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How to Check Camera2 API Status on Any Android Phone

If you want to use Google Camera or other Manual cameras on Android phone then the Camera2 API should be enabled. But what if you don’t know about Camera2 API status. Here you will get to know how to check Camera2 API is enabled or disabled on Android Phone.

check camera2 api on android

Android Phones are mostly known for adaptive apps and games. We can install any APK and use it on our phone. Similarly, we can use Manual Camera and Ported Camera Apps on any Android Phone. One of the famous ported camera is Google Camera which is very popular because of its camera quality and features. But if Camera2 API is disabled on the phone then it’s not easy to install and use Google Camera on that Android Phone. So we need to first enable Camera2 API on Android phone and then you will be able to install GCam and use it’s all features.

What is Camera2 API?

Camera2 API is a part of Android programming interface introduced by Google with Android 5. It holds features like manual focus, ISO, Portrait and more camera features. The status of Camera2 API defines that if your device going to support Camera Apps like GCam or not. It gives advanced controls of Manual cameras to users like manual focus, RAW images, manual exposure, Night sight, HDR+ and more.

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How to Check Camera2 API is Enabled or Disabled on Android Phones

Before you install Google Camera on your phone, you have to check if the Camera2 API is enabled or not. Camera2 API should be enabled to work all the features of Google Camera. You will be able to install Google Camera but it will not work if Camera2 API is disabled.

There are some phones which have enabled Camera2 API by default like Redmi Note 7/7 Pro, Realme 3/3 Pro, Nokia Phones, OnePlus 6/6T and more. Maybe your device also comes with enabled Camera2 API by default. If you don’t know how to check if the camera2 api is enabled or not then follow the procedures below. There are many ways to check Camera2 API status, but here I will share easy methods.

Method 1:

  1. Download & Install Camera2 API Probe on your Phone.
  2. Open Camera2 Probe App on your Phone.
  3. In the App, you will see various sections like Camera2 API, Screen, System.
  4. Switch to Camera2 API tab to get information about Camera2 API on your phone.
  5. It will list information including which feature of the camera will work on your phone. Like Manual Exposure, Auto Exposure, Auto/manual focus, RAW, HDR+ and more. check camera2 api on android
  6. To check Camera2API status look for Hardware Support Level. Here is the information about available options:
    • Legacy: Limited features that come with the Vendor stock camera. Devices operate in a backward-compatibility mode for older Android devices, and have very limited capabilities.
    • Limited: Few extra features compared to Legacy will work. Devices represent the baseline future set, and may also include additional capabilities that are subsets of FULL.
    • FULL: If Camera2 API is enabled with some restricted features (one or two) then it falls under Full category. Devices additionally support per-frame manual control of sensor, flash, lens, and post-processing settings, and image capture at a high rate.
    • Level_3: Almost all the features are working on this level and it also means Camera2 API is fully enabled. Devices additionally support YUV reprocessing and RAW image capture, along with additional input stream configurations.
  7. So if you see check in Full & Level_3 then it means you have a phone with fully enabled Camera2 API. But if it is checked Legacy or Limited then you are eligible to install Google Camera but some features will not work. check camera2 api on android

So the Camera2 API Probe app is the which shows details of Camera App support in detail. There is another App which also helps you to check whether Camera2 API is enabled or not.

Method 2:

  • Download & Install Manual Camera Compatibility App on your Phone.
  • Open the App.
  • Click on the Start button to start the test. check camera2 api on android
  • After one or two seconds it will show the results.
  • If the result shows a green tick in all the five sections then Camera2 API is enabled on your phone. check camera2 api on android
  • Now you can install Google Camera or other Manual Camera on your phone with all working features.

So now you know how to check Camera2 API status on any Android Phone. It let users have more control over the Camera Apps to take perfect pictures and videos. If Camera2 API is enabled on your phone then you can control Focus, White Balance, ISO, Shutter Speed & RAW support.

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If you get any problem on checking Camera2 API status then let us know in the comment section. We will Reply with the solution.

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