How to Enter Safe Mode on Android Devices

As we all know that Android is the versatile and powerful OS but sometimes, third-party apps create troubles. Peoples get frustrated when the phone is not working properly or misbehaving or goes out of control. So in this situation, Android Safe Mode method is very helpful to overcome the problem. Safe Mode Android is a pretty handy tool to troubleshoot the device problems without affecting storage. In this post, you will know How to Enter Safe Mode on Android Devices or How to boot in safe mode.

Android Safe Mode is the best-inbuilt tool available on all the operating systems, which allow the users to check the problem occurring on the phone. Whenever any third-party application creates a problem on the phone you need to enter into the safe mode and delete them. In simple words, we can say, Safe Mode is a special way for every OS to load when there is a system-critical problem that interferes with the normal operation of Android. Similarly, the Android safe mode works for Android.

How does Android Safe Mode help to Users?

It is much similar to PC Safe mode feature. When you boot your device into the safe mode, all the third-party applications get disable. Only the system applications like Gmail, Google App, Play Services, Play Music, and other system apps run on the smartphone. By this way, the user can easily uninstall the third-party applications from their device easily. So, I think you will like the Android Safe Mode feature, it works very well when a third-party application creates a problem.

How to Enter Safe Mode on Android Device:

Entering into the safe mode on android is not a big issue you can easily turn on Android safe mode feature on any android phone. It is a very safe and easy way to make your device secure. How to boot in Safe Mode:

  1. Press and hold the power button.
  2. When the power menu comes, press and hold the power off option on the screen for a second or while.
  3. Now when Reboot to Safe Mode popup, Tap on the OK button if you want to boot your device into Android safe mode.

When your device is entered into the Android safe mode, you can see the “SAFE MODE” badge in the bottom right corner of the display. I think the guide How to enter safe mode in Android will solve your issues regarding third party Apps. Remember you can easily uninstall third-party Apps but sometimes it gives an error. So, in that case, Android safe mode will be useful.

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In case, the problem is not of third-party application you can also reset your device from the safe mode easily. If you have any queries regarding this post, comment down below.

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