20 Tips to Improve Battery Life and Maintain Battery Health in iPhone & iPad

iPhone and iPad come with powerful hardware for great performance. When compared to Android phones, iPhones come with fewer features like iPhones have only 4GB RAM whereas Android phones have up to 16GB RAM. But Apple has customized iPhones and iPads in such a way that it can easily outperform the performance of Android phones. The only setback of the iPhone and iPad is battery performance. Yes, the battery life on iPhones and iPads are not impressive at all. But you can improve the battery life on your iPhone. Here you will get to know how to improve battery life on iPhones and iPads.

Since the release of iOS 11, iPhone and iPad users can also see the Battery health which shows the remaining capacity of the battery. It can decrease significantly if you don’t follow the precaution to keep the battery health maximum. Here in this guide, we are going to share some tips which will help to increase battery life and also help to maintain battery health.

After the release of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 Beta, the battery performance has been increased a lot. So if you are using an older iOS or iPadOS then upgrade your iPhone or iPad for better battery performance. Let’s now get to the tips by following you can increase battery life.

How to Improve Battery Life in iPhones and iPads

The battery is consumed on the phone by even a single notification and so we are going to share tips including the basic tips. This guide will also help to maintain battery health to more than 95% on your device.

Tip#1Turn off Fetch New Data

Turning off push and fetching mail can increase the battery life. By default, it is turned on and it is not an important feature that needs to be turned on. So you can turn off the Push option to get better battery life. Increase Battery Life in iPhone and iPad

To turn off Push go to Settings > Password & Accounts > Fetch New Data and disable the Push option. On the same screen make sure the Fetch is set to Manually. It will also help to get rid of constant mail and message notifications. When you open Message or Mail, refresh the screen and that’s all.

Tip#2 – Avoid Using Wireless Chargers

Wireless charging is a cool feature to have in any phone, but it also decreases the battery life span which is not good for battery health. It creates extra heat than the normal charger and shortens the battery life.

I am not saying to not use Wireless charger but if you are using it frequently then reduce the Wireless charging. Fast chargers also responsible for negative effects in battery so also reduce using fast chargers.

Tip#3 – Limit Location Services

Location is one of the features which cause a heavy battery drain of phones. And most apps use Location services and we don’t track all these activities. This means location services are running in the background and we are not even aware of it. So to reduce battery consumption limit the locations services for the app that not require location services. Increase Battery Life in iPhone and iPad

To limit the location services go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Now restrict apps from using the location services. You can allow location services option to some important apps like find my device, maps and others that require location and you frequently use it.

Scroll down to last and go to System Services and turn off services that you don’t need. Like Location based alerts, Location based ads, Suggestions, Significant locations (it is useful sometimes so enable it when required), Product improvement.

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Tip#4 – Turn off Siri Suggestions

Siri Suggestion is a feature which shows suggestion when you open Siri for voice command. It is not so useful but it eats battery and so decreases battery life. After disabling you can still use the Siri but suggestions that come by default will no longer come in Siri and Search window. How to get more battery life on iPhone

To disable Siri recommendations go to Settings > Siri & Search. Now in the Siri Suggestions section disable all three suggestions. After this, you will notice the improvement in battery life on your iPhone or iPad.

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Tip#5 – Disable Siri

Siri is a useful voice assistant which makes the iPhone experience better. But many iPhone and iPad users don’t use Siri. So this tip is for those users who don’t use Siri and want to improve battery life on the iPhone. How to get more battery life on iPhone

To turn off Siri go to Settings > Siri & Search. At the top, you will see Listen for ‘Hey Siri’, turn off this option. Also, disable ‘Press Side Button for Siri’ and ‘Allow Siri When Locked’ options.

Tip#6 – Turn off Automatic Updates

If Automatic update is enabled on your iPhone or iPad then it will keep searching for updates in the background which reduces battery life. You can manually search for updates so no need for the automatic software update. Also if it is enabled it will automatically start updating which will consume data and it is not good if you have limited data. How to get more battery life on iPhone

You can disable the Automatic update by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Then turn off the Automatic Update option. This will help to increase battery life in iPhones and iPads.

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Tip#7 – Disable Unnecessary Notifications

We tend to use a lot of apps on our smartphones and it is one of the reasons for lots of unnecessary notifications. And it takes a lot of juice from our devices so it is better to turn off notifications which are not useful. We can turn off notifications for Games, Apps that we don’t use frequently. Improve Battery Life on iPhone & iPad

To restrict notification go to Settings > Notifications. There you will see the list of all installed apps on your iPhone and iPad. Go to Apps for which you want to disable or limit notification and restrict the notification. Disable notifications one by one for Apps from which you don’t want notifications.

Tip#8 – Check Battery Health

Apple has a useful feature called Battery health in which we can check the remaining battery capacity. It keeps decreasing from time to time mostly in case if you are not taking care of your phone like using in high temperature, frequently using Wireless chargers, charging while playing games and more. Improve Battery Life on iPhone & iPad

To check battery health of your iPhone or iPad then go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. It will show the remaining span in Maximum Capacity percentage. The less capacity it shows the worst battery life it will give. So if it is low like 70% or less then replace your battery from the Apple care center. Tracking will help you to maintain battery life more than 95% by taking appropriate action.

