How to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has no application for computers, but it is available for computers to use as a website. WhatsApp is all set to bring Dark Mode on Android and iOS applications. But the Web WhatsApp will not receive any modifications. Don’t worry, we have an alternative that will bring dark mode on your Web WhatsApp. Here you will know How to Get Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web. dark mode on whatsweb

WhatsApp Web is a reliable source to get and reply to WhatsApp messages on computers. It is very useful if you are working on a computer, no one wants to hold the phone and respond each time you receive a message. It can distract you from your work and so to avoid this, you can use Web WhatsApp on your computer. You can easily connect your WhatsApp to Web WhatsApp by scanning the QR Code. But the interface you will get is simple and boring. So to get interesting Dark Mode on Web WhatsApp, follow the complete guide.

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How to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web

The method we are going to share will help you to get Dark Mode on Web WhatsApp with simple steps. It will not affect your computer in any unwanted way, so you can follow the method without any worries. Below we have included prerequisites where you can get information about important required data.


  • You need a browser that supports Extensions (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera)
  • Make sure initial setup is done in the browser
  • Internet connection required (Obviously)

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Steps to Get Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web

  1. Open your Browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla, or Opera, whichever is your favorite.
  2. Now go to the extension store on your browser and search for Stylus Extension. Or go to the following links according to your browser.
  3. Install the Stylus Extension on your browser by clicking on the Install button. dark mode on whatsweb
  4. After the successful installation of the extension, you need to install a theme on your browser. Here is the link for the theme (Dark WhatsApp Theme by Mew) that you have to install.
  5. In the link, you have to click on the Install Style button to install the dark mode theme. dark mode on whatsweb
  6. Now the Dark theme will be automatically applied to your Web WhatsApp. And If you have already opened the Web WhatsApp tab, then no need to reload.
  7. Enjoy the Dark Mode on your WhatsApp Web.

The Dark Mode is favorite for most of the users, and we are still waiting for it on our Android and iOS devices. And now, you have got the Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web before the official phone application.

The Stylus is a large source for web styles that you can use on browse or specific websites. There are several Android Styles, Site Styles, Global Styles. Most of the popular platforms like Google Search, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, all these sites support Styles to modify these websites and make it look attractive.

Like Substratum, an Android customization tool, the Stylus is also a theming tool but for computers. It uses css files to modify websites according to the users. You can also create backups of the styles that you have set and restore whenever you need it.

There you have it the complete guide on how to get dark mode on WhatsApp Web. And if you want more guides on customizing website appearance and styles, then let us know in the comment section.

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