How to Fix Hisense TV Keeps Turning Off Issue

Does your Hisense TV keeps turning off after a few seconds? If so, you are not alone on the internet, as many users are facing the same issue and are looking on the internet for ways to fix it. In today’s guide, you will learn some of the best troubleshooting methods to tackle Hisense TV keeps turning off issues.

Hisense TVs are quite popular amongst users for their value for money and quality. However, they are not different from other brands’ TVs regarding problems. These days, users are facing a common problem where their Hisense TV keeps turning off. It can be annoying when you are watching your favorite show or something that’s grabbing your attention.

You can easily get rid of the issue if you already know why it’s happening and how you can troubleshoot it.

Why Does My Hisense TV Keep Turning Off?

Your Hisense TV can turn off for several reasons, and knowing what the possibilities might be can help you resolve the issue quickly. Below, we have included some of the most common reasons for the problem:

  • The energy-saving feature might be turned on.
  • The sleep timer is on.
  • Temporary bugs on your TV.
  • Power supply issues.
  • Hisense TV might be overheating.
  • Outdated TV software.
  • Amongst others.

Whatever the reason, you can easily apply a fix from the listed ones to get your TV back to normal and enjoy your favorite shows. Check out how you can fix the issue in the latter part of the article.

How to Fix Hisense TV Keeps Turning Off

Now that you know the reasons behind the Hisense TV keep turning off the issue, you might be wondering how you can get rid of it. Worry not, as here are the troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.

Check the Power Cord and Outlet

First, check your Hisense TV’s cord wires and ensure that they are properly connected to the power outlet or power strip because if there is a bad wall socket, faulty cord, or others, it might be the reason for the issue.

You can also try plugging your TV into another outlet. If it’s working after connecting to another outlet, you need to check the TV’s power cable. If you are having the same issue, there are surely some issues with the power cord.

Power Cycle Hisense TV

Power cycling helps users fix many issues they face with the TV as it refreshes the device’s software and clears temporary data. Another thing you can try before moving on to the other fixes is to power cycle your TV.

Step 1: Power off your Hisense TV.

Step 2: Unplug the power cord from the socket.

Hisense TV Keeps Turning Off

Step 3: Wait about 1-2 minutes, plug the power cord into the socket, and turn on the Hisense TV.

Once the power cycle process has been completed, try checking if the Hisense TV keeps turning off issue still occurs or not. If yes, move on to the next fix.

Check Remote Control

After checking the power cord and outlet, if you still face the issue, you need to check the Hisense TV’s remote control. Just remove the batteries when your Hisense TV is on and see if the TV turns off itself or not. If not, the problem in your case is with the remote.

Hisense TV Keeps Turning Off

Check carefully on the remote control and see if any button (possibly the power button) is pressed; if yes, then correct it. If this does not fix the issue, it could be time to invest in some new batteries.

Disable Energy Saving Mode on TV

Hisense TV has an energy-saving feature, and if it’s enabled for your device, that might be the reason for the issue, as it automatically turns off the TV when it thinks it’s not being used. Follow the below steps to disable the energy-saving mode on your Hisense TV:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings on your TV.

Step 2: Choose the Energy Saving option and disable it.

Once turned off, turn your Hisense TV on and check whether the issue is fixed or not. If not, move on to the next fix.

Turn Off the Sleep Timer

While the sleep timer is a helpful feature as your TV automatically turns off and reduces screen time, there are instances when the feature turns off the TV after a few seconds due to a bug. In such instances, you need to turn off the feature.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings on your TV.

Step 2: Select System or Device Preferences.

Step 3: Choose Timer Settings. For some models, you need to navigate to Sleep Timer from the home screen.

Step 4: Set the feature to Off.

Check if the TV is Overheating

There might also be chances that your Hisense TV keeps turning off because of safety measures against overheating. To check whether your TV is overheating or not, simply touch the back of the Hisense TV and verify if it’s overheating or not. If it’s, power off the TV until it cools down. Turn on your TV once it cools down, and it should work fine without any issues.

Hisense TV Keeps Turning Off

Update Your TV

If you are running on an outdated software version, that might also be the reason for the issue. Check for the available ones, and if there is an update available for your TV, install it, and your issue should be fixed.

Check out our dedicated guide on how to update Hisense TV.

Factory Reset the TV

If the above method does not work for you, then you have no option left apart from resetting the TV to its default settings. Here’s how you can factory reset your Hisense TV.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > System.

Step 2: Choose Advanced System Settings.

Step 3: Select Factory Reset > Factory Reset Everything.

Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your TV. If you have a Hisense Roku TV, follow our dedicated guide.

Contact the Support Team

If none of the methods listed in this guide work for you, then you can try contacting the Hisense support team, and they can provide you with professional assistance and also arrange a technician if you are not able to fix the problem on your own with the steps they provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to Fix the Hisense TV that Keeps Turning Off While Watching Netflix?

If the Hisense TV keeps turning off while you are watching Netflix or another similar streaming service, try restarting the application. If it does not work, then log out and log in again to your account using your credentials. Try the other fixes listed in the article above if even logging out and logging in again does not work.

Q. How Do I Stop My Hisense TV From Turning Off?

After discussing with several users who faced the same issue previously and were able to get rid of it, we have concluded some troubleshooting to fix the issue. You can stop your Hisense TV from turning off by following the methods mentioned in this article.

By following the simple methods added above in the article, you can easily fix the Hisense TV turning-off issue in no time. I hope the article helped you fix the issue.

If you have questions, feel free to ask us. Also, let us know which method works best for you in the comments below.

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