20 Awesome iOS 13 Jailbreak Tweaks You Should Try [iPhone & iPad]

iPhones and iPads can be Jailbroken like rooting Android phones to customize it which is not possible by default. And recently the Jailbreak method released for the latest iPhones running on A12 or A13 Bionic chips. We have already shared a guide on how to Jailbreak iPhones with unc0ver method. But the whole point of Jailbreak is to add features like customizations. So here we are going to share 20 Amazing iOS 13 Jailbreak Tweaks that you should give it a try.

This guide will work either you Jailbreak from unc0ver or Ra1ncheck. We are going to use various modules using Cydia on iPhones or iPads for customization. We can customize our iPhones and iPads to completely change the UI. It will improve the experience that will make your life much easier.

Jailbreak allows us to bring some advance features like we can change the home screen, app icons, fonts and more. We managed to find some amazing tweaks and that you can apply on your iPhone or iPad with Jailbreak. Let’s get to the list of tweaks that you should try.

Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhones and iPads

If you have used Android phones with root access or iPhone with Jailbreak then you know what you can do on your phone. It brings features that we expect from Apple to bring on iOS and iPadOS but now you don’t need to wait for any more. You can Jailbreak your device which is legal and will not harm your device. Follow the below tweaks one by one and let us know which is your favorite.

Note: After installing Tweaks make sure to restart Springboard. It will ask you to restart after installing the Tweaks so just click on Restart and wait.

1. TweakCompatible

It is the first Cydia modules that you should install to know about other Modules that support your OS version or not. It will help you save a lot of time because you do not need to install modules to check if they will work on your iPhone or iPad.

It is easy to use this iOS 13 Jailbreak tweak. To use it first install it on your iPhone or iPad from Cydia. And when you will search for other modules it will show green tick which means the module will work on your device.

2. SnowBoard

It is a Cydia module that gives access to a lot of themes that we can add of our choice. SnowBoard is the successor of the Winterboard theme engine and it works iOS 7 and later. If you want to change the theme of your device then SnowBoard is the best iOS 13 Jailbreak tweak that you have to try. Snowboard also allows us to change the app icon which is really cool. best iOS 13 Jailbreak tweaks

To use the SnowBoard tweak on your iPhone or iPad then first install the Module from Cydia. Then go to Settings > Tweaks > Snowboard > Select Themes. Now choose your favorite theme and install it. To change icon long tap on any icon on homescreen and go to > Edit your home screen > Double tap on any icon and then select the icon of your choice.

3. Grupi

Grupi is a module to manage notifications in the lock screen for a minimal look. It manages notifications in the relevant group and prevents from bloating lock screen. You can tap on icons to expand and see notifications that you want to read. You can also remove the groups that you don’t want to see on the lock screen.

First, add the module to your iPhone or iPad by Cydia. It will automatically group the notifications on your device. And to see check the notification click on the group and it will expand the notification. To remove just swipe the notification or long tap on the group and remove it.

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4. Zebra Package Manager

Zebra is an alternative for Cydia and it is even better than Cydia. It allows us to add various themes, fonts and overall it makes our device look great. Zebra is even better than Cydia when it comes to modules for customization. First of all, it comes with native mode display light and dark. best iOS 13 Jailbreak tweaks

To install the Zebra on your iPhone or iPad, first add the source so that when we search for Zebra it will show up. Then install it on your device.  It let us customize the Accent color on your device.

5. TweaksManager

TweaksManager is an important tweak to install on the iPhone and iPad. After Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad, some apps will not let you use the apps. It is because they don’t allow to run apps on Jailbreak so in this case, you can use the TweaksManager to hide Jailbreak from Apps like Snapchat, PayPal and more. This is one of my favorite iOS 13 Jailbreak Tweak. best iOS 13 Jailbreak tweaks

To use the TweaksManager open it and then go to Applications. There you will see the list of all apps. Now from the list choose the Apps from which you want to hide Jailbreak.

6. Shuffle

This one is another must have Tweak for Jailbreak devices. It allows us to merge all the Tweaks at one place that we install on our iPhone or iPad. It makes the Settings reliable and easy to access all your favorite tweaks. It will group all the tweaks in Settings under the Tweak section separated from the Application section. best iOS 13 Jailbreak tweaks

You can set the name of the folder, put the folder on top in settings and many more actions in the Shuffle Tweaks. After applying recommended options, open settings and there you will find the Tweaks folder on top.

7. AFont

If you have an iPhone or iPad with Jailbreak access but not using the font changer then you are missing a great feature. AFont is a useful tweak to have on the device to change fonts in the phone as a system wide. It will take effect on all the Apps and Settings. It has lots of various font collections that you can set on your device. best iOS 13 Jailbreak tweaks

To set the new font on your Apple device open AFont tweak and enable it. In the font section, selects the font of your choice. You can also download more fonts by going to Browse fonts online.

8. Filza Files Manager

One of the major features missing in iPhones and iPads is the inability to access files. Like in Android we can easily manage files and access the data located in any folder. So to access folders on iPhone we can use the Filza Files Manager to access all the files up to the root folder. best iOS 13 Jailbreak tweaks

To use it open the Filza Files manager and access and files on the storage and take action on the files. It will make the iPhone daily usage easy and comfortable.

