Download Google Camera 7.2 APK Mod for Android Phones [from Pixel 4]

Recently Google releases Google Camera 7.2 for the Pixel 4 series in which the H.265/HEVC option re-added. Well, the GCam 7.2 was only working on Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL, but now the Mod is available. This Google Camera 7.2 Mod works on most of the Android Phones running on Android Pie 9.0 & Android 10. Here you can Download Google Camera 7.2 APK for Android Phones.

There is no doubt that Google Camera is the Best Camera App for Android phones. It helps any smartphone to take better photos when compared to stock cameras. By the time Google Camera is improving with every update. With Google Camera 7.0, there is one feature to look for, which is now a favorite feature for most of the users. Yes, I am talking about the latest Astrophotography feature. And thanks to cstark for porting this Pixel 4 Google Camera 7.2, which comes with Astrophotography feature also for non Pixel devices.

The Google Camera 7.2 APK mod is working on Android Pie & Android Q (10). If not, then other mods will be available shortly. Many flagship smartphones come with a good Stock camera app, but with the right Google Camera port, there’s no match of Google Camera. The App is developed with the use of AI and Machine Learning, which enhances the Camera performance to the max.

Features in Google Camera 7.2 Mod APK:

  • Astrophotography
  • Super Resolution Zoom
  • Photobooth
  • Focus in Night Sight Mode
  • Motion Blur
  • Social Share
  • Framing hint
  • New UI

These are some of the new features that start appearing from Google Camera 7.0, which appeared a month ago. And from then Google pushed two more updates, but Google Camera 7.2 is only supported on Google Pixel 4 series. So you might have to use the GCam 7.2 APK Mod by cstark to use on other phones.

Download Google Camera 7.2 APK (Mod)

The Google Camera 7.2 Mod will work on most of the Android Phones, especially on the phones with the same hardware configuration as Pixel 4/4 XL. All thanks to cstark27 for the mod, check out his other Google Camera here. Most of the phone’s now come with enabled Camera2 API by default, so there shouldn’t be any problem with installing the Google Camera. It may be possible that it may not work on some phones as this is a quick mod, for the more stable one you have to wait a little more. You can download it from the below link.

Here are alternatives if GCam 7.2 Mod didn’t work on your phone:

If you haven’t used any Google Camera mod on your phone, then you should try it. Believe me, once you will use it, you will not even think of switching to other camera App. But there is one problem that you have to find the correct mod or port for your phone. And for that, you don’t have to go anywhere; you can get the stable mod in YTECHB. Just search for your phone name with google camera, and you will get the link.

Now, after downloading, you can install the app by manually installing through APK or sideloading the APK. And if you want extra features like AR Core or Playground, then follow the guide just after the installation guide.

How to Install Google Camera APK

  1. After downloading the app from the available link, install it on your device.
  2. Firstly, You need to enable “Unknown Sources” or “Install Unknown Apps” from system settings.
    • Open Settings > Apps & Notifications > Special App Access > enable Install Unknown apps.Google Camera APK
  3. Once done, open downloads again and install the google camera apk. (You can also find the downloaded app in file explorer)
  4. That’s it. Open the app & grant the needed permissions like Camera, Microphone, Storage, and Location.

After installing the working Gcam 7.2 Mod on your phone, you can install other add-ons to enhance the camera experience. Add ons like AR Core and AR Stickers, which work perfectly on the supported phones. So if your phone supports the AR feature, then you can install add ons by following the below instructions.

Download AR Core & AR Stickers

  1. First, Install AR Core app on your smartphone (Download Link).
  2. Then, Install AR Stickers app (Download Link).
  3. Close the Google Camera app.
  4. Go to settings > apps > Google Camera > Force Stop.
  5. Now open the app and start using the AR Stickers.

Google Camera is like a manual camera and lets user change settings according to their requirements. You can tweak settings like saturation, HDR mode, RAW images, and more. Let us know your experience with the Google Camera 7.2 APK. Also, share your favorite feature and your expectation with the new update.

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      Try downloading this (MGC_7.2.014_MiIXSE.RPII.MiVIII_V.apk) GCam 7.2 port on your Realme XT. It works fine, the only thing which is not working is the slow-motion feature.


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