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Download Good Lock 2020 APK with OneUI 2.0 & Android 10 Support

Good Lock is an App available for Samsung phones running on One UI. It is a popular app that is used to customize the Samsung phone without root access. The OneUI 2.0 is already out for many devices and the previous version of Good Lock does not support. And so users who are using OneUI 2.0 were not able to use Good Lock. And it means they were missing great features like Status bar customization, Themes and more. But as promised the Good Lock 2020 has been released which supports OneUI 2.0 and Android 10. Here you get to Download Good Lock 2020 APK for your Samsung phone.

It is a major update that brings Dark Mode support along with Android 10 based OneUI 2.0 support. After this update, you can simply use the Good Lock on your Samsung device running on OneUI 2.0. It has all the same features as the older version but now it works on all the OneUI devices. And if you were missing the Good Lock features on your Samsung because of OneUI 2.0 then now you can again enjoy its amazing customization features. Download Good Lock 2020 Apps

Everything is working great other than LockStar which is currently not supported on OneUI 2.0. But soon we can see the update with LockStar fix. Other than LockStar other features like QuickStar, MultiStar, Task Change, Clockface, NavStar, and NotiStar are working fine. It means you can customize everything except Lock Screen via Good Lock. So if you want to enjoy features of Good Lock on your Samsung phone then download the latest Good Lock APK on your device.

Table of Contents

Good Lock 2020 Apps – Changelogs

Here is the changelog of each module for the latest updates.

Task Changer

  • The vertical stack layout type has been added.
  • Show cube effect when gesture.


  • Support One UI 2.0
  • Support Dark mode
  • Customize a handler to run NotiStar on the Lock screen. ( handler’s color, position and opacity )


New features added on Android 10+ devices

  • *Android 10 users are recommended to reinstall the existing QuickStar
  • One UI 2.0 support
  • Dark mode support
  • Improved color coordination between QuickPanel and Notification when specifying transparency
  • Update the default theme list


Added new function

  • Quick launch of the Multi window
  • The long live app
  • Pop-up view action UI
  • Keeping pop-up windows last used
  • Avoid minimizing pop-up view.

Deleted function

  • Use the multi window without pausing
  • Multi Sound

Theme Park

Dark mode support

  • Dark mode can be used even with the theme applied, including Resource for Light mode and Dark mode in one theme.
  • You can change the theme for Dark mode by changing to the Dark mode edit screen from the menu.

Main color and style customization

  • You can decide the main color you want.
  • You can edit the style by pressing and holding the Style you want to change.
  • The color of the theme is wrongly specified to improve the visibility problem.

One Hand Operations+

  • Support multiple gesture handles.
  • Enhanced [Task Switcher] function. (Close all, Sub menu)
  • Enhanced [Quick Tools] function.
  • Enhanced [Home screen shortcut] function.
  • Enabled to use system’s touch vibration.
  • Added detailed color setting for animation.

Read This Before Downloading: If the older version of Good Lock has installed on your phone then no need to download Good Lock to install manually. Open the Good Lock on your phone and click on three-dot menu and select Update. And it will take you to the Galaxy Store. Click on the Update and done.

Download Good Lock 2020 Apps

If you like to customize your device to make your phone look good and also to personalize the UI for easy access. To use all the features of Good Lock you have to download each of the modules including MultiStar, QuickStar, and others. You can download each module and follow the install guide to start using the device. Below you can download all the important modules one by one. Alternatively, you can go to Galaxy Store and search for Good Lock and install.

Below is the information regarding each module that might help with using the Good Lock.

Task Changer: In the task changer, you can customize the recent apps screen as you want. You can select like Grid, Stack, Carousel, Slim List, Verticle Stack, and List. You can switch to each option one by one and use the one that you like. Download Good Lock 2020 Apps

NotiStar: NotiStar is a Good Lock module using which you can customize the notification panel. Now it supports Dark Mode and a customizable handler to modify handler color, position, and opacity.

QuickStar: With this module, you can customize the quick panel area. And the latest update comes with Dark Mode support and improved color coordination between Quick Panel and Notification when specifying transparency.

MultiStar: MultiStar let you customize to use multi window to enhance the experience. Using it you can have two screen side to each other and you can pause the one when playing the other. It is really helpful for multi work. Download Good Lock 2020 Apps

There are more modules that are great. You may already know about all the modules if you are using the OneUI on your Samsung phones for a long.

In case if you have downloaded APK files for modules and Good Lock app. Then follow the below installation guide to get Good Lock working on your device.

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How to Install Good Lock 2020 App and its Module

  1. First copy all the APKs to your phone storage.
  2. Go to the files and install the latest Good Lock app on your phone.
  3. After installing the Good Lock install the Task Manager.
  4. Similarly, install other modules one by one.
  5. Open the Good Lock App and now you can use all the latest modules on your Samsung device.
  6. That’s it, now you can customize your Samsung phone easily.

So there you have it the guide to Download Good Lock 2020 Apps and how to install it. The Good Lock gives an opportunity to customize for the users who don’t want to root their phones.

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