10 Best Facebook Games That You Need To Play In 2023

One of the best ways to pass the time and enjoy with your friends is gaming. There is no doubt about it. There are tons of games spread across multiple platforms for you to enjoy. One such platform that lets you play a good number of games is Facebook. Yes, Facebook does have a good number of games that you can play. Sure they aren’t your high-level triple-A titles, rather they are fun casual games that you can play on the go.

Gaming doesn’t necessarily have to be the best action adventure RPG-only games. A lot of people like myself enjoy playing casual games. They are simple and do not take much of your time as well. So, if you are looking for a good number of games to play on Facebook itself, you’ve come to the right place, here’s the list of some top Facebook games.

Best Facebook Games

Facebook has a good number of games that you can play. However, do note that when you play these games, you will be making use of your Facebook account since you need to log in with one particular account. Also, if you have friends who play the same game as you, they will be able to see that you have played the game.

If you are fine with all of this, then go ahead and check out this list of Facebook games that you can play. And yes, these games work on the official Facebook app for Android and iOS as well as the web version of Facebook.


Everwing is an interesting game to play. In this game, you will have to guide your character by tapping on it. You can move either left or right to dodge the monsters as well as other items that can kill your character. This is a fun game to pass the time. You can easily upgrade your characters with the in-game coins that you receive. The game has around 371K players.

best facebook games

Play Everwing on Facebook

Prison Escape: Lupin Adventure

Prison Escape is a puzzle game where you play the role of a prisoner who was caught while robbing a bank. You have 10 days to escape from jail. The game gives you three choices to choose from. Based on what you pick you will be able to move forward. If you pick the wrong option, you will have to choose the option that is perfect for the situation. Only then you will be able to successfully pass on to the next level. Prison Escape has had 324K players to date.

best facebook games

Play Prison Escape: Lupin Adventures on Facebook

Fruit Ninja With Friends

Fruit Ninja is one the most classic fruit-cutting games that are over 10 years old. This is the same game developed by Halfbrick which you can now play on Facebook without having to install the game itself. The game is what it is. You get to slice different fruits and play through the various game modes that are fun as well as challenging. Fruit Ninja has 264K players.

best facebook games

Play Fruit Ninja with Friends on Facebook


Snake.io is your usual snake game where you have to control the movement of the snake. You can choose a server and play either a ranked or an unranked match. You can guide your snake using your mouse if playing on a PC or the on-screen joystick if on mobile devices. You need to navigate your snake to consume the food and steer away from snakes that are larger than you. If you see a snake smaller than you, you can kill that snake. Make sure to not run into the boundaries of the map or you will lose the game. Snake.io has 311K players on Facebook.

best facebook games

Play Snake.io on Facebook

Ludo King

One of the most popular games to play on Facebook is Ludo King. The game is what it is. A ludo game where you can choose to play with three other friends or other people online. The game follows the basic rules of Ludo. You pick your piece, roll the dice, and keep moving forward until you reach your home. Ludo King has a large player base of around 604K players.

best facebook games

Play Ludo King on Facebook


One of the most fun card games on the planet. Don’t have friends to play Uno at your house? Just play Uno on Facebook! Apart from the regular UNO game mode that we all know, the game has other fun and interesting modes for you to play such as UNO Go Wild and Fun Room. This UNO game is online and you can choose to play with your Facebook friends or with other people online. The game has daily rewards for you to claim as well as different challenges for you to complete. The Uno Facebook game has 709K players.

best facebook games

Play Uno! on Facebook.

Piano Music Master

Piano Music Master is a piano tiles type of game, You have to tap on each tile according to the beat or tune of the music. This game requires you to be alert and have a quick response time. If you miss a tile or tap on the wrong one, you lose the game and will have to start all over. Piano Music Master has over 1 million players on Facebook.

best facebook games

Play Piano Music Master on Facebook

Angry Birds

 If you are someone who was in school from 2009-2010, there was just one game that everybody talked about- Angry Birds. You can now play Angry Birds on Facebook. The game requires you to make use of various types of birds that have unique abilities. You can toss these birds onto the piggy’s castles to defeat them. Provided that you eliminate all the piggies from the level you get a three-star win. 242K players play Angry Birds on Facebook.

best facebook games

Play Angry Birds on Facebook

Moto Rush

Moto Rush is a simple tap/click game. You are given a motorcycle and your goal is to reach the finish line first. You can choose to play against your Facebook friends or with the AI in the game. You need to make sure that you manage your speed when jumping over hills and landing them correctly. If you do not make the landing, you will have to restart from the last checkpoint. Moto Rush has 322K players.

best facebook games

Play Moto Rush on Facebook

Words with Friends

Words with Friends is a pretty old game and is still playable. This is a game of Scrabble where you are given a board and a set of tiles. Your job is to make meaningful words and place the tiles on the board. Depending on the score of the letter as well as on what tile you place the letter, you get better points. This is a fun game. However, you need to understand that you can lay your move only when the opponent has played their turn; if not, the game will wait for 60 minutes and then automatically play a word on your behalf.

best facebook games

Play Words with Friends on Facebook.

This concludes the best Facebook games that you can play easily on your web browser or on your Android or iOS smartphone. All of these games are free to play. However, there can be awesome in-app purchases which is a choice and not a compulsory purchase for you to do.

So what do you think about these Facebook games? Is it a great way to enjoy these fun, light, and casual games on the go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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