How to Get Samsung Galaxy S10 Features on any Android Device [One UI]

One UI is officially available for the Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The new Samsung One UI comes with Galaxy S10 & recently released for the S9 or other Galaxy series phones, it provides a great user experience. It has features like the new home screen UI, new icons, new themes, dark mode, and a lot more. Here, I will tell you, how you can get Samsung Galaxy S10 features on your Android smartphone.

How to Get Samsung Galaxy S10 Features on any Android

And the best thing is!

You can get all the Samsung One UI Features on any Android Device, whether it is a Samsung device or any other Android Phone.

So, Let’s dive into the details.

How to Get Samsung One UI Features on Any Android Device

Download Samsung One UI for S8

Samsung’s One UI Features & Details: One UI enhances the user experience and users alsowant to try this new UI update as soon as possible. The main highlight is, interactive view & elements comes down by which you can access the phone with a single hand. It is very complicated to use the phone while standing or traveling, especially the big note. Every app and its useful elements come slightly down.

Samsung also changes the icon of the apps, which makes it easier to understand which app it is. Samsung’s new UI is pretty smart, and it changes the theme color according to the device color. You can also use night mode or dark mode in the system apps, which helps you to save battery. Also, Samsung One UI wallpapers or Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallpapers are pretty cool & simple which looks awesome with the OneUI home screen setup. So, Here are the steps to Get Samsung One UI Features on any Android.

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Note: We tried out this setup using same settings on Samsung S8 & Moto G4 Plus. So, You can get Samsung one UI features on any Android.

1. Setup Home Screen with Launcher

Yes, You can setup similar home screen setup to the One UI home screen with the launcher. Here, we are using Nova Launcher. You may know about the fact that, Nova Launcher provides a lot of customizing options. So, we are using it to make one UI home screen setup.

  1. Download Nova Launcher from the Play Store. Make sure to download the updated version.
  2. Now, set it as your default launcher. Go to Settings > Apps > Settings icon (available at top corner) > under defaults > Home > set as your default launcher.
  3. Go back to the home screen, then, open the Nova launcher settings by press & hold on the screen.
  4. Under Nova Settings, click on Home Screens > change Desktop grid size to 5X4, icon layout to 140% with labels. No Padding is needed. Click on Dock then change Dock icons to 4 & icon layout to 140%. Also, remove the search bar.get samsung one ui features
  5. Under App drawer settings, Change the style to horizontal and App grid to 5X5. Also, disable the Top bar.get samsung one ui features
  6. Under Look & Feel Settings, Choose the Icon Pack > One UI Icon Pack. Then change the adaptive icon style to squircle.
  7. Now Head over to the Gestures & inputs settings > change home button actions to None. It’ll help you to enable the Google Assistant or Bixby which one you are using.
  8. That’s ui

Note: Samsung One UI wallpapers are pretty simplistic texture and pleasant. Colors are vibrant & clear and wallpapers look premium in the presentation event.

2. One UI Icon Pack

In the Samsung’s developer conference, Samsung shows that icons of One UI are easy to recognize. So, you need to download an icon pack on your smartphone. This icon pack is very much similar to the original Samsung’s One UI icons.

  1. Download One UI Icon Pack from the play store.
  2. Now open Nova Launcher settings.
  3. Head over to the Look & Feel settings > change icon pack to One UI Icon one ui icon pack
  4. That’s it.

3. Weather Widget

In the presentation of One UI, we’ve seen that one weather widget is set on the home screen. While, if you’re updating the S9 or Note 9 to the official One UI beta, then it has an old-school Samsung experience UI clock widget along with new weather widget. For creating the weather widget you need XWidget Pro.

  1. Download XWidget Pro app, available around $2 on Play Store.
  2. Then, set up a new widget on your home screen. Choose XWidget of size 4X2.
  3. Now, search S9 in the XWidget for the weather one ui weather widget
  4. Here, It comes with the clock, so you can click on the edit button and remove the items accordingly.
  5. Also, move all the weather items to the left side. Now click on the save button.
  6. Tap on the home screen, That’s it.

Note: If it looks similar then it is ok. But if didn’t, then you can change the elements size accordingly.

4. Navigation Bar

Samsung Experience UI & One UI both come with there own different navigation bar icons. You can get the same navigation bar on your phone as well. You need to install an app named as, Custom Navigation Bar.

