How to Turn Off Store Mode on Hisense Smart TV

If you have gone to the physical electronics store and visited the Smart TVs section, you might have seen the TVs playing out some nice visual content. All of this visual content is available right within the TV. It is known as a Store Demo. What it does is showcase how well the TV can produce an output as well as the sound quality and richness of the speakers. These are popular on a lot of TV modes especially the ones from Hisense.

So, if you’ve recently purchased a TV and the Store forgot to exit out of the Store Mode or Demo mode, here is a guide on how to turn off store mode on Hisense Smart TV.

Demo Modes are super useful for those who are planning to purchase a TV. The demo mode will let you access a few basic settings and might also contain a video file or an images slide show that will talk all about the features of the Smart TV. It can even show you certain features of the TVs OS. While aloof this looks good at displays in the stores, nobody wants to have the store demo mode when the TV is at home.  Read on to know how to turn off Store Mode on Hisense Smart TV.

Turn OFF Store Mode / Demo Mode on Hisense Smart TV

There are two ways of turning the Store Mode or Demo Mode off on your Hisense Smart TV You can disable it using the remote as well as without the remote. Let’s take a look.

how to turn off store more on hisense smart tv

How to Turn Off Store Mode With Remote

  1. Power up your Hisense Smart TV and have the TV remote with you.
  2. Press the Home button on your Hisense TV Remote.
  3. Now, select the Settings option.
  4. Under the Settings menu, scroll and select Device Preferences.
  5. You will see the Retail Mode; tap on it. On some TV models, you will see Usage Mode or Demo Mode; select it.
  6. Select Home Mode to disable store mode on your TV.
  7. That’s it.

Steps for Hisense Smart TVs running on Google TV:

If you have Hisense Google TV, follow the below steps to disable Store Mode:

  1. Press the gear icon on the remote control. You can also navigate to Settings from the home screen if the remote does not have a direct Settings button.
  2. Navigate to System > Advanced System.
  3. Turn off the toggle for Store Mode.
  4. That’s it.

How to Turn Off Store Mode Without Remote

  1. Since you have lost the remote, press the power button on the TV that will be at the sides or the back panel.
  2. There will be a menu button. Press the button.
  3. Using the channel and volume up and down buttons, you can navigate to Settings.
  4. Next using the channel down button navigate over to Device Preferences.
  5. Now using the channel down button, navigate and select the Retail Mode option and press the OK button on the TV.
  6. Here you can choose to disable the Store Mode off for our Hisense Smart TV.


This is how you turn off Store Mode on a Hisense Smart TV. If at all you can’t figure it out with the buttons on the TV, it might be time to get yourself a replacement remote right away. Now, sometimes, the TV might not be able to get itself out of the Store Mode, this is where you might have to perform a factory reset on your Hisense Smart TV.

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If you still have any query, then let us know about it in the comments below. Also, share this guide with your friends.

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  1. Thank you! My t.v. did not have retail mode, however through usage mode I was able to access the settings to turn it back to home mode.

  2. I did not have a retail mode in my setting on my tv . However i did have a usage mode and it took me to the correct settings to disable store mode


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