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10 Best Facebook Games for Ultimate Fun 2020

Facebook is a Social Media where people can share their views, posts, stories, status, and media with others. It is one of the best and successive messaging platforms. I can say that the era of messenger started with Facebook. Facebook is not just about chatting and posting we can also play games and also we can store game data as well. So here I have collected some best facebook games that you can play for fun.

Facebook is a place filled with many addictive activities and features. If you once started using Facebook it is difficult to leave it because of its amazing features. Facebook is still adding features to the platform so that it can be more reliable and consistent for users.

There are millions of games available on Facebook that you can play. You don’t even need games to download on your phone or PC. You can just play your favorite games in a browser or messenger App. Try the listed best facebook games and you can not stop yourself from playing these games over and over again. Facebook has also introduced Gameroom where you can play more games.

Best Facebook Games

1) 8 Ball Pool

This is one of the best games available for Android and iOS mobile phones. Facebook is also providing this game on its Gameroom. You can play 8 Ball Pool online with your friends and even other players across the world. You can challenge your friends and win to stand on top of the scoreboard.

best facebook games

8 Ball Pool is also one of the best Facebook games of all time which is very addictive. More than 10 million players play this game on Facebook, Android phones, and iPhones. In the game there are many tournaments available, you can play tournaments by spending chips. You can earn chips or cash by winning those tournaments and challenge matches.

Genre – Sports

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2) Critical Strike Zero

Critical Strike Zero is a Multiplayer action Game just like Counter-Strike. So if you love shooting as well as action game then this is one of the best Facebook games to consider. The game will really amaze you with its awesome and wonderful graphics.

best facebook games

Along with action the game also has some locations full of Adventure. There are a lot of guns available that you can buy from cash that you can earn by winning matches. If you want to experience a counter strike then you should try this game at least once.

Genre – Action

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3) Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is an ultimate casual game and also one of the best Facebook games of all time. It’s a very addictive game that is very popular among Facebook users. No one can deny that it is a great game after playing it for just one time. More than 10 million people play this game on Facebook.

best facebook games

The game is free and also provide some items which can be purchased in the game. In the game, you have to crush all candies by matching them. The game has many levels and the difficulty will increase with the increase in levels. Break records of your friends and millions of players from all over the world to be on the leaderboard.

Genre – Casual

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4) Criminal Case

Criminal Case is a very popular game because of its amazing story and gameplay. Also, the game has great graphics. The game provides full adventure gameplay. This is not just a game, it also sharpens the memory of the player which is great.

best facebook games

The game follows the story of the player which solves the crime and help police to catch murderers. Police also allows the player to interview witnesses and suspects. So join the police and catch the killers. It is one of the best facebook games in the puzzle genre.

Genre – Casual, Puzzle

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5) Top Eleven Football Manager

Top Eleven Football Manager is a sports game where you can manage your football team. So if you like managing games then this is the best game. In the game, you have to manage your team and they will play against teams from another manager.

best facebook games

You can buy and sell players in the game. The game provides the real and full experience of managing a football team. In my opinion, it feels like I have my own football team. This is one of the best facebook games in the sports genre.

Genre – Sports

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6) Dragon City

Dragon City is a simulation game based on Farming, where we can build farms, buildings, habitats etc. In this game, the player can build the base called dragon city where they can train dragons. The player can also infuse different types of dragons together.

best facebook games

The basic play of the game is to train dragons and send them into fights with other dragons. The game offers more than 500 dragons of different varieties including Fire, Nature, Legends and many more. New dragons can be obtained from special events.

Genre – Simulation, Casual

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7) Chess

Chess is a Board Game and very popular which is played by more than 100k Facebook users. There are a lot of chess games available on facebook but this is one of the best Facebook games to play. The game offers different types of boards, you can choose them manually.

best facebook games

I like the chess game because it increases our skill level and also helps us to practice chess anytime anywhere. This game also allows to challenge friends and also we can play with other online players as well.

Genre – Board Game

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8) TeenPatti

TeenPatti is a poker and table game based on cards. In this game card distributed among players and then players play it by rules. This is a very addictive game and also one of the best facebook games in the casino genre.

best facebook games

The game has different modes to play the game. The player can by tables using the cash they have earned from winning. This game provides the experience of a casino in mobile and PC.

Genre – Table, Casino, Poker & table

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9) Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends is a puzzle and casual game. You may have already played this game on your phone. This is a very popular game by Rovio entertainment. There are many games from the Angry Birds series but only this one is available on Facebook and you don’t need Android or iOS phones.

best Facebook games

The gameplay is similar to other Angry Birds games. We have to defeat piggy monsters. The game allows us to play with friends online and 12 new levels come every week. Every week tournament also takes place where players can challenge their friends and other players from all over the world.

Genre – Puzzle, Casual

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10) FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2 is a casual and simulation game based on Farming. It is a successor of the first FarmVille game. The game is all about farming where you can buy plots and grow crops in the fields. Other than Crops, players can buy pets and other adorable animals.

best facebook games

Players need to feed the animals from time to time to get resources from them. Also, the player can sell resources like milk, crops, vegetables, etc. The game allows the player to take help from their friends to grow their base faster.

Genre – Simulation, Casual

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So these are the 10 best Facebook games that you can play. Still, there are a lot of good games available on Facebook. I will say try the games from the list that you like the most. However, you should also take a look at the game list provided by Facebook. And at last, I will say that Facebook is a good platform to play online games, people should play more often from facebook.

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