How to Turn Off Developer Mode in Android [Hide Developer Option]

If you don’t use developer option or if you don’t need it then follow the guide on How to Turn Off Developer Mode in Android Phones. You will get to know a few easy and effective methods to disable Developer option.

Developer option is a hidden settings section which further contains many system settings like, USB debugging, OEM unlock, GPU rendering, HW/SW overlays, CPU statistics and much more. But these are not the settings that are useful unless you are looking towards rooting, installing recovery or ROMs, and want to learn development. And also these settings directly affect the system, so if you don’t know how it works, then changing any of these settings will not be any good and can have inverse effects. So developer option needs to be turned off unless you have any need for these settings.

How to Turn off developer Mode in Android

How to Turn Off Developer Mode in Android

Turning off developer mode is as easy as unlocking it. So make sure to follow the easy method. And in case if the first method didn’t work then you can go for the second method and onwards. Developer option can be easily accessible from additional settings under system settings. So if you want to disable or turn off Developer Mode then follow given methods carefully.

Want to know about the most important settings in Developer option.

Turn off Developer Mode [Easy Method]

  • Open settings on your Android Phone.
  • Then go to System > Advanced settingsturn off developer mode in android
  • Under advanced settings, you will find developer option. Open the developer option.
  • Now on top, you will see that developer mode is enabled.
  • Just disable the developer option from there by toggling. how to turn off developer mode in android
  • Now you have successfully turned off Developer Mode in Android Phone and you will not see it anymore in settings.

As I already said this is the easiest method to turn off developer option. But for an exception, we have also listed other methods too. Check it out if first didn’t work for you.

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Turn Off Developer mode in Android [Regular Method]

Here is another method to hide developer mode which is a bit complex than the easy one. But it doesn’t mean that you need to have knowledge about it, you can do it even if you don’t know anything about it. Just follow the procedure carefully.

  • Open Settings on your Android phone.
  • Now go to Apps and Notification settings.
  • In App Settings find the settings App and open its info. how to turn off developer mode in android
  • You can directly open it from the App Drawer. Just tap and hold on the settings icon and then App info option will appear, open App info from there.
  • Now in Storage section, you will see two options clear cache and clear storage or data.
  • Tap on clear storagehow to turn off developer mode in android
  • Now the Developer option will not show up. You have now successfully turned off Developer Mode in Android Phone.

Remember this will reset your setting changes. But this is not a big problem you can make the same changes again.

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Turn Off Developer Mode in Android Phone [Complex Method]

I know that there is no sense to go for the complex method but this is for users that have issues with the other two methods. Just follow the methods and you will be able to disable Developer option with ease.

First, go to settings > System > Date & Time. And turn off Automatic date & time update and set the date to the day 8 days before. For eg., if the date is 20 January then you can set 12 January as the to turn off developer mode in android

Then Go to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update. Check that it shows the last successful update as 12 January or whatever the date you have changed.

Then Reboot the device and again go to settings > System > Date & Time. Change the date to the actual date. Now go the system update check and this time it will show the last successful check for update as the actual date.

Now you have disabled the Developer option. Check it on Additional settings. If Developer option is still there, then reboot your Android Phone. And this time the developer option will not be there.

So these are the three methods to turn off developer option in Android phones. I hope that you have found the easy solution to hide developer option. If you still facing any problem on disabling it then feel free to contact us through facebook we will try to help you.

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What is the need to hide Developer Option?

Developer option contains some system settings that contains useful information about Device. But on top of that, it has a set of settings that can directly change the system settings. Due to this, there are chances to create a loophole on your device which makes the device vulnerable.

If you know about FRP, then you should know that it also affects the FRP lock and unlock status. If developer option is unlocked then FRP can be easily unlocked but if Developer option is disabled then FRP cannot be unlocked. It can track the device easily in case of theft and use cannot be able to hard reset your device. Which means signature verification or device verifications will be there and this helps to track the device.

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