10 Best Google Chrome Extensions of All Time (2021)

Google Chrome is the most used browser on both phones and computers. And if you are among the one who likes Google Chrome browser but not using extensions then you are missing out on great features. There are numerous Google Chrome extensions available that allow us to get some advanced features that are not available by default. We dig deep to find some amazing collection of Chrome Extensions. Here you will know 10 best Google Chrome Extensions.

I am going to cover extensions from different categories. It will help you to expand the features and performance of your Google Chrome browser. All the mentioned extensions are for daily use. One more great thing about the Google Chrome is that you can also manually add Extensions of choice. Below in this guide, we have also included the installation process so make sure to check that out.

Best Google Chrome Extensions

There are tons of good Google Chrome extensions and below I have shared my favorite chrome extensions that I use on a daily basis.

1) Stylus

Best Chrome Extensions

The Stylus is the best chrome extension available for designing your browser like adding Dark Mode, Themes, and much more. It let you redesign the web with multiple styles that you can find in the userstyles manager. In case if you use web apps like WhatsApp web then you can apply Dark Mode on the Web WhatsApp with Stylus. The Stylus is like an Extension manager itself which allows you to add tons of themes and styles.

It is totally free and you can download it from the Chrome Web Store. After adding the extension install any theme.

Download Stylus Chrome Extension

2) Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Best Chrome Extensions
Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is the next chrome extension on our list. It is popularly known as IDM and used to download content. This is the best Google Chrome Extension which falls under the category ‘Download Manager’. You may have already used this application on your computer. To download files using IDM from Google Chrome or any other browser, you need to add chrome Extension on the browser then you will be able to download files.

To make it work first install IDM on your computer and then download Extension on chrome browser. Sometimes after installing the IDM on the computer the extension automatically added on browsers. So, in that case, you don’t need to add the extension manually.

Download IDM Chrome Extension

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3) Dark Reader

Best Chrome Extensions
Dark Reader

Most of the users like to use Dark Mode either it is a phone or computer. But on the computer, you can’t enable Dark Mode everywhere by just one App including the browser. And if you use the browser for a longer duration then you should use Dark Mode for multiple reasons like it takes care of eyes, saves battery, and easy to read and watch videos. Stylus also provides the option for Dark Mode for various web pages and Apps. But Dark Reader has an advantage that it can be used in the whole browser.

To use the extension install it from the below link and then enable it. It will change the interface to dark mode. You can change colors according to your choice from the extension bar.

Download Dark Reader Chrome Extension

4) Honey

Best Chrome Extensions

If you shop online from your browser then Honey is the best Chrome extension for you. It is an intelligent app that will show all the available coupons for the product you want to buy. Additionally, it also provides a price history chart and the best time to buy a product so that you can get the product at less price. So, using this app you can save many bucks on shopping.

To use the Honey extension first go to the chrome web store or use the below link and then install the Honey Chrome extension. And while shopping and click on the Honey extension and check out the coupons.

Download Honey Chrome Extension

5) Grammarly

Best Chrome Extensions

Grammarly is one of the popular Google Chrome extensions which is used for fixing Grammer, Spelling mistake, and more. This is a useful extension for users who write articles, emails, and others. It has a free and premium version, and you can get Premium by subscribing to it. It allows you to write high-quality content but you can also use the free version which detects spelling mistakes and grammar.

To use Grammarly first install it on your Google Chrome browser using the below link. Click on the Grammarly icon from the top right and turn on the suggestion option.

Download Grammarly Chrome Extension

6) Email Tracking for Gmail

Best Chrome Extensions
Email Tracking for Gmail

Gmail is the most used mail platform and there are many features that should be added. Like in WhatsApp you can see that the user from the other end has seen your messages. And you can also get this feature on your Gmail with the help of Email Tracking for Gmail. Whenever the user will see your message you will get the notification and in the mail section, it will show a double tick mark.

You can use the Email Tracking for Gmail after installing it from the below link and link it with the Gmail account. You can also get the paid version for more features.

Download Email Tracking for Gmail

7) Emoji Keyboard

Best Chrome Extensions
Emoji Keyboard

There are many messaging platform and forums which do not have Emoji features that we get on WhatsApp and Facebook. But Emoji Keyboard is the best Chrome extension to get Emojis in all forums and social media platforms. It contains many Emojis and it is easier to use. If you have a hard time finding the right Emoji then search the Keyword. It will display the right Emoji after entering the Keyword.

It is easier to use the Emoji Keyboard Chrome extension, first install the extension from the below link. Then click on the extension icon and click on the correct icon and copy paste it.

Download Emoji Keyboard Chrome Extension

8) LastPass

Best Chrome Extensions

If you are going through a hard time remembering passwords then LastPass is the solution. For a user, there are about 6 average passwords that we need to remember daily, and also on some platforms, we need to change our passwords on a regular basis. And this makes it hard to remember passwords. So, in this case, the Last Pass is the best Chrome Extension where you can save your Passwords. Also, it is available for Android phones and iPhones so it is easy to sync between devices.

Install the LastPass chrome extension from the link given below. Then sign up and set up the Master password. Save password which is hard to remember and that’s all.

Download LastPass Chrome Extension

9) Push Bullet

Best Chrome Extensions
Push Bullet

If you are looking for the best Chrome Extensions that are useful on a daily basis then Push Bullet must be on your list. It is one of the best Apps to connect Phones with Computers without USB cables. If you work on your PC but at the same time you get an important notification on your phone then you have to check your phone every time. Then, in this case, you can use the Push Bullet to get your phone notification on your computer. Not only this you can also share files between both devices using Push Bullet.

You can also control your phone from your computer. To use this first connect your phone with WiFi or Bluetooth and enjoy it.

Download Push Bullet Chrome Extension

10) Dot VPN

Best Chrome Extensions

If you are using the Google Chrome browser then you should use the Dot VPN extension. It will keep your browsing identity anonymous. It means it will keep your browsing history private. The VPN has the option to switch between various locations. All the servers provide unlimited bandwidth and so you can surf unlimited. Also, it doesn’t decrease the Internet speed like some other VPN’s.

This is one of the best Chrome Extensions that will improve the browsing experience. You can install the extension from the below link. Then sign up for the new account and use it.

Download Dot VPN Chrome Extension

So, there you have it the list of best Chrome Extensions to enhance the feature of Google Chrome. There are many other good chrome extensions that you can explore on the Chrome Web store. If we miss any extension that you think should make into the list, then let us know, we will update the list.

In case if you want to add your favorite extension to the list let us know in the comment section. We will update the list.

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