’t need a rooted phone.

The need for Ad Blocker apps on android is important not only as it slows down browsing but also it brings malware. Yes, Ads other than Google or trusted source they are responsible for most opening portals for Viruses. It is frustrating when Ads interfere in the middle of Internet surfing or watching videos. So to get rid of such annoying Ads we found some great Ad Blocker Apps that you may like.

Best Ad Blocker for Android

It is hard to find an Ad blocker App for a non-rooted device. But there are many Ad Blocker browsers available which provide Ad-free browsing. Although we have found some Ad Blocker which will block Ads from the whole device.

1. Block This [No Root]

best Ad Blocker for Android

Block this is an App for blocking Ads from all Apps and browsers. This is not a browser it is an Android App. The App is not available from Play Store. But you can download it from its official site. (https://block-this.com/)


  • Block Ads from the whole device including all Apps and browsers.
  • Prevent Malware attacks on Devices. It makes Mobile secure with inbuilt Antivirus.
  • Prevent from excessive use of the Internet or Mobile Data.
  • It blocks every tracking cookies so that no one can track your device.
  • The App is available for Free.

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2. AdGuard [No Root]

AdGuard is one of the best Ad Blocker App to restrict annoying ads from Apps and Browsers in a device. It is a multiplatform tool and it is also available for iOS, Windows, and Mac. AdGuard is not free but available as 7 Day Trial period. So that you can analyze that is is good or not.


  • Block Ads from all applications and browsers.
  • Disable online tracking.
  • It secures user data while using it as Ad Blocker.
  • It has efficient and easy User Interface.

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3. Blokada [No Root]

Blokada is a very effective and assuring Ad Blocker for Android. Like the other two Apps, it also blocks Ads from an entire device including all the Apps, Games and browsers. So if you want to play games or browse the internet without any interference then you can try Blokada App.


  • Block Ads from All the Apps, Games and Browser in a device.
  • Easy and Simple App Interface.
  • The App is Free and Open Source.
  • It helps to save Data and Battery.

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4. StopAd [No Root]

StopAd is an impressive Ad Blocker App for Android. It does its work very fine and blocks Ads from Apps, Games, and Browsers. It can block Ads like Popups, Banners, Auto Start audio and video, and In-app Ads.


  • The App is completely free.
  • It blocks Ads from Apps, Games, and Browsers.
  • It protects data and privacy.
  • StopAd shows all the statistics of Ad Blocked and Data saved.

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5. AdAway [Root]

AdAway is my personal favorite Ad Blocker for Android, but the only disappointment is that it requires Root permission. The App is very powerful in blocking Ads from all the Apps, games and browsers. If you have a Rooted phone then you should definitely go for AdAway App.


  • Most powerful Ad Blocker App for Android.
  • It works on Rooted Device only.
  • It is a free and open source Ad Blocker App.
  • Ad exception to whitelist which you want to show Ads.

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6. AdBlock Plus [No Root]

AdBlock Plus has also the AdBlock plus browser so don’t confuse between these two. Here I am not talking about the browser, it’s an actual Ad blocker for Android. It works pretty well and blocks almost every ad from browsers, apps, and games. It runs on background and keeps annoying ads away. Remember during downloading APK, the icon contains only ABP word. It is one of the best Ad Blocker for Android.


  • Block Ads from the whole Android device.
  • Manual and Automatic Proxy configurations.
  • It let users allow acceptable Ads.
  • Prevent from malware and online tracking.

Download from any APK sites

7. Free Ad Blocker Browser [No Root]

Free Ad Blocker Browser App is available on Play Store and it is free to download. As it is a browser it does not block Ads from other Apps and browsers. It only Blocks Ads in this browser only. But it works very well in its browser. It is one of the best Ad Blocker for Android in terms of the browser. You can easily surf without any Ads on this browser.


  • It provides safe and secure browsing.
  • Block all the ads in the browser.
  • It saves internet data by blocking ads.
  • Fast and easy to use.

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8. CM Browser [No Root]

CM browser is a well-known browser for high speed and Ad-free browsing. To enjoy Ad free surfing you need to use only CM browser, it does not block ads in other Apps. CM browser is fast and reliable in terms of both downloading and browsing. It is available on Play Store.


  • Browser with Inbuilt Ad Blocker.
  • Secure and safe browsing.
  • Fast and reliable browsing and downloading.
  • It Prevents from Malware.

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9. AdClear [No Root]

AdClear App is one of the best Ad blocker for Android. It’s not a browser and so it blocks Ads from all the Apps, games and browsers. The App is good for blocking ads and shows the statistics for Ads, DNS, Filters. It is not available on Play Store.


  • The App is free to download.
  • It blocks all type of Ads from all the Apps.
  • The interface of the App is Simple.
  • It also has the option for HTTPS filter.

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10. Opera Mini Browser [No Root]

I am pretty sure that you have heard about the Opera Mini browser. It is one of the best browsers that allows user fast surfing without any Ads. Earlier the browser doesn’t have the Ad Block feature. But now it has a powerful Ad Blocker integrated n the browser itself. You can turn it ON or OFF whenever you want.


  • Powerful Adblocker integrated with Browser.
  • Fast and secure Bowsing.
  • It offers turbo downloading.
  • It also has Data saver feature which saves data.

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If you want to download best Ad Blocker for Android which blocks Ads from all the Apps then you can download any of the mentioned App. They are not available on Play Store because they also block Google Ads which is under violation. This is the reason that they can not be found in the Play Store. However, they are safe to use. I will not recommend the Ad Blocker with the browser because they only block Ads on the specific browser. Now I will leave the choice on you.

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