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Download Latest Vivo ADB Format Tool [Remove Pattern & FRP Lock]

The smartphone industry is booming from the past few years and the reason is simple which is the delivery of smartphones as per user’s requirements. Vivo has also been a part of the industry which is popular for concept phones and mid range devices. Vivo phones are good but it doesn’t allow unlocking bootloader. And in case if anything goes wrong with a device like forgot password, FRP lock and other, then you need a tool to fix the device. Here you get to Download Vivo ADB Format Tool for Windows.

The tool is helpful and limited to Vivo phones. And if you own a Vivo phone then you must have this tool on your computer. Since there is no official Vivo flash tool the Vivo ADB Format Tool comes in handy.

What is Vivo ADB Format Tool?

Vivo ADB Format Tool is a small application for Windows PC which is used to remove pattern lock on Vivo Phones. The tool only works in case of Vivo phones for multiple different tasks. It also allows us to remove FRP lock from Vivo phones with only a few steps. Windows users can run the tool on both 32-bit and 64-bit without a problem. It supports most of the Vivo phones that are available or coming in the Market.

Use of Vivo ADB Format Tool

Long back ago Google introduces factory reset protection which many brands acknowledged and used it on their phones. And Vivo also using the Factory Reset Protection lock for many years. The Factory Reset Protection is the Google Account lock that we use on our Android phones. We have to use the same Google account password after format otherwise we will not be able to access the device and this is called FRP lock. So to remove Vivo FRP lock we can use Vivo ADB Format Tool.

Everyone on their phones set some type of security for the authorizations like Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern, Face lock. But with every reboot Fingerprint and Face lock doesn’t work for the first time after every restart. And what if you forgot your pattern lock and PIN lock. If you think that formatting will remove the pattern or password then you are wrong as you need to enter the password before formatting the phone. And also, in this case, we can use the Vivo ADB Format tool to remove pattern lock on Vivo phones.

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Vivo ADB Format Tool – Features

Support Vivo Phones: The tool Supports all the Vivo Phones powered by MediaTek chipset. And as most of the Vivo phones comes with a MediaTek processor, it means the tool covers almost all the phones.

Remove Vivo FRP Lock: As you know most of the Android phones come with Factory Reset Protection lock that triggers just after formatting the device. And the Vivo ADB Format Tool helps to remove FRP lock on Vivo phones.

Remove Vivo Pattern Lock: We need some authentication on our phones to make it secure. And of course, we use the Pattern lock, PIN lock, fingerprint lock, and face lock. But after formatting the device we have to enter the Pattern or PIN. But if we forgot the password then we can use the Vivo ADB Format Tool to remove pattern lock on Vivo Phones.

Small and Free Application: The Vivo ADB Format tool is a small application that works on Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit. And the size of the tool is less than you can expect and so it doesn’t take much space on the computer.

Simple and Easy to Use: There are many advantages of small applications like easy user interface which allows us to operate the Vivo ADB Format Tool without any problem.

Download Vivo ADB Format Tool [Latest]

For Vivo phone users the Vivo ADB Format Tool is a must have Application/Software which can be useful in case you forgot to remove the lock and format your phone. And as you know Vivo phones are not good when it comes to managing manually like flashing a full Firmware to remove pattern and FRP lock. So, in this case, users look for an alternate and easy method to get their phones working. And you don’t have to look for other places as here you will find the Vivo ADB Format Tool which is capable of handling these problems. So if you want to get the tool on your phone, you can use the below link.

Vivo ADB Format Tool

After downloading the tool for your Windows PC you can install it on your computer. And if you are unaware of the process to remove Vivo Pattern lock or FRP lock using the tool, then follow the below guide.

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How to Use Vivo ADB Format Tool [Remove Pattern Lock on Vivo Phones]

  1. First, you need to download and install MTK drivers and VCOM drivers on your phone.
  2. Once necessary drivers on your computer are installed, extract the downloaded tool on your pc.
  3. If an antivirus is enabled on your PC then make sure to turn it off as it blocks the tool.
  4. Now turn off your phone. Press and hold the Volume Up + Power button together and release both buttons when you see the Fastboot screen. Vivo ADB Format Tool
  5. In Fastboot screen click on Volume Down to navigate to Recovery mode and press the Power button. The device will not boot into stock Recovery.
  6. Tap on the Advanced Options and then select “Reboot with ADB“. The phone will boot with ADB permission.
  7. On your computer open Device Manager, right-click on windows start icon to open it. You can also open from Computer Management.
  8. Connect your phone to pc via USB cable and in Device Manager go to Ports and look for a port number like COM5, COM6. It will be written as Android.
  9. Now run the Vivo ADB Format Tool on your computer. Vivo ADB Format Tool
  10. In the tool enter the port number like 5 (if the port is COM5) or 6 (if the port is COM6). Then click on BTN2 button to run the tool. Vivo ADB Format Tool
  11. Now it will give a ‘Finish’ popup so click on Ok and wait for the device to boot. It can take a few minutes, so wait till it reboots into the system.
  12. Now set up the device. And you will find a Chinese logo which will stay on your screen.
  13. So to remove it, long tap on the Chinese logo and then click Ok on the popup.
  14. That’s it, now you have completely removed Pattern lock on your Vivo phone with Vivo ADB Format Tool.

And to remove FRP lock on Vivo Phones you can follow the same process and you get to access your phone without any problem. The only thing in which you have to focus on is the correct drivers and all other things are like just one click.

So there you have it, a full guide on Vivo ADB Format Tool or Vivo FRP Remover tool. In case if you have any questions on your mind then let us know in the comment section.

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