How to Fix Hisense (Roku) Remote Not Working

Is your Hisense remote not working? If so, you don’t have to worry, as today we will walk you through some troubleshooting ways to fix the issue.

While the remote control works seamlessly, there are some instances when the remote may stop working or some of its buttons may fail to work properly.

Thankfully, you can get the Hisense remote working again using some simple fixes, unless it is a hardware issue.

In this article, you will learn the causes of the problems and how to fix Hisense remote not working.

Why is the Hisense Remote Not Working?

There can be various reasons why your Hisense TV or Hisense Roku TV remote is not working. Some of the reasons for the issue include:

  • Low or dead batteries.
  • Electromagnetic interference nullifies the remote’s signal.
  • No line of sight.
  • Accessibility features or apps might cause the issue.
  • Buttons got stuck on the remote.
  • Due to other devices’ interference.
  • Outdated Hisense TV’s firmware.
  • Corrupted firmware of the Hisense TV.
  • Amongst others.

How to Fix Hisense Remote Not Working

Now that you know the reason for the issue, let’s look at the simple but effective ways to fix it. Read on to check out the methods to fix the Hisense TV remote not working issue.

Check the Remote Batteries

Firstly, check the batteries of the Hisense remote, as in many instances, when a remote control stops working, it might be due to weak or dead batteries. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Remove the battery panel of the remote and remove the batteries.

Step 2: On the remote control, press and hold the power button for a few seconds. It will discharge the electricity stored in the remote’s capacitor.

Step 3: Once done, insert new batteries in the remote and check if the remote is working properly or not. If not, move on to the next fix.

Hisense Remote Not Working

Press all the remote buttons one by one

It might sound weird to you, but pressing all the remote buttons one by one can get the remote to work again with the TV. There are many instances when a button on the remote control is stuck, and if one or more of the buttons are stuck, you will not be able to use other buttons to control the TV. It’s similar to what happens when you press multiple keys on a keyboard; it stops working.

How to Fix Hisense Remote Not Working

Step 1: Press all the buttons one by one. You can pop the buttons back out if any are stuck on the remote control.

Step 2: Once you do, the issue should be fixed.

Check for Interference

The normal Hisense remote communicates with the TV through an IR blaster; to communicate with the TV, the IR sensor must have a clear line of sight. If something is blocking the path, the remote control will be unable to communicate with the Hisense TV unless you connect the remote via Bluetooth.

Hence, check if the sensor is blocked by any obstacles. If yes, remove them, and your issue should be fixed.

Power-cycle Hisense TV

A software issue on Hisense TV might be the reason why the remote is not able to connect to the TV. If that’s the case, power-cycling your TV can fix the issue. For the unaware, in addition to turning off and on your TV, you need to drain any leftover electrical charge on the circuit throughout the operation. Here’s how you can do it:

How to Fix Hisense Remote Not Working

Step 1: Unplug the TV from the power outlet.

Step 2: Hold down the power button present on your TV for around 30 seconds.

Step 3: After around 60-70 seconds, plug your TV back into the power outlet and turn on the TV.

Reset Hisense TV Remote

Another thing you can try is to reset your Hisense TV remote, as it helps many users resolve the problem. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: From the remote control, remove the batteries.

Step 2: Long-press any button for a few seconds.

Step 3: While pressing the button, reinsert the batteries into the remote control.

Step 4: Release the button after inserting the batteries on the remote.

To reset the Hisense Roku remote, check out our dedicated guide.

Switch the Transmission Mode

The new Hisense TV remote controls come with two modes for transmitting the signal to the Hisense TV: IR and Bluetooth. If the remote is not connected via Bluetooth or if your Hisense TV doesn’t support it, you need to switch the transmission mode to IR. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Hold down the menu button for around 5-10 seconds.

Step 2: Once you do, the remote will switch the transmission mode to IR (infrared).

Verify whether the remote is working or not by using it. If it does not, move on to the next fix.

Configure the Remote

Hisense TV remotes might not work properly if your TV and remote control are not configured correctly. You can easily configure the TV and remote using the Hisense TV Setup assistant by following the simple steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the settings and open Setup Assistant. On some TVs, you will see the Setup Guide.

Step 2: Next, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Turn Off RemoteNow Accessibility

As mentioned earlier, the RemoteNow accessibility feature or app might be the reason why the remote is not working. As the remote control is not working with your TV, you may use the physical buttons on the TV, the Hisense TV app, or ways that allow you to use the Hisense TV without a remote to disable it. Here’s how you can do it:

How to Fix Hisense Remote Not Working

Step 1: Head over to the TV’s Settings and go to Accessibility.

Step 2: Next, turn off the RemoteNow, and your issue should be fixed.

If it does not help you fix the problem, move on to the next troubleshooting fix.

Update the Hisense TV Firmware

As we have stated earlier, outdated firmware might be the reason why your Hisense TV remote is not working, as the firmware may have become incompatible with the remote. Follow the below steps to update it:

How to Update Sony Smart TV

Step 1: Go to Settings > Support.

Step 2: Tap on System Update, then select Check Firmware Upgrade.

Step 3: Update it, and then check if the remote is working fine or not.

To update Hisense Roku TV, follow our dedicated guide.

Factory Reset the TV

You can also try resetting your TV to the default settings, as it may help you solve the issue if the firmware is corrupt. Before doing so, note that resetting the TV will remove all the user data from the Hisense TV. You can follow our dedicated guide on how to reset Hisense TV.

Buy a New Remote

If the above methods do not help fix the Hisense remote not working problem, you may need to buy a new Hisense remote. You can buy a new Hisense remote from an online store like Walmart, Amazon, or the Hisense website.

Contact the Support Team

You can also contact Hisense customer support for assistance, as they can help you with the problem, provide troubleshooting steps or methods to fix the issue and tell you why the remote is not working properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is My Hisense Roku TV Not Responding to My Remote?

Whether there is no light of sight, weak remote batteries, buttons stuck on the remote, outdated software, or others, your Hisense Roku TV will not respond to the remote control.

Q. How Do I Reset My Hisense Roku Remote?

Just remove the batteries from the remote and disconnect the TV from its power source. After 20-30 seconds, reconnect the TV, insert the batteries, and place the remote in front of the TV. It will start pairing the remove again.

Q. How Do I Reboot My Hisense Roku TV?

You can easily reboot the system by pressing the Power button on the remote. Once turned off, wait for a few seconds, then turn it on.

Q. Is There any Alternative to Control the Hisense Roku TV Without a Remote?

Yes. You can use the Roku mobile app as a virtual remote control for your Hisense Roku TV to control it when the remote does not work or you are unable to locate it.

So, that’s all about how you can fix the Hisense Roku TV remote not working problem. I hope the article helps you resolve the issue; if so, share it with your friends and family.

Please share any additional inquiries related to the article in the comments section. Also, share this information with your friends and family.

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