How to Hide Notch on any Android Phone

The year of Notch in the smartphone industry. Some people like them and some hate! So, For the Haters, the Solution is here see How to Hide Notch on any Android Phone.

Almost all the new smartphones come with the annoying new chin on the top, known as ‘Notch’. Well, the main reason behind the Notch is the iPhone X. Whenever Apple has launched something other smartphone brands follow them and launch the similar thing to them. This time is the Notch and the Face Unlock, Now the every Android Brand whether it is OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Honor, Asus, LG, Vivo, Nokia, Vivo, etc. Personally saying, I hate the Notch and my friends too, so I think to write an article on How to Hide Notch on any Android.How to hide notch

The most annoying thing is when you are playing the game on a Notch phone and on landscape mode, holding a phone is a problem. Watching the videos with the Notch is also not looking so good, it looks weird. Well, Most of the Notch smartphones comes with an inbuilt feature by which you can dissapear the Notch on your phone. But not all the phones have this capability. So, without wasting to much time on the Notch, let’s see How to hide or remove the notch.

How to Hide Notch on any Android Device

There’s no need to root your phone, you just need to install a third-party app, named as Nacho-Notch on your Android smartphone. The perfect example to explain about the Notch it is like beauty with the beast. and This app will return the beauty to the smartphones. [appbox googleplay com.xda.nachonotch]

  1. Install the Nacho-Notch app on your phone.
  2. Open it once and then give all the needed access permissions if needed.
  3. Now, Go to the Home Screen and scroll down the notification bar.
  4. Now tap on the pencil icon and pick the Hide Notch option and set in the Quick settings menu.How to hide notch
  5. Under the Quick Settings Menu, you’ll see the Hide Notch option.
  6. Tap on the Hide Notch option to hide the Notch.
  7. That’s it.

Again, if you want to unhide it, scroll down the notification bar and tap on the Hide Notch option again. So, I am sure you’re quite excited to hide notch on your phone. Now, the 18:9 aspect ratio display looks like the beauty with charm. Well, Google has integrated hide-notch option in the Android Pie itself. But, we know over 98% of phones are not running on Android 9.0.

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Hiding the Notch is pretty easy but do you know, this will increase your battery life a little bit. Because of the OLED display, the app will let it turn off and give a black background, which helps to increase the battery life. Thanks to the creator Zachary Wander to do this miracle and help the millions of users, as the number of Notch phones is increasing day by day.

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You are pretty lucky you have found this article, but your friends are still tackling with the annoying Notch. So, without wasting the time share this article with your friends so they can also hide the notch on their Android phone.

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