How to Connect Hisense TV to WiFi without Remote [4 Easy Ways]

If you don’t have or have lost your Hisense Smart TV remote and wish to connect it to WiFi, then worry not, as you can do it, simply by following our step-by-step guide.

Although the remote control is the first preference of users to control the TV, whether they want to connect it to WiFi or do other operations, if you don’t have the physical remote, there is a high chance that you might look on the internet and search for how to connect the Hisense TV to WiFi without its remote.

Read on to explore all the possible ways to do so.

How to Connect Hisense TV to WiFi without Remote

Method 1: Use Physical Buttons (or Joystick) on Hisense TV

Most Hisense TVs have a joystick or physical buttons on the bottom or side panel of the TV. Check your TV and use these buttons or joysticks to navigate to Settings and connect to WiFi. Here’s how you can do it:

how to connect toshiba tv to wifi

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Network Settings.

Step 2: Tap on Network Configuration and select the network you want to connect to.

Step 3: Enter the password, if there is any, and tap Connect.

Method 2: Using an Ethernet Cable

Almost all routers come with an Ethernet port and cable, which you can use to connect your TV to the WiFi by connecting the cable to the router.

How to Connect Hisense TV to WiFi Without Remote

For the unaware, when you plug in the Ethernet cable on your Hisense smart TV, it will automatically connect to the internet without requiring any further processing.

Method 3: Using a USB Mouse or Keyboard

You can also use a USB mouse or keyboard on your TV to easily connect it to WiFi. Almost all the Hisense TV models don’t require any additional settings; all you have to do is plug the mouse or keyboard’s USB into the port of the TV. After connecting it, here’s how you can connect your TV to WiFi:

How to Connect Hisense TV to WiFi Without Remote

Step 1: First of all, turn on the TV using the power button.

Step 2: Plug the mouse or keyboard USB into the port on your Hisense TV.

Step 3: Use the mouse to navigate to Settings.

Step 4: Go to Network > Network Configuration.

Step 5: Select the network to which you want to connect your Hisense TV.

Step 6: Finally, enter the password, then tap Connect.

Method 4: Using an App on Your Phone

You can also use a smartphone application to control your TV and connect it to WiFi. Here’s what you need to do:

How to Get New Android TV Remote on iPhone with Google Home app

Step 1: First of all, download the Google TV app on your Android or iOS devices, working with Android or Google OS based TVs. You can also download an IR remote app if your phone has an IR blaster.

Step 2: After downloading the app, open it and follow the instructions to connect it to the Hisense TV.

Step 3: Once connected, navigate to the steps that we mentioned earlier to connect your TV to WiFi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a mobile hotspot to connect my Hisense TV?

Yes, you can use a mobile portable hotspot to connect the Hisense TV to the internet and enjoy online streaming. You just need to use the mobile’s hotspot instead of the router.

What should I do if I receive a weak signal?

If the WiFi signal is weak or low, it might be the reason why Hisense TV is not connecting to WiFi. To fix the issue, you need to move the router closer to your smart TV.

How should I connect to WiFi as my Hisense remote is not working?

If your remote control is not working and that’s the reason why you are searching to connect to WiFi without a remote control, then you need to replace the remote batteries, power cycle the TV or do other simple fixes that might help you fix the problem.

What should I do if I lose my remote control?

A remote control is a must-have tool and the first choice amongst individuals, as TVs come with so many settings. However, if you have lost it or are not able to find it, you can use simple methods to connect your Hisense TV to WiFi without the physical remote control.

So, this is how you can connect Hisense TV to WiFi without a remote. I hope the article helps you do so. Please share any additional inquiries related to the article in the comments section.

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