Download MTK FRP Tool to Bypass/Unlock/Remove FRP

Do you want to perform a hard factory reset on your MediaTek smartphone but unable to do it because of the FRP lock? Then you can Download MTK FRP Tool to Bypass or Unlock Factory Reset Protection on your phone. The tool works great with the SP Flash tool as you can get the scatter file directly from MTK tool and use it on SP Flash Tool.

This tool is only for MediaTek devices and it will not work for smartphones with other chipsets. So, if you have an MTK based smartphone then this tool is the best to unlock FRP. FRP is a part of security that has been in Android phones since Android 5 and onwards. This doesn’t let thieves format the phone. But there are some cases like we forgot the password and unable to retrieve the password then we can make use of MTK FRP Tool.

FRP lock is enabled in your smartphone if you have logged in on your phone with a Google account. And to unlock the FRP from your phone, you need to remove your Google accounts from the phone. But if you want to unlock FRP or Bypass FRP lock without removing google accounts then you can use the MTK FRP Tool for MediaTek devices. And for devices based on other chipsets, you can use Android Fastboot Reset Tool.

Download MTK FRP Tool

MTK FRP Tool is a small application for the Windows platform. It is useful in many cases be it removing frp or unlocking the phone. Although it doesn’t receive updates in a long time, it still works for many MediaTek phones. This tool will work to bypass or remove FRP lock on MediaTek devices only. So, if you have a phone based on an MTK processor then this tool is for you. You can download the MTK FRP Tool from the link given below.

Download File Info & Link:

  • File Name: MTK FRP Tool.rar
  • File Size: 4MB
  • Type: RAR
  • Download Platform: MediaFire
  • Compatibility: Windows

Supported Chipset:

  • MT6572
  • MT6580
  • MT6592
  • MT6735M
  • MT6737M
  • MT6750
  • MT6753
  • MT6755
  • MT6795

How to use MTK FRP Tool to bypass FRP

I assume that you have downloaded the tool from the link. So, we now move on to the tutorial on how to use the MTK FRP tool. To be honest bypass or remove the FRP lock for MTK is not easy, but the MTK FRP Tool made it easy and simple. Yes, you have to just follow a few steps to bypass FRP on MTK based devices.

Note: Make sure that you know the chipset model of your phone for e.g. MT6572, MT6753.

1. Download and extract SP Flash Tool on you PC.

2. From SP Flash Tool folder run flash_tool.exe.

MTK FRP Tool to Bypass FRP 1

3. Now extract the MTK FRP Tool on your PC and run FRP.exe.

MTK FRP Tool to Bypass FRP 2

4. Then from section A as shown in the image download the scatter file for your MTK chipset (for e.g. I am taking MT6572).

MTK FRP Tool to Bypass FRP 3

5. Extract the downloaded scatter file and load in the scatter-loading file on SP flash tool.

MTK FRP Tool to Bypass FRP 5

6. Make sure that FRP section is marked check.

MTK FRP Tool to Bypass FRP 6

7. Go to the Format tab in the SP Flash tool.

MTK FRP Tool to Bypass FRP 7

8. Select Manual Format Flash.

9. Now click on the chipset model from section B in MTK FRP Tool to get HEX.

MTK FRP Tool to Bypass FRP 8

10. Copy Begin Address [HEX] from MTK FRP Tool and paste in Begin Address [HEX] in SP Flash Tool.

MTK FRP Tool to Bypass FRP 9

11. Copy Format Length [HEX] from MTK FRP Tool and paste in Format Length [HEX] in SP Flash Tool.

12. Turn off the phone and connect with PC using USB.

13. Click on Start and let the process complete.

MTK FRP Tool to Bypass FRP 10

14. After completing it will send the OK message and then you can disconnect your phone.

That’s it! you have successfully bypass/remove the FRP lock from your MTK phone. This is an easy process to reset frp using the MTK FRP Tool. As you already know that on which chipset this tool will work. I have also mentioned some of the Smartphones on which you can perform FRP unlock.

Other supported devices:

Advan E1C 3GS, Advan E1C 3G, Advan i5C, Advan M6, LAVA A1, LAVA 550, LAVA 600, OPPO F1S, Infinix HOT S X521, Infinix HOT 3 X554, Infinix HOT 4 X557, Infinix HOT 4 Lite, Infinix X509, Lenovo Tab 2, Lenovo Tab 3, LG X21DS.

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