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How to Boot into EDL Mode on Qualcomm Based Android Phones

If you have an Android smartphone then you must be aware of things like booting into fastboot mode, recovery & EDL mode, enabling OEM unlock, enabling USB debugging etc. Here we will only focus on how to boot into EDL mode on Android Phones. Other tutorials are also available you can go to their link for more info.

How to boot into edl mode

These guides come in handy when there is a problem with the phone like bootloop, stuck at logo, not booting up, recovery deleted. Also if you are looking forward to enter in the development then definitely you need to know all about this. If you don’t know about these things and your phone stuck into a problem then you have to pay to fix it unless your phone is in warranty. But if you know then you can fix any problem with the software on your own. How cool is that? you don’t have to rely on the service center or any repair shop.

Here I will tell you everything about EDL mode and how helpful it is. Mainly the post is about how to boot into EDL mode on any android phone. And after booting into EDL mode what we can do.

What is EDL Mode?


EDL Mode or Emergency Download Mode is another mode like fastboot mode in Qualcomm powered phones. This enables to flash software/firmware on Android phone through PC. EDL mode is used to unlock bootloader, unbrick devices, access internal storage, change software, update phone, flash firmware. This is not all there are many more features of EDL Mode.

How to Boot into EDL Mode

There is more than one way to boot into EDL mode. So make sure to follow the easy method. It is not guaranteed that the method you pick will definitely work for you. Also booting into EDL mode depends on vendor, device condition etc. Let’s get going with an easy method.

1. How to Boot Into EDL Mode via ADB

This is the easiest way to boot into EDL Mode without EDL cable or any third party software. But remember this method has its limitations so there might be chances that it may not work in your case. But trying doesn’t cost anything so I would recommend trying this method first.


Note: This method will work if your phone is working fine, and will not work in a bootloop or bricked device.

  1. Install ADB & Fastboot driver on PC.
  2. Enable USB debugging in the Android phone.how to boot into edl mode via adb
  3. Connect Android device with PC using a USB cable.
  4. Now open Windows PowerShell or CMD on your PC.how to boot into edl mode via adb 2
  5. Then type the following command in CMD and press enter
adb reboot edl

If any pop up appears on phone screen asking for authorization then provide the authorization by clicking on accept.

2. How to Boot Into EDL Mode from Fastboot

Well the booting into EDL via ADB will not work with the phone which are bricked and their bootloader is locked. So, in this case, the fastboot mode will take the command to boot the device into EDL Mode. So if your device is in bootloop or bricked then try this method. Also in fastboot mode, there are another two ways to boot into EDL. Check out both the ways to boot into EDL from fastboot.

Using CMD or PowerShell

  1. Switch off the phone. Install ADB & fastboot driver on PC (link is in the first method).
  2. Boot into Fastboot Mode. Method to boot is different for the different vendor so check on the internet for your device.
  3. Connect the phone with PC using a USB cable.
  4. Open Windows PowerShell or CMD on PC.how to boot into edl mode via fastboot
  5. Now Type the following command. Remember if the first command doesn’t work only then use the second command and similarly the third command.
fastboot oem edl
fastboot reboot-edl
fastboot reboot edl

Using Fastboot EDL file

  1. Download Fastboot EDL zip file and extract using Winzip or it’s alternative.
  2. Turn off the phone and then boot into fastboot mode.
  3. Connect the phone with PC using the USB cable.
  4. Now from the extracted folder run the “edl.cmd” file.how to boot into edl mode via fastboot 2
  5. This will boot the phone into EDL Mode.

3. How to Boot Into EDL Mode using EDL Cable

EDL cable is specifically designed to boot android devices into edl mode. It is also known as deep flash cable. Basically, the EDL cable short-circuits the phone through test points and put it into EDL mode. So let’s see how the cable works.

  1. Buy an EDL cable or make it by yourself to save money (go through youtube).
  2. Then connect one end of the cable to PC. Don’t connect at the phone end.
  3. Press and hold the button in the edl cable and while holding insert the cable at phone’s end.
  4. This will boot into the EDL mode. Red LED will blink on the phone.

So these are the methods to boot Android devices into EDL Mode. If you want to check that your phone is in EDL Mode or not then follow the given procedure.

How to Check the device is in EDL Mode

You can check it through PC. So first make sure that your phone is connected with PC. And then search device manager in the search bar and open it. In the device manager, you will see a Ports (COM & LPT) section. In the ports section, you will see ‘Qualcomm HS-USB Qloader 9008’ it means the device is in EDL Mode.

So this was a quick guide on how to boot into EDL mode and some information about EDL mode. I hope this was helpful for you. Even if you face any problem you can always ask for the solution through facebook or comment section.

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