  1. Download Custom Navigation Bar from Play Store.
  2. The app is available in 2 variants free & paid. Here, We used the paid app, because it comes with custom theme options with predesigned navigation bar for Samsung Experience UI, Android Pie, Google Pixel Navigation bar, & more.
  3. After installation, Open the app & give the needed access permissions, using PC, Root, or Xposed. Here, We use the PC method to access the permissions.get samsung one ui navigation bar
  4. Connect your phone with PC, make sure to enable USB debugging.
  5. Open Command Prompt, Now enter these commands one by one. It’s a quite easy process anyone can easily do the same.get samsung one ui features
    1. adb devices
    2. adb shell
    3. pm grant xyz.paphonb.systemuituner android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS
  6. After giving the needed access permissions, the app will show you a demo navigation icon for the compatibility test. Just click on it to move forward.
  7. Click on navigation bar settings > theme > choose Samsung S8 for the same navigation bar.get samsung one ui navigation bar
  8. If you’re using the free app then you can select experimental tweak option.
  9. Download the png icons of Samsung navigation bar and set accordingly.
  10. That’s it.

5. Fluid N.G. for Side Edge Panel

Samsung Edge feature is pretty famous, which comes with S6, S7, S8, and also in S9. This feature works great and very handy for most of the situations. It will quickly open the app when you are using your phone with a single hand. So, Download Fluid N.G.

  1. Download Fluid N.G. (Experimental) from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open Fluid N.G. app, it will ask for the access permissions.
  3. Click on it and allow the app to run.get samsung one ui features
  4. Now, you can swipe from the edge of your phone’s screen to go back.
  5. Long swipe will open the recent app, that you are using.
  6. The works very well & it is smooth.

6. Dark Mode

One UI comes with night mode, which helps you to save your phone’s battery. The new Samsung One UI also change the phone’s theme to the device color. Well, both features are pretty amazing and work well. Let’s see How to Enable Dark mode in Android Pie.

  • For Notification Panel

  1. Open your phone’s system settings.
  2. Then head over to the display settings.
  3. Now tap on advanced options > device theme.enable dark mode on android pie
  4. Here, you can change the option accordingly, like Dark, Light, Automatic (based on wallpaper).
  • For Full Device

  1. Open the system settings.
  2. Then head over to System > Advanced.
  3. Now tap on Developer options > Night Mode.enable dark mode
  4. Here choose the Dark option or Automatic (based on time) option, which will change the whole UI to the dark.enable dark mode
  5. That’s it.

Note: If you’re using Samsung Galaxy S8 on Android Oreo then, you can change your phone’s theme to the dark theme, Here’s the list of Best Samsung Themes. You can also enable the dark mode on phone’s like OnePlus 5/5T, 6/6T or change the theme if running Xiaomi device.

7. Samsung Internet Browser for DeX Dock

If you’re a Samsung Fan, then you’ve heard of DeX Dock, which will allow you to mirror your Android browser screen on PC, this can be done by Samsung Internet Browser. Also, You can access the websites in dark mode or ambient color with different fonts like Robot, Open Sans, and Roboto Condensed. This feature is very similar to Google Chrome. But you can use in DeX Dock mode as well.

dex dock
IMG Source: Samsung

Samsung’s internet browser provides you a great experience while you’re using Gear VR or any VR headset with your phone. Also, you can use the browser without worrying about privacy, it is one of the secured browsers.

8. Always On Display

Always On Display is one of my favorite features, it looks cool on AMOLED displays. Everyone loves Samsung phones, and one the reason is this. So, We can also get the same functionality of Samsung’s One UI or Experience UI on any Android phone.

  1. Download the Always on Display app from the play store.
  2. Give the required access permissions to the app.
  3. Enable the glance notification option. That’s it.always on display
  4. You can also set the background wallpaper, image, or sticker on the glance.
  5. That’s it.

Note: It will look more superior if your phone has an AMOLED or QHD display panel. We didn’t recommend you to install the app if your phone doesn’t have an AMOLED display.

9. Download Samsung One UI Official Update for S8, S9, Note 8, and Note 9

download samsung one ui for s9Samsung’s One UI Beta testing program is up for everyone who are using Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ or Note 9. You can update your Note 9, S9 or S9+, S8/S8 Plus, and Note 8 to the official Samsung One UI Beta ROM update via OTA. After registering to the beta program you’ll receive the official update on your phone. Here’s the Step by Step Guide:

Note: Make sure to backup all the important data and files of your phone, before upating.

10. Enable Bixby on Samsung Devices

IMG Source: Samsung

Samsung flagship devices come with 2 Assistant apps, one is Google Assitant and another one is Samsung’s own Bixby. Well, most of the users don’t use it well on their Samsung phones, but if you want to try it. Here’s the process by which you can install Bixby on your Samsung phone.

  1. Download Bixby app, from APKMirror.
  2. Now open the app and install it on your Samsung phone. Make sure to enable unknown sources before installing the app.
    1. Go to Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Unknown Sources > Enable it.
  3. After installing the app open it and start using Bixby.
  4. That’s it.
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Note: Bixby functionality works only on the Samsung phones running on Android Nougat or higher.

If you’ve any queries regarding any step or point. Then, drop a comment in the comment section below. Also, If we miss any feature then, tell us in the comment section and share this article with your friends on social media.

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