How to Jailbreak iOS 13 running iPhones (A11 or lower Processor)

Apple constantly pushes iOS updates in a week or two and recently Apple released iOS 13.4. This makes hard for devs to find out the way to jailbreak iPhones. But luckily the jailbreak method is available for iPhones running on any version of iOS 13. But there’s a catch that it will only work on devices running on A11 chipset or lower. So if you want to Jailbreak on your iPhone X or older devices then this guide is for you. Here you will know How to Jailbreak iOS 13 with Checkra1n exploit.

It will work on devices like iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7s and other older iPhones that run on iOS 13. Soon the jailbreak guide is expected for iPhones having A12 or better chipset. So if you have a recently released iPhone then stay connected for the latest update. Jailbreak is like rooting an Android phone but it is for iPhone. It provides lots of customization included some restricted features.

In this method, we are going to use Checkra1n to jailbreak iOS 13.3 devices. If you are using an iPhone for quite long then you must have heard or read about Checkra1n. It is the best tool to jailbreak an iPhone and the good thing is it now supports iOS 13 update. So if you want to jailbreak your iPhone that meets all the criteria mentioned below in jailbreak section then follow the below guide.

How to Jailbreak iOS 13 or lower

The method is working fine on iPhones but there are some points that you need to know.

  • It supports iPhones with A11 Bionic chipset or lower
  • It works on iOS 13.3 or lower (not tested in iOS 13.4 but it should work)
  • After reboot, you need to connect to your Mac or Macbook and run the Checkra1n to boot tethered to use jailbreak features (might be fixed on upcoming checkra1n update)
  • Currently, the Checkra1n is not working on Windows at the time of writing so you have to use a macOS computer

Jailbreak brings so many advance features that can make our daily iPhone usage experience better. It comes with tons of tweak options that you can use for customizing your iPhone. But before you don any changes at the system level on your iPhone you should always take a backup so that you can restore if anything goes out of plan. You can follow the below simple process to backup data.

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How to Backup iPhone:

>> Open Finder or iTunes, depending on what version of macOS you are using. Both work similar so this is going to easy.

>> Connect your iPhone to your Mac and click on your device name from the sidebar. If you are connecting your iPhone to your PC then click on the Trust button. Also, tap on trust in your iPhone and enter the passcode.

>> In the General category you will find the Backup section. There you need to click on Back Up Now and wait for the backup to finish. How to Jailbreak iOS 13

Once you have taken a backup of your iPhone then you can move to the below steps. Lets now get into the steps to jailbreak iPhones running on iOS 13.3 or lower.

Steps to Jailbreak an iPhone

  1. Update your iPhone to any version of iOS 13 that you like.
  2. Download Checkra1n jailbreak tool on your Macbook or Mac. To download the visit site, click on see downloads > Download for macOS.
  3. After downloading the Checkra1n double click on it. Then drag the Checkra1n icon to the Applications folder to install it.
  4. Now open System Preferences and go to ‘Security & Privacy’. How to Jailbreak iPhone X
  5. In the Security & Policy, you will see note regarding Checkra1n under Allow apps downloaded from. Click on Open Anyway > Open to run the Checkra1n on your macOS.
  6. Again run the Checkra1n one more time from the Application folder and this time it will open without any warning popup. How to Jailbreak iOS 13
  7. Connect your iPhone to your macOS PC with the correct cable. If the Checkra1n misbehaves then use a type C to USB type A convertor.
  8. Now you need to boot your iPhone into recovery mode. Press the Volume Up button once then press the Volume Down button once and then press and hold Side button till it boots into Recovery [PC & Cable icon]. The method can be different for older iPhones so make sure to check the correct way to boot into Recovery. How to Jailbreak iPhone X
  9. The Checkra1n will detect your device and it will show that the iPhone is connected in recovery mode.
  10. When the Checkra1n detects click on Start and then you need to enter DFU mode by following the next steps.
  11. Click on Start. Press & hold the Side and Volume Down buttons together for about 4 seconds and release the Side button but keep holding the Volume Down button until the progress bar comes in Checkra1n.
  12. It will perform Jailbreak automatically so wait for the process. The device will boot automatically into the system.
  13. Now connect your device to an active internet connection. Then open Checkra1n and click on Cydia > Install Cydia.
  14. Now open Cydia and it will prompt for an essential upgrade so select ‘Complete Upgrade’. After the upgrade, it will show Restart SpringBoard button, click on it. If it doesn’t ask for a reboot, no need to worry. How to Jailbreak iOS 13
  15. It will do a soft reboot and that’s all, you now know how to jailbreak an iPhone for advanced tweak features.

Now you can do a lot more after jailbreak like adding extensions, packages, tweaks, and more. If you don’t know much about jailbreak and what you can do with jailbreak then go to FAQs in Cydia App.

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So there you have it the complete guide on how to Jailbreak iPhones running on iOS13. It is an effective method that works on iPhones with A11 or lower chipset.

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