How to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone (iOS) without iTunes [2 Ways]

If you’re the one who wants to transfer your data or files to your iPhone from PC or vice-versa. Then, you can follow the below-listed three methods which help you to transfer files from PC to iPhone. A few years ago, Apple decided to remove the file transfer feature from iTunes for an inexplicable reason. It also makes the process of copying arbitrary files from an iPhone or iPad. But there are some third-party apps or software that can transfer the data into your iPhone. So, If you want to watch movies, shows, and access other files then you can follow below-listed two methods.

Transfer Files from PC to iPhone without iTunes [using AirDroid]

AirDroid is a third-party application, helps to transfer files across platforms without using the USB cable and data cost. Basically, you need to connect your PC and iPhone (or an iOS device) to the same network. Once done, you can transfer the data over the network. This is one of the best, easy, and my favorite way to transfer files from PC to smartphone or vice-versa. Here are the steps.

Transfer Files from PC to iPhone

  1. At first, you need to download AirDroid app from Appstore on your iOS device.
  2. Open the app, click on AirDroid Web.
  3. There are two ways by which you can connect your smartphone to PC.
  4. Enter the IP Address on your web browser on PC, then accept the permission under the prompt notification (For Option 1, you need an account).
  5. That’s it, now your PC and iPhone are connected, you can now transfer the files.

Transfer Data from PC to iPhone without iTunes via USB

Luckily, there are a numerous ways by which you can transfer or share the data from one device to another. In this method, we use a third-party software dubbed as iFunbox. It will show your iPhone data in the form of file manager on your PC. You can copy any type of file, like any movie, shows, songs, memos, or any other file as well. But to connect your iOS device to iFunbox, you must have iTunes installed on your PC. Here are the steps to connect iPhone with PC.

Transfer Files from PC to iPhone

  1. Download the latest version of iTunes on your Windows.
  2. Now install iFunbox on your PC, make sure to download iFunbox V3.0.
  3. Once done, connect your iPhone via USB type-C or thunderbolt cable.
  4. Head over to the iFunbox and click on Toolbox under sidebar.
  5. Under Toolbox click on ‘User File System’.
  6. Now, You can see all the data or files available on your iPhone.
  7. Select the file you want to transfer, then click on ‘Copy to PC’.
  8. That’s it.

By this way, you can share the media from your iOS device to PC or vice-versa.

If you want to access local files on your iPhone without PC, then you can install a third-party app named as Filza by creating a profile on your iOS device. Filza is a third-party iOS app which will work as a file management system. Yes, you can manage all the files locally which are available on your iOS device.

Well, these are one of the easiest ways to connect the iPhone and PC with each other. Now you can copy the files to and from your iPad or iPhone. If we forgot listing your favorite method, then you can let us know by leaving a comment.

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