LG’s new LG Velvet UI is coming to 6 LG devices

LG is going to take an interesting decision regarding the new Velvet UI. The Velvet UI will be rolling out to other 6 LG phones. LG Velvet is among the top hyped phones of this year because of its design. The phone packs with good hardware and a new UI which is better than their last UI. And this decision may help in boosting LG’s older flagship devices. Here you will see which 6 LG phones will receive the LG Velvet UI. LG Velvet UI for LG Phones

LG UX is already a good UI without ads and bloatware but the new LG Velvet UI will be even better in terms of customization & performance. When comparing LG Velvet UI with LG UX there are not many changes but still a few changes can make a lot of difference. If we look into the update history then LG struggles a lot in providing constant updates. But this may be the positive sign for their reputation.

LG Velvet comes with some new features that bring a wide range of customization. LG UX does lack many features compared with other popular UI like MIUI, OneUI, and Oxygen OS. Some of its new features are notification bar color customizations, pop up window on call, Volume bar adjustment.

Here’s the list of all 6 LG phones to receive Velvet UI:

As for now LG has not confirmed if these devices will get the Velvet UI outside of Korea. But we can expect the update globally. Samsung has done a pretty good job on shifting to OneUI from Experience UI. And if LG does the same, they will also get some positive feedback and recommendations.

The LG Velvet UI still lacks many features that can give them an opportunity to increase their markets. The good thing about the update is that it will cover phones released in 2018. So it will be a good upgrade for users. The latest LG V60 ThinQ got some spotlight because of the dual screen support. But still it’s an underrated flagship device which is capable of competing with other popular flagship phones.

If we compare LG V60 with the LG Velvet then the Velvet comes with updated default apps like Camera, fingerprint, video player and more. You can also download all the apps from Velvet UI to update it on your device.

Other than hardware and software one more thing is popular on the device that is the stock wallpaper. It comes with some pleasant wallpaper collection that looks great on an HD or better display. If you want to try it then you can download the LG Velvet wallpapers for your phone. We keep sharing new stock wallpapers from all brands including LG stock wallpapers, so if you want more wallpapers collection then stay connected with YTECHB.

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