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20 Best Google Chrome Themes for Minimal Design [2021]

Want to customize your Google Chrome browser? If you love to try new designs on your browser, then the best way to customize Chrome is by using Themes. We looked in the chrome store and found some fantastic themes. Here you will find the list of Best Chrome Themes of 2021 that provides immersive looks in Google Chrome.

Do you know more than 60% of users use the Google Chrome Browser? And these stats reflect the popularity of any web browser. Google Chrome was launched ten years ago. Chrome browser is available for most OS (Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Linux, etc.).

There are many reasons for the success of Google Chrome. And one of the reasons is that it lets users customize the browser using extensions. Chrome has an extensive collection of useful extensions, games, attractive themes, and more. You can enhance the user experience by using themes on Google Chrome. So, if you want to make your Google Chrome attractive and pleasant, then check out the best Google Chrome Themes.

How to Install Google Chrome Themes

Before we head to the list of Google Chrome Themes, I would like to share how we can install Google Chrome Themes manually on your Chrome Browser with the help of Google Web Store.

  1. Open Google Chrome browser on your computer.
  2. Now click on three dots which are at the top right corner in the Browser Window.
  3. Then select the Extensions option which is available under the More Tools section.
  4. In the Extension Page scroll down to the last where you will find the Get More Extension option.
  5. When you click on Get More Extension, it will lead you to Google Web Store.
  6. In Google Web Store, select the Themes option which is available in the category section.
  7. Now select the theme of your choice and click on Add to Chrome.

Another simple way to get Themes is to open the Web Store from page chrome://apps/ and then select Themes in the Category. Now you can search for any Google Chrome Themes that you may like. It will show you a lot of themes that will be related to the search keyword.

Best Chrome Themes

1. Material Blue Grey

best chrome themes

Materialistic themes are one of the best-looking themes. And there are a lot of Materialistic themes available on the web store that you can install on Google Chrome. The background shade is a mixture of blue, red, and grey colors. And the simple white address bar makes it elegant.

If you’re are looking for something like this theme, then you can download the material theme on your browser using the below link.

Download Material Blue Grey Chrome Theme

2. Polar Chub

best chrome themes

An attractive theme of a cute baby Bear in snow. The colors on the Theme are charming and looks great in the browser. The creator of this theme is apofiss which is famous for making cute animal themes. So, check out apofiss work if you want more themes based on cute animals.

If you like adorable & cute animals, then you should try this theme. Once you have added this to your browser, you are not going to change it. The blue shade in the background makes the theme more beautiful.

Download Polar Chub Chrome Theme

3. End of the Road

best chrome themes

The End of the Road reflects the beauty of nature, with hills, mountains, and black clouds with sand and car, which parked at the end of the road. The theme packs with an attractive background with a black colored address bar and bookmarks tab. And icons of all the extensions are easily visible.

The combination of the mountains and a car is impressive in this theme. And if you love it, you can give it a try.

Download End of the Road Chrome Theme

4. One Piece Monkey D. Luffy

best chrome themes

Another black background theme, but this one has Luffy for the background and a skeleton on the left side. Although, the bookmark bar & address bar changed with a Skeleton placed in the buttons area, which blurs the buttons. While the extension area is clean and accessible easily.

The combination of the monkey and the skeleton is perfect and represented over the background. The theme is optimized for 1920 x 1080 pixels, 1366 x 768 pixels, and 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution. Download the theme according to your computer resolution and enjoy.

Download One Piece Monkey D. Luffy Chrome Theme

5. Earth in Space

best chrome themes

One of the best Chrome Themes based on Space. The theme includes a screensaver of the planet Earth in space. It looks so great with dark colors, best for dark theme lovers. The background seems fantastic while browsing in other tabs. It is more like wallpaper, but it looks good as other Chrome themes in this list.

The theme does not cover the tabs and bar. It only includes the background, but still, it will become one of your favorite themes. The perfect combination of Blue, White, and the Black color looks cool & awesome.

Download Earth in Space Chrome Theme

6. Iron Man-Material Design

best chrome themes

It is one of the best Superhero themes that you should try. If you are a superhero fan, moreover Iron Man fan, then this theme is definitely for you. The color division is excellent, along with the shadow of Iron-Man. The design is very cool. Iron Man theme is one of my favorite google chrome themes.

This is simply a great and minimal chrome theme. The theme covers the full window, including background, tab, bookmark bar.

Download Iron Man-Material Design Chrome Theme

7. Blue/Green Cubes

best chrome themes

A simple and full of color theme consisting of Blue and Green color cubes. It fills the homepage perfectly and makes the homepage more attractiveThe wallpaper is abstract and fits everyone’s style.

If you want to keep your browser window simple and clean but with a fresh design. Then this is one of the best Google Chrome themes to try.

Download Blue/Green Cubes Chrome Theme

8. Lamborghini Cherry

best chrome themes

The best car theme for your google chrome that you can find in the Google Web Store. The Lamborghini car with a cherry color on it will make you fall in love with it. If you are a car lover you can go with this theme.

The theme looks so cool and amazing with its flash scene. I know most of the users love sports cars and this will be a perfect choice.

Download Lamborghini Cherry Chrome Theme

9. Cosmopolise

best chrome themes

The best Google Chrome theme based on the city. It is one of the best attractive themes that you will definitely like. After seeing it for the first time, I couldn’t stop myself from installing it. The bookmarks bar is in Black helps in highlighting it so that you can easily read text from bookmarks.

It is the same as New York Night theme, but it looks more beautiful. The photo was taken from a distance to capture most of the buildings which look more attractive.

