How to use Hisense TV without Remote [7 Methods]

TVs have become smarter day by day. Hisense TVs are popular in this category. To control any TV including Hisense TV you need eligible Remotes. But what if you lose your Remote or it stopped working? Well, we have a few methods that will help you in such cases. Here you will know how to use Hisense TV without remote or wifi.

Hisense TVs also come with the ability to download and install apps. And this will help you to control your TV without remote. Smart TVs also comes with smart Remote that let you control TVs with just a few clicks, and some apps can also mimic remote functions. So, if you lose your Hisense TV remote, You can simply follow this guide to control your TV without remote.

How to use Hisense TV without a Remote

There are many reasons why you would want alternatives to a remote to use your Hisense TV. Maybe, the remote is broken and you are waiting for a new one that you just ordered, the batteries might have exhausted or maybe you just misplaced the remote itself. Whatever the reason may be here are a few ways to use your Hisense TV without a remote.

How to use Hisense TV without Remote

Note: To use Hisense TV without remote or WiFi you can follow Method 1, Method 5 and Method 6.

Method 1: Use Buttons on the Hisense TV

Most of the TVs have buttons for the Power, Settings, Channel, and Volume controls. You can always press these buttons to control Hisense Smart TV without Remote. This is just one way that you can use your Hisense TV without the need of having a remote.

Latest TVs do not come with a lot of buttons except the Power button that you can use to turn off and turn on Hisense TV without a Remote. You can find these buttons either in the bottom or at the sides. These might not be visible from front so look from close distance.

How to use Hisense TV without Remote

Method 2: Use the Roku App for RokuOS Hisense TVs

RokuOS is a popular TV OS that comes with a variety of Hisense smart TVs. And, if you have lost the remote of your Roku Hisense smart TV, follow these steps.

  1. Download the Roku app that is available for Android as well as iOS devices.
  2. With the app installed, launch it and search for the Hisense Smart TV.
    How to use Hisense TV without Remote
  3. Make sure that your TV and mobile device are connected to the same WiFi network.
  4. Once you have connected to the TV, tap the Remote tab that’s at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Now, test the remote by using buttons available in the remote. If its connected properly, you will be able control your TV with the App.
  6. And there you have it. You can control the channel, adjust volume, and browse through the settings menu easily on a Roku Hisense TV without remote.

Method 3: Use the Android TV Remote App for Hisense TVs

Newer Hisense smart TVs come with Google’s Android OS right out of the box. And, if you have lost the remote of your Hisense Android TV, you can still use Hisense TV. Thanks to the Android Remote TV app. You can read more about the app over here.

  1. You can download the Android TV app from the PlayStore and the App Store.
  2. Launch the app and accept the terms and conditions.
    How to use Hisense TV without Remote
  3. From the app look for the Hisense Smart TV.
  4. Make sure that your TV and mobile are connected to the same Wifi network.
  5. Connect to the TV and pair it with the code on your mobile device.
  6. Finally, test Remote controls with your Hisense smart TV.

And this is how you use the Hisense smart TV without a Remote. Apart from that, you can also make use of the keyboard within the app to enter text on the TV. There is also a touchpad in the app that you can use as a mouse to navigate around your TV.

Method 4: Use Google Assistant to Control Hisense Smart TV

Google Assistant is a popular voice assistant service from Google that can be used to control a lot of your smart home devices. Let’s look at how to use Google Assistant to control your Hisense smart TV

  1. Download the Google Home app on Android or iOS phones.
  2. Make sure your phone and the TV are connected to the smart Wi-Fi network.
    How to use Hisense TV without Remote
  3. In the Google Home app, you will be able to see your TV. Tap on it to connect it to your Google Home App.
  4. Once connected, you will now be able to control your TV right from the Google Home app.
  5. You can even use Google Assistant to control the TV. Various commands such as “OK Google switch tv Off”, “OK Google, turn the volume up/down” etc.
    How to use Hisense TV without Remote
  6. You can even ask the Assistant to play a particular video from YouTube.

The Google Home app will also have on-screen controls such as the ability to play or pause the video and even increase or decrease the volume using the on-screen slider on your mobile device.

Method 5: Control Hisense Smart TV with Infrared from Mobile

Most of the TVs will have an Infrared sensor on themselves that is used by the TV remote to detect inputs from it. There are many Android phones in the market that have an infrared sensor built into them.

You can take advantage of this quite easily by using Remote apps such as MiRemote which has support for a whole lot of devices. From TVs to Air Conditioners, the remote works most of the time. This method will only work if, your mobile device has an infrared sensor.

Method 6: Use a Universal Remote

Now, if you simply cannot find the original remote for your Hisense Smart TV, the next best option for you is to get yourself a Universal Remote Control.

How to Use Hisense TV without Remote

If you have a DirectTV Remote lying around, or, if you are able to get your hands on a DirecTV Remote, GE Remote, or RCA Remote, you can simply program the remote to be used as your Hisense’s TV remote. You can check out this guide on how to program a DirecTV Remote to your Hisense Smart TV. You will simply need to get hold of the DirecTV Remote Code Lookup page which shows you the codes to program the Hisense Smart TV.

Method 7: Use the RemoteNOW App

If all fails, the last option left, is to make use of the Hisense RemoteNOW app. This is an official app designed by Hisense for its Hisense Smart TVs. However, you need to understand the app will work with a limited number of Hisense TV models. Here is the list of models.

Model YearModel Launch
2018P5, P6, P7, P8, P9
2019R4, R5, R6, R7, R8
2020S4, S5, SX, S8, Q7, Q9
2021A4G, A6G, A7G, U7G, U8G, U9G

The app is available on Android and iOS devices, which can be downloaded for free. To use this app, simply connect your Hisense Smart TV and your Mobile device to the same Wifi network.

How to use hisense tv without root

With that done, launch the RemoteNOW app and tap on the TV icon at the top right corner. You can use the trackpad to navigate around your TV. The other things that you can do with the app are:

  • Channel Switch
  • Volume Control
  • Access various Apps
  • Anyview Stream
  • Keyboard to type or enter text on your TV


These are some ways that you could use to control HiSense TV without a remote. Of course, if you don’t wish to use your mobile phone as a remote, you could always place an order for a replacement remote or get a remote that works universally with almost all brands of TV sets. We hope this guide has helped you learn to use the Hisense smart TV without a remote.

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