Download LG Flash Tool to Flash KDZ & TOT Firmware

If you want to upgrade your LG phone or fix your LG phone from boot loop issues then you can use LG Flash Tool. It is a useful tool for LG phone users as it gives the option to play with LG Firmware. Here you get to download LG Flash Tool along with a guide on how to use LG Flash Tool. LG Flash Tool is available for Windows Vista/7/8/10/11.

If you are a frequent reader of YTECHB then you probably know about Mi Flash Tool and Odin Flash tool. Both of these tools are used for Mi and Samsung devices (Odin). Likely to flash KDZ & TOT files on LG devices there is a particular tool called LG Flash Tool. If you have an LG Phone then you probably know about the tool. If not then you are missing a lot. This will help you to always keep your LG phone updated and error-free.

lg flash tool

To download the LG Flash tool you can head over directly to the download section. Or if you want to know more about the LG flash tool, then you can read its importance and features below.

What is LG Flash Tool?

LG Flash Tool is a utility software which is developed by recognized XDA developers. The first version of the tool released in 2014 and after that the tool has got multiple updates. The latest build was made available in Feb 2018. LG Flash Tool is used to update LG devices and also to fix issues like stuck at LG logo or Bootloop.

As you know after the first release the tool has many updates. But sometimes the latest version doesn’t work for some phones and in that case, you can use another version. So, to keep it simple we have listed all the versions of LG Flash Tool received till now. LG has stopped manufacturing phones but still promised to provide updates and support.

Download LG Flash Tool

As you know it is a must to have LG Flash Tool for LG phone users and in this section, you get to download it. We don’t know when our phone stuck into an issue and then we have to use the LG Flash Tool. That’s why we need to have the LG Flash Tool on PC. I will talk about its features and importance later but first, it’s time for the links to download LG Flash Tool. You can download any of the mentioned versions.

In the recommended LG Flash tool you don’t have to install it, you can directly run the launcher to use the tool. And in the other versions, you need to install the setup which requires Microsoft Visual C++ on the PC.

LG Flash Tool Features

The tool is made by experienced XDA developers and has been updated many times so there is hardly an issue. The tool is working perfectly on Windows OS without any lag.

  • No need to install (in some cases).
  • Easy to use.
  • Two different options to flash Normal & CSE flash.
  • KDZ & TOT firmware files are supported.
  • It can flash big files too.
  • It works on almost all the Windows OS.

How to Install LG Flash Tool

lg flash tool

If you have downloaded the recommended one then you don’t have to follow this step. You can extract the zip file using WinZip or its alternative. Else you need to follow this. To install the LG Flash Tool make sure that the Microsoft Visual C++ is already on your PC. This one is mandatory because without the Visual C++ the tool will not install.

lg flash tool

Now Extract the RAR file on your PC and open the setup to run the LG Flash Tool installer. Then tap next > next to install the tool on your PC. During installation, you may have to wait a little bit while verifying the Visual C++. After finishing the installation, you are good to use the LG Flash Tool.

How to Flash KDZ & TOT Firmware using LG Flash Tool

You must be thinking what are KDZ & TOT? Well, if you have ever seen a firmware file you could have noticed the extension of the firmware generally at last after the dot. KDZ & TOT both are the extensions like mp4, RAR, ZIP, etc. But these extensions are only found on firmware files of LG devices.


First, install the LG Mobile driver on your PC. For installing download the zip file from the link and then extract and then install it on your PC. This will let connect the Phone with PC via USB cable. Otherwise, you won’t be able to flash firmware on LG phones. Once it’s done then you can follow the procedure to flash KDZ & TOT firmware on LG phones.

Note: To see if your device is connected or not. Open device manager and there if you see yellow marks under other devices. Then the driver is not properly installed or your phone is not in download mode.

Steps to Flash LG Firmware

  1. Download and extract the LG Flash Tool and then open the LG flash tool.
  2. Also, download the firmware for your LG device from the link given above.
  3. Power off your LG phone.
  4. Now press and hold ‘Volume Up button’, while holding connect the phone with the PC using a USB cable. This will boot the phone into download mode.
  5. Now in LG Flash Tool don’t change anything. Only browse and select the KDZ or TOT firmware from the stored location.
    lg flash tool
  6. Then select ‘normal flash‘ if you want to upgrade or downgrade the phone, it will not delete any data. And select ‘CSE flash‘ if you want to delete the whole data of the device. CSE flash is recommended when the phone is in bootloop or stuck at logo.
  7. After selecting normal or CSE flash click on start then a popup will appear after a few seconds.
    lg flash tool
  8. In popup leave everything as default only set Language as English.
    LG Flash Tool
  9. This will open a new page ‘LG Mobile Support Tool‘. It will now analyze the phone before flashing so wait for it.
  10. If an error appears saying “Connection to server failed, try again in a moment”. Ignore this message and let the flashing runs. You can see it running on your phone and the LG Mobile support tool as well.
  11. Wait till the completion. After flashing the file, your phone will reboot into the system.
  12. That’s it! you have successfully flashed firmware using LG Flash Tool on the LG phone.

So how you like the quick guide on flashing LG firmware? If you face any problem while flashing stock firmware on an LG device you can ask us through Facebook or the comment section. So, this was all about download and how to use LG flash tool to flash LG firmware. Now let’s talk about some features of this tool that makes it a reliable source to install the firmware.

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That’s all for this post if you want to know more about LG Flash Tool and topics related to it. Let us know, we will try to post that too.

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