Download Android 11 DP 2 GSI & Install on any Android Phone

About a month ago Google releases the first preview of Android 11 which brings some new noticeable features. And the second developer preview of Android 11 is now officially available. And as you know the Google has dropped the alphabet naming with desserts name. So the Android 11 will also be only called Android 11, not the Android R. But it doesn’t matter what they call till they are providing good features. As usual, Google released the Android 11 GSI so that anyone can try it. Here you get to Download Android 11 GSI for Android Phones with installation guide.

We have seen some UI changes and new features in the first Android 10 Developer preview. Many of the experts also suggested that some specific features we can see in Android 11 and they seem to be true. With the release of Android 11 Developer Preview 2, it is obvious that the Android 11 will be focused on balanced performance like security, System UI, and Speed. The roadmap of all the Android 11 Developer previews is already out and as per schedule, the second preview is now available. And there are few more to go before we will see the stable release.

Here we are going to mention the new Android 11 features and how you can get them on your Android phone. Yes, we will be sharing the guide on how to install Android 11 GSI on any Android phone. As usual, Google has added the latest GSI on the Developer site which is advisable not to install until you are willing to take the risk. As this is the Developer Preview, not a stable version so it probably has a chance for the bugs on it. Lets now check out some of the interesting features which make the Android 11 special.

Android 11 DP2 Features

Styles & Wallpaper – In Android 11 the UI of the Styles & Wallpapers have been changes where we now get an additional clock section. And in the Wallpaper section, the grids are now small and square. In Android 10 we had the option to change the color of wallpapers in customization, but in Android 11 there is no such option. But instead, the same wallpaper is directly available in those colors so no need for the option.

Enhanced Notification Panel – Whenever we long tap on a notification it will have the option to flag the notification. And also there is an option to show the notification in the bubble, like Messanger. When you tap on the flag or arrow icon it will pin the notification and it will show a profile photo of the user on the status bar.

Improved Notification Settings – In Android 11 we now have more notifications settings per app to deliver a better experience. You can choose a specific sound to ring when a notification comes for that app. Bubbles to enable interactive bubble windows like Facebook Messanger and more notification options.

Notification History – In Android 10 when we pull down the Notification panel it gives manage option and in Android 11 it is replaced with History option. When you open History, it will show all the previous notification that came to your phone. Now you don’t have to worry if you remove the notification by mistake.

Volume Options – Also in volume option slight changes have been made. When you expand the Volume Options it will open four different sound categories but takes much less space than and it also shows icons. It looks clean and better.

Screen Recording – This feature is also improved to provide a better user experience. When you open the default screen recorder probably from the Status bar then it will display two options. The two options include Record Audio, and Show touches on the screen. But still, the internal audio recording is not working but we can expect it in the next update. Android 11 Developer Preview 2 GSI

eSIM deletion – If you are using an eSIM device which is currently a common feature that users like. Then you will have the option to delete it. But in Android 11 we have an option ‘Confirm SIM deletion’ under Settings > Security and it will ask for the confirmation before deleting the SIM.

Hide Silent Notifications – If you put any app notifications on the silent profile then it will hide from the Notification panel.

These are some interesting features that you get to experience on the latest Developer Preview of Android 11. There are more cool features like Wireless Debugging and more that we have not mentioned here. Below you get to download the latest GSI for your device. Android 11 Developer Preview 2 GSI

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Download Android 11 Developer Preview 2 GSI

Google releases GSI for Android phones with every release of the Developer Preview. The GSI can be used by developers to test out the features and especially to get their apps ready and games for the new Android version. But anyone who has a phone with treble support can install the GSI on their phones. And as the Android 11 DP2 GSI is now available you can download if you want to test the latest version of Android.

Download Android 11 DP2 GSI

Once you have the correct GSI file for your device you need to follow the below guide to install it on your file. But it requires some files that you get in the requirement section.


  • Take a full backup of your phone
  • Bootloader must be unlocked
  • TWRP Recovery or custom recovery should be installed (Also download OrangeFox recovery for backup)
  • Download any Android 10 based custom ROM for your phone

How to Install Android 11 DP2 GSI on Any Android Phone

  1. Copy all the files to your computer for backup.
  2. Extract the downloaded GSI on your computer and you will get System.img and vbmeta.img in the extracted folder.
  3. If you have a MicroSD card then copy files in it for convenience. If you do this you don’t have to copy files every time you wipe the phone.
  4. Now power off your phone and boot into Recovery mode.
  5. When you are in custom Recovery go to Wipe > Advanced Wipe. Android 11 Developer Preview 2 GSI
  6. Select Dalvik/ART cache, cache, system, and data. And wipe all the selected data.
  7. After that copy the GSI file and Android 10 custom ROM on your phone.
  8. In TWRP go to Install and select the Android 10 based custom ROM. If it is not showing files then go to Wipe > Format data, type ‘yes’ and enter. Then select Android 10 ROM and flash it. Android 11 DP 2 GSI
  9. After flashing the Android 10 ROM go to Wipe > Advanced Wipe. Select Dalvik_cache, cache, System/System_root. And then wipe selected files. Android 11 Developer Preview 2 GSI
  10. Now again go to Install > Install Image. Then select the system.img and choose the System Image Option and swipe to flash the image file. Android 11 DP 2 GSI
  11. After flashing the system file go to Reboot > System. Then set up your device and enjoy. Android 11 DP 2 GSI

That’s it, now you have the Android 11 running on your phone with new features. Soon we get to see the next Developer preview that will bring more features and bug fixes.

So there you have it the complete guide on download Android 11 GSI and how to install Android GSI 11 on Android phones. In case if you have any questions, then let us know in the comment section.

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