How to Unlock Android Phone Password without Losing Data [5 Best Methods]

Looking for an easy way to bypass android lock screen without reset? We got a simple solution! Read Ahead, How to Unlock Android Phone Password without losing data and factory reset. We are sure, Once in a life, you have stuck in a situation when you change the password of your phone and after sometimes forgot the new password. This weird thing happens to every one of us.

As from 2017, the smartphones come with the fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, or the so-called face unlock security methods. But, In the old time or till in 2018 we need to remember the pattern password. For somehow, we aren’t able to remember the password always. And this may suck! Everything is still ok, but when it comes to formatting your phone, everyone hates it. Well, there are a lot of solutions available on the web but most of them suggest to format the phone. So Here We found the 5 Best working solutions of 2018 to unlock android phone password without factory reset.

How to Unlock Android Phone Password without Losing Data

Today’s unlocking scenario is, If you have a phone with a fingerprint scanner and you have enabled it for your phone security, then you also need to set the additional password as a pattern or passcode. But, Whenever you boot up your phone, It asks you to enter the pattern first, besides the fingerprint. So, These tricks still working in 2018. Let’s dive into the process on How to Unlock Android Phone Password without losing data.

All the steps are very easy, which helps you to unlock your android phone password without factory or hard reset. The solutions are tested on Android Oreo 8.0, so you can easily follow the same on the lower versions.

1. Use Google Assistant to Unlock your Phone

Google Assistant is one of the most effective ways in 2018 to unlock android phone password, that’s why we put this method in 1st position. Make sure to check if you’ve enabled this feature, while you’re set up the assistant for you. If enabled, you need to say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” to unlock your phone. See the full process to enable this feature, if not.

  • Press & Hold, Home Button for opening the Google Assistant.
  • Now click on Explore icon available at the top right corner.
  • Then open the settings, click on three-dots menu icon available at the top.
  • All the preferences are available here, Go to the Phone option & Enable the Unlock with Voice Match feature.

2. How to Unlock Android Phone Password with Android Device Manager

If your GPS is enabled, most of us enable it! Android Device Manager helps you to unlock the android phone without losing data. Google officially gives an access to the users to find their phone with Android Device Manager. Lets See, the process.

How to Unlock Android Phone Password without Losing Data

  1. Visit, Find My Device website, Here you will see your device. Where you can do various useful things like Ring your Phone, Lock & Erase.
  2. The Erase option will help you to unlock your Android phone. Make sure to check your GPS is enabled.
  3. The Erase option will remove the Google Account data.
  4. Click on Erase and then confirm your decision. It will disable the password and remove the google account.

A few years back, Google allows us to remove the password without deleting the Google Account but for somehow, this option was removed. May its, because of the security reason. To make it more secure Google changes the Lock option feature. You can also, check the detailed guidelines.

3. Bypass Android Lock Screen without Reset using ADB

Android Debug Bridge, an advanced way for the normal user to unlock their phone without losing the data. The method is really easy! This process needs a PC with Windows, Mac, or Linux. Let’s dive into the process.

  1. Download the Android SDK Tools on your Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  2. After downloading, install the tools on your system.How to Unlock Android Phone Password without Losing Data
  3. Once done, Open the Android SDK Manager, Now select only Android SDK Platform-Tools option and click on install packages.
  4. Make sure to check or enable USB Debugging option on your phone. This method only works if USB Debugging is on, otherwise this is not working for you. Go to Settings > About Phone > Tap 7 times on build number > Now open Developer options > Enable USB Debugging.enable usb debugging on android 9.0 pie
  5. Now Connect your Phone with the system via USB cable.
  6. Open the Android SDK Manager folder & then press Shift key + Right-click for Open Windows Powershell here.How to Unlock Android Phone Password without Losing Data
  7. Under Windows Powershell, You need to enter two commands, one by one & press enter:
adb devices
adb shell

cd /data/data/

sqlite3 settings.db

update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;

update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;


Note: If the following command is not working, use this command:

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

Restart your phone, After the restart, you can see there is no password, pattern, or the passcode available on your phone. All the lock screen passwords are disabled now, you change the password or remove if wanted.

4. Unlock Android Phone Password using Google Account

If you’re using an Android KitKat 4.4 or earlier then the process is very simple, you can see How to unlock android phone forgot password without losing data. Google account will help us to unlock our smartphone. This method only works if your device is connected with google account.

  1. Enter the wrong password 5 times. It will show you a popup with two options Next or Try Again. Again Tap on “Next” option.
  2. The options to recover the password are available here. Click on Enter Google Account Details and press Next.
  3. As soon as, you press the Next button, It will ask you the email & password that have linked with your phone.
  4. Enter the details correctly & It will simply provide you to enter the new password and confirm it.

5. How to Unlock Android Phone Password without Factory Reset

If you are using third-party lock screen app then no need worry anymore. Third-party lock screen apps may easily bypass with the help of Safe Mode. This method will surely save your all data without losing. The only thing you need to do is, Reboot your device into Safe Mode.

  1. Press and Hold the power key, it will show you a popup of power menu.
  2. Now tap and hold the Power Off option, it will again show another popup, Reboot to Safe Mode, click on Ok.
  3. It will reboot your phone into Safe Mode, Now uninstall the third-party lock screen app.
  4. Again reboot your android phone & you will see there is no password.
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Bonus Method –

If you’ve enabled the Smart Lock feature on your Phone, then you can also unlock your phone without the need of a password. Only thing, you need to do is, show your face if you’ve added a trusted face in Smart Lock.

As your phone is unlocked now, share the process with your friends on social media. Any doubts about How to Unlock Android Phone Password without Losing Data? Drop a comment in the comment section.

Note: We have Updated the process in 2018. So, All are the working Method.

Bottom Line

All the methods are working fine according to the conditions. But if your data backup is available on Google Drive or on your PC, then you can go for a factory reset option.

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