How to Root OnePlus 7 with Magisk Patched Boot Image

Do you want to root your OnePlus 7 phone without installing TWRP Recovery? If yes then here’s a guide for you on how to root OnePlus 7 with Magisk Patched Boot Image.

We have already posted a guide to root OnePlus 7 Pro, and if you have OnePlus 7 pro the do check out the guide. But here you will know the step by step guide to root OnePlus 7. We will be using Magisk for this method which is universally used to root Android phones. Magisk let users root their device systemless and on top of that, it also provides Module support. OnePlus 7 seeks development whereas the OnePlus 7 pro already started getting custom ROMs. And you can take this guide as a start as soon custom ROMs will start releasing.

You can easily root your OnePlus 7 if you have the patched boot image and bootloader is unlocked. You will also find the guide to create Magisk patched boot image below if you don’t have the patched file. Creating a patched boot image is slightly different than other Android phones, so you may need to follow the guide carefully. And once you have the patched boot image then we will head to our main guide to root OnePlus 7.

How to Create Magisk Patched Boot Image

Note: If your phone is running on OOS 9.5.4 then you don’t need to create the patched boot image. You will find the patched image link below in the root section.

  1. Download the stock OOS on which your OnePlus 7 is currently running (eg. if you are in OOS 9.5.5 then download the stock OOS 9.5.5). Or just get the stock boot.img file to save data.
  2. Extract the boot.img from the stock OOS file using payload.bin dumper (Python required).
  3. Transfer the extracted boot.img in phone storage (remember the location).
  4. Download latest Magisk Manager and Install it on your phone.
  5. Open Magisk Manager, click on Install > Install. how to root oneplus 7
  6. Now in Select Method, you need to choose “Select and Patch a File”. how to root oneplus 7
  7. Locate and select the boot.img file and the patch process will begin.
  8. After completion, it will display success message with the location where the patch file is saved (generally it stored in Download folder).
  9. Transfer the Patched Boot Image file on your PC.

How to Root OnePlus 7 with Magisk Patched Boot Image


Steps to Root OnePlus 7

  1. Copy the patched boot image to the location C:\adb.
  2. Rename the patched boot image to boot.img for convenience. how to root oneplus 7
  3. Turn off your phone.
  4. Press Volume UP + Volume Down + Power button together to boot into Fastboot Mode. When Fastboot mode appears, release all the buttons.
  5. Connect your phone to PC.
  6. In adb folder, press Shift + Right-click on an empty area and select “Open PowerShell window here” or “Open Command window here”. how to root oneplus 7
  7. Enter the below command to check the phone is connected or not, it should return some ID
    • fastboot devices
  8. If the phone is connected the enter the below command to root OnePlus 7
    • fastboot flash boot boot.img
  9. After flashing boot.img now you can reboot the device, follow the below command
    • fastboot reboot
  10. Open Magisk Manager and Install the Magisk again, this time select direct install.
  11. Reboot the device and enjoy your rooted OnePlus 7.

So this is all you have to do for rooting OnePlus 7 without TWRP Recovery. Now you can easily get rid of bloated Apps, you will also have the control to change system file (don’t change system file if you don’t know about it). Rooting gives a lot of advance feature which is useful only if you know how to use it. Always remember that along with advantages rooting any phone also has some disadvantages.

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If you managed to root your device successfully then enjoy. And if failed by any reason you can write your comment below with the error info. We will reply with the solution to fix the error. Thanks.

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