Download Cosmopolise Chrome Theme

10. Mark Echo

best chrome themes

Finding the best Abstract Art and Painting theme for chrome is a tough task. But I have found a theme which is Mark Echo. It is one of the attractive themes for Chrome users. It is like graffiti, and you are going to love it. And this theme shows the art on the bookmark bar and the menu bar as well, which looks incredible.

If you love art, then you can give a chance to this Google Chrome theme. Click on the below download link and start enjoying the theme.

Download Mark Echo Chrome Theme

Most of the users like the dark themes and so below we have another section, there you will find the best collection of Dark Themes that you can use on the Google Chrome browser.

Best Dark Themes for Google Chrome

11. Material Incognito Dark Theme

best chrome themes

If you’re using incognito mode and love the dark theme, then you can try this materialistic theme. Well, the background is quite similar to the incognito mode, which is clean and simple. But the icons look attractive with round shapes and white text background.

So, if you love dark mode or the black background, you can use this theme as your daily driver on your chrome browser both on Mac and Windows.

Download Material Incognito Dark Chrome Theme

12. Night Time In New York City

best chrome themes

As the name suggests, it is a theme based on New York City in the night. It looks beautiful with city lights and buildings. It is one of the most downloaded themes in the Google Chrome web store. When you open the browser window, you will feel like you see the city for real.

After seeing the theme, you will feel like stand on the roof of a building and look at this scene for hours. I want to say it looks terrific. If you like dark themes, then this is one of the best Chrome themes to try.

Download Night Time In New York City Theme

13. Material Black – MKBHD

best chrome themes

If you’re following MKBHD (a famous Tech YouTuber), then you may know that he loves the materialistic themes and wallpapers. This is one of the best google chrome themes, and the background has materialized tiles with a color combination of dark grey, grey, and red. The bookmarks bar is clean with the background color of black.

You can use this minimal theme on your Chrome browser, which provides you clear and crispy looks.

Download Material Black – MKBHD Chrome Theme

14. Midnight Train Dark Theme

best chrome themes

The Dark themes are one of the best themes for Google Chrome because of its simplicity and minimal design. And talking about this specific Midnight Train Dark Theme, this dark theme has an image on the background with a train, passing through a small station. The bookmarks bar also looks clean thanks to the dark navy-blue color.

Icons and the Google logo are visible in this google chrome theme. You can try this best dark theme on your google chrome.

Download Midnight Train Dark Chrome Theme

If you have another taste than Dark themes, then you should try Minimal or Landscape themes. For your convenience, we have shortlisted some of the best Minimal Google Chrome Themes that you may like.

Best Minimal Google Chrome Themes

15. Beauty

best chrome themes

The Stunning theme is full of colors from nature. You will love to see it every time you open your browser. Bright pink sunset, green plains, and hilly forests that fades into the mountains will make you open your favorite browser again and again. This is one of the best chrome themes in the nature category.

I bet when you look for themes you cannot ignore this one. Once you have seen this you going to check this out. That explains how good this theme is. The term beautiful is the perfect description of this theme.

Download Beauty Chrome Theme

16. Sunset Theme

best chrome themes

This is the theme with a great view of the sunset. The color of the sunset is purple, which looks great. The reflection of clouds and sun makes it even better. A simple word for this chrome theme is Perfect. Where everything is perfect including color, nature, and of course photography.

It brings freshness whenever you see this. Whenever you open the browser, it feels like it’s morning and then your good day starts.

Download Sunset Chrome Theme

17. Paper Plane

best chrome themes

Paper Plane is one of my favorite things, which I used to play during my childhood, and I love this Google Chrome theme. This theme has a simple painting of the two paper planes in the background with clouds. The address bar is of the same color as the clouds, which makes it more realistic.

If you like playing Paper Plane, you can give a try to this theme, which helps you to remember those childhood days.

Download Paper Plane Chrome Theme

18. Material Pink

best chrome themes

Another Material theme for those who love pink color. This is a simple theme with a materialistic background with a combination of white and pink color with highlights of orange around the edges. Although the address bar is simple, which makes it more attractive.

So, Pink Lovers, you can use this theme on your chrome browser, whether you’re using Mac or Windows.

Download Material Pink Chrome Theme

19. Unusual Paints

best chrome themes

If you love our site’s gradient header and want something similar on your Chrome Brower’s background. You can try this distinctive Paints theme, which comes with a gradient texture of the combination of two colors light blue and purple. However, the address bar is clean & minimal with white background and purple border.

This is the best minimal google chrome theme, and you can use it on your Windows PC or Mac. Like every other theme, this is also free to download.

Download Unusual Paints Chrome Theme

20. Beautiful landscape

best chrome themes

Similar to the name it is a Beautiful Landscape theme with Green and Orange shades on the top of Tab. Suppose you are in some tab it will appear in Green and other costs will be in orange color.

If you love greenery and nature, then you should try this theme. You can go to the chromeposta website to get the theme that does not contain a search bar in the middle.

Download Beautiful Landscape Chrome Theme

Best Free Google Chrome Themes to Download

This is our collection of some best google chrome themes. If you’re still not sold on these minimal chrome themes, here’s a link you could visit to find more. This collection also packs various genres like beauty themes, minimal themes, dark, cars, anime, gaming, nature, and more. But this collection packed with best-rated themes.

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Why you should use Chrome Themes

  • For minimalist looks and fast loading capabilities
  • Bright and Colorful Window
  • Attractive Designs
  • Eye-catching Colors
  • Different Bookmarks Tabs
  • Proper Text Alignments and other reasons

Now you can customize your Google Chrome easily as you want with the help of these best Chrome themes. If we miss your favorite theme to include in this free google chrome themes list of 2021, you can drop a comment down in the comment section. And share this article with your friends.

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