How to Install Clean Boot Logo on Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Plus/S20 Ultra

Recently we shared a guide to root Samsung S20 devices and many users have already rooted their phones. But as we have seen in previous Samsung phones that after unlocking bootloader, whenever we boot the phone it always shows warning message related to unlocked bootloader. It means when you boot your phone it will show a screen with a bunch of text that doesn’t look good at all. No one likes to see an irritating screen every time they reboot their phones. If you want to remove it and get a clean boot logo then this guide is for you. Here you will know How to Install Clean Bootlogo on Samsung S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra.

To fix the issue we need to install a clean boot logo file in the device. The guide will work for all three Galaxy S20 phones. This method will work only if you have the root access on your phone. And since the root method is working fine you can easily install the official Samsung boot logo on your device. It’s hard to root Samsung devices but surprisingly rooting Galaxy S20 phones are easier then what we expected. So if you like rooting your device for customizations then do not miss the opportunity as maybe in further updates the process can be difficult.

With news features, there is always some demerit that doesn’t affect much on performance but it makes the device bloated. And so we need to take steps to make the device clean. And so to start the process we will suggest installing the clean boot logo first. And once we get hands on custom boot logo or custom boot animation we will share another guide on it.

How to Install Bootlogo on Samsung S20 Phones

This guide is also going to be helpful if you have a custom boot logo file. But just to give a heads up we haven’t tested any custom boot animation or logo so you have to try it at your own risk. But as the clean boot logo zip is tested and working you are good to try this on your Galaxy S20 device. Before you install the official Samsung boot logo on your phone go through the requirements which are important to flash boot logo.


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Steps to Install Clean Bootlogo on Galaxy S20

The installation process is easy but you still have to be careful while installing the boot logo. So let’s start the steps.

  1. Copy the downloaded zip file to your computer and extract it to get the tar file.
  2. Extract the Odin zip file and run the Odin.exe.
  3. Now turn off your phone. Press and hold Volume Up + Volume Down together and when holding both buttons connect it your computer via USB.
  4. Release both buttons when you see the Warning screen with options.
  5. Then press the Volume Up button once to boot Galaxy S20 into Download Mode.
  6. Odin tool will now detect your phone and show blue color near ID: COM.
  7. Click on the AP tab and load the tar file (up_param.tar) that you got after extracting the downloaded file. Install bootlogo in Samsung S20
  8. And once it is done click on Start to flash the Clean Bootlogo on Galaxy S20. Install bootlogo in Samsung S20

After flashing the phone will reboot into the system. And right from there, you will see the effect and it will not show any warning message. If you have any requests regarding guide for us then you can connect with us on Social Media anytime. If you are waiting for custom ROMs and custom boot animation then it is expected to come soon.

So there you have it the complete guide on how to get clean bootlogo on Galaxy S20 after unlocking bootloader. In case if you have any questions then you can ask in the comment section below.

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