9. FastUnlockX

Many users have a complaint regarding the face unlock that they have to swipe up in the lock screen in order to open the device. But with the help of FastUnlockX, you don’t have to swipe up anymore. Once you look at the phone it will open directly without swipe up.

It is a useful iOS 13 Jailbreak tweak that you should have on your iPhone. Although there will be one issue that if you look at the phone by mistake then also it will open.

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10. HomePlus Beta

If you want to customize your iPhone homescreen then HomePlus is a good choice. It is currently in beta but it works great. It let us optimize the grid and layout on the home screen with ease. We can also change the size of the icon to make it more interesting. It deserves to be in the list of amazing iOS 13 Jailbreak Tweaks to use. best iOS 13 Jailbreak tweaks

To use the HomePlus tweak on your iPhone, first install it. Then just slide down from the top left corner and it will open the customization page. There you can set the grid, layout, and size according to your choice.

11. CerCube for Youtube

If you use the Youtube app to listen music videos then CerCube can enhance your experience. The real problem with Youtube is when we minimize the video will stop which we don’t want in some cases like Music. So to play Youtube video in background you can use the CerCube tweak and handle this task. It is a tweak for Jailbreak which is specific to the Youtube app.

There is nothing much to do for using the CerCube. Just open the tweak and setup. The play any video on Youtube and go to the home and it will keep playing the video in the background.

12. CC Module

If you like to play around with your control center than CC Module tweak is going to help you. CC Module tweak allows adding remove various apps and modules in the control center. With this, we can add any app and we can directly open the app from the control center. best iOS 13 Jailbreak tweaks

To customize the control center with CC Module, go to Settings > Control Center. There you will find all the apps that are available on your phone. Just click on any app icon to add/remove from the control center.

13. Clean Home Screen

If you like to keep your home screen clean and minimal then you can use the useful iOS 13 Jailbreak tweak called Clean Home Screen. It allows removing various effects, icons, badges, notification count, app names and more. After applying this your homescreen look simple and amazing.

To use the Clean Home Screen tweak, open the tweak and toggle the options that you like. Then Respring the device and after that, you will see the changes on your home screen.

14. Clean Player

Clean Player is a Jailbreak tweak that allows making the music player clean and minimal. By default, you will find the Music Player clutter and many of us don’t like its heavy UI. So, in this case, we can use the Clean Player tweak for the minimal look on Player in the lock screen and control center. best iOS 13 Jailbreak tweaks

To apply settings go to Clean Player tweak and toggle the given options like Hide Time Labels, Hide Time Slider, & Hide Airplay icon.

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15. ColorMyBattery

The battery indicator is a part of homescreen and it also contributes to the look of the phone and so to customize the battery indicator we can use ColorMyBattery tweak for Jailbreak. You can set different colors for different intervals like 0-10, 11-20, 21-30 and more. best iOS 13 Jailbreak tweaks

To enable the options on tweak go to ColorMyBattery tweak. Then you will see many different options, so set the color for each interval with some options like Hide battery percent.

16. Double Cut

Double Cut is a tweak for Jailbreak which allows adding any word or sentence of user choice by tapping any letter or symbol twice. Like if you want to set your email so that when you tap any button twice the email will be auto-filled. You can set the shortcut as much as you want, but you can also forget the buttons so set only a few words that you use daily.

To use the Double Cut first open the Double Cut tweak and select Add Snippet. Now add any word that you want to expand result so that the word appears when taping any letter that you set in Snippet Key.

17. Flame

This is the Jailbreak tweak that everyone will suggest to use as this makes adding Sources so much easier. It allows adding multiple sources at once like importing. It will save lot of time as you don’t need to add sources one by one. I have also added the link to the file where you will find list of sources that you need to run various tweaks. best iOS 13 Jailbreak tweaks

To add the sources that you download using the Flame tweak, first, open the Flame and then click on Edit > Add > Batch Mode. Then it will ask for confirmation so click on yes to import all sources.

18. HideYourApps

You can guess from the name what is the use of this tweak. If you want to hide any app from the phone then you can use the Hide Your Apps tweak for Jailbreak. It will help you to make the homescreen clean by hiding the app that you don’t use much but also you can’t install.

In case to hide any app first open the HideYourApps on your phone and then go to Select apps to hide and then select apps of your choice. Respring your device and the app icon will be gone.

19. PasscodeText

This is a fun iOS 13 Jailbreak tweak which gives us the control to alter the text in the Passcode tab. You can write anything that makes other users to not touch your phone and doesn’t enter the password.

It is super easy to use the Passcode Text. First, open the tweak on your iPhone or iPad then set the word of your choice that you want to show in the Passcode screen.

20. PullToSpring

You need to Respring your device whenever you add a new tweak or apply changes. So, in this case, a shortcut will be preferred by all users. And this is what the PullToSpring tweak does. It allows to Respring by pulling the Settings below.

Just add the tweak on your phone and then open the PullToSpring and enable the option. And the open Settings and pull down to refresh and respring the device.

These are some tweaks that will make your phone more reliable. There are more tweaks available that you can try on your iPhone or iPad. If you want to know more tweaks then let us know we will update the list.

So there you have it the complete guide on 20+ Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone and iPad. If you have any questions on your mind then let us know in the comment section.

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