Tip#9 – Enable Optimized Battery Charging

Optimized battery charging is an interesting feature which I think each phone should have. It uses machine learning and analyzes the timing when you use your phone. Then it takes the machine learning data for smart charging. It will work like if you put your iPhone in charge and if it is your sleeping time then the iPhone will decrease the receiving current and charge very slowly to avoid overcharging. And by the time you wake up, it will be charged without damaging the battery. Improve Battery Life on iPhone & iPad

To enable the smart charging to go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. There you will see Optimized Battery Charging options, enable the option for smart charging.

Tip#10 – Enable Dark Mode

Dark Mode is of the most awaited features and now it is available in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. It can save a lot of battery life on phones with an OLED screen. Other than battery life it also reduces the effect on our eyes. It uses less power because it doesn’t use any pixels on the screen. Another advantage is that it is available as a system-wide so battery consumption will be a lot less. Improve Battery Life on iPhone & iPad

To enable dark mode on your iPhone or iPad go to Settings > Display Brightness. In the Appearance tab, switch to Dark mode. It will change to dark mode instantly. The dark mode also helps to increase battery life on your iPhone and iPad.

Tip#11 – Turn off Vibrate

Vibrate feature can be used for notifications and calls. It drains the battery very fast on iPhone and iPad so it is recommended to turn off if not required. You can the Vibrate on Silent mode but there is no point on using Vibrate on Ring mode. So you can turn off the Vibrate when the sound profile is in general mode. How to Increase Battery Life in iPhone and iPad

To turn off Vibrate, go to Settings > Sounds and Haptics. There you will find two options ‘Vibrate on Silent’ and ‘Vibrate on Ring’ turn off these options according to your choice.

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Tip#12 – Use WiFi instead of LTE

WiFi takes only some amount of battery whereas the LTE Mobile data consumes so much power and so using WiFi is the better choice. This tip is only valid in the place where WiFi is available. You can also use public wifi if available but make sure to turn on VPN in settings for a secure connection.

The network connection takes more power because it keeps searching for networks and the drop and rise of network eats so much battery. Battery consumption also depends on the range of the network.

Tip#13 – Manage Battery Consumption

Apple provides a feature to track battery usage per app. And it is a useful feature and provided for managing battery health. So why not use it for tracking apps that eat most of the battery life. By using this you can know specific apps that consume more battery and take action accordingly. Increase Battery Life in iPhone and iPad

To track battery usage go to Settings > Battery and it will show graph and stats for battery usage. You can choose intervals for the battery usage to find accurate stats. And with the stats, you can analyze which app needed what restrictions. It is one of the smart ways to improve battery life in the iPhone and iPad.

Tip#14 – Disable Raise to Wake

Raise to wake is a feature that uses sensors to wake up the device when you raise your phone or shake your phone. It eats so much battery and also it is so irritating that it will keep waking every time when you move your phone. Most of the time the device wakes of unintentionally so there are more drawbacks than positive feedback. It means you can turn off the option to improve battery life on your iPhone or iPad. How to Increase Battery Life in iPhone and iPad

If you want to disable the function go to Settings > Display & Brightness. And just below you will find Raise to Wake option so turn off the option and save more battery.

Tip#15 – Limit Widget Usage

Widget options available on iPhones and iPads are useful but not all the widgets are useful so remove widgets that you don’t use much. Widgets take an internet connection to refresh all the time and eat battery to keep itself updated. Few widget options are more than enough for a general user. Improve Battery Life on iPhone & iPad

You can remove unnecessary widgets by going to the widget (swipe to the left side in the home screen). Scroll down and go to the last of the widget page and click on Edit. Now remove the widget that you don’t want to keep on the widget tab anymore.

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Tip#16 – Avoid High Temperature

As we mentioned in avoid wireless charging that high temperature can damage the battery health. And this means if you take your phone to the place with high temperature then it will affect and drain the battery life. So avoid taking your phone to higher temperatures and heat.

Tip#17 – Don’t Close and Open Apps Frequently

If you use an app many times a day then avoid closing the App. Opening and closing any app takes a lot more resources than keeping it open in the background. It is because the iPhone and iPad RAM management are so good and the apps opened in the background will not consume battery life.

It is recommended that you should keep open the app even after using it. It will not take any resource to run in the background so no consumption of the battery.

Tip#18 – Avoid Third-Party Battery Saving Apps

There are a bunch of applications available in the store which says that it will improve battery life on iPhones and iPads. But it doesn’t and on top of that, it will consume more battery so no need to use any third-party apps. Customizing the settings manually is the better option than using a third-party app.

Tip#19 – Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

There are many apps that we install when it is useful but when we stop using the app we forget to uninstall it. And even the app is closed it contributes by some amount on battery consumption. So, find out all the Apps on your iPhone or iPad and uninstall all the unnecessary apps.

Tip#20 – Set to Auto Brightness

If you keep your brightness high in light condition but then forget to reduce the brightness in low light. Then it consumes battery when it shouldn’t, so using auto brightness can save battery life on your iPhone and iPad. If you always keep the brightness low then no need to turn on Auto Brightness but we can’t keep it always low so it’s better to enable Auto brightness.

These are some tips to increase battery life in the iPhone and iPad. iOS and iPadOS is a well customized OS with so much capability but battery life is you need to take care. And with the iOS 13 update, the battery life has been increased. And if you follow these tips you can further increase the battery life.

So there you have it the guide on 20 tips to improve battery life on iPhone and iPad and maintain battery life in iPhones. If you have any questions in your mind then let us know in the comment